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  1. Bit of a crosspost from the fh5 thread so apols for that, but just had to say that I've literally started this yesterday (!) and at first was also a bit confused by the structure, so the discussion above makes me feel a bit better! Think I've got my head around it all now, but will add that I hope as the online side of fh4 winds down they make the 'hard to find' cars available by other means, even if it's just to stick them up at the autoshow. I get why some rare drops can drive engagement a bit during the prime of competetive community engagement, but when that's tailed off it'd be a bit annoying for any completionist types to be locked out of some novel content. Especially when the steam version hasnt actually been around that long. On that note though I will say that the pc version does run brilliantly, so they nailed that.
  2. Just to pick up on the earlier discussion, I've just today gotten around to playing fh4, and have just cottoned-on to how certain 'hard to find' cars are tied to player engagement with online events and such. So, as well as the licensing stuff mentioned above, I also wonder if certain content will become inaccessible as the online community starts to tail off and move over to fh5. Unless they just want to start unlocking that stuff I guess?
  3. Wow, my last post aged like milk, huh? Guess I'll go back to my backlog.
  4. I've got this on my backlog list for pc, but have been playing other stuff while waiting for news on the next-gen update to come out, so that'll be interesting. Only other game I can think of to do similar is Metro, so I'm assuming it'll be something like that. Depends on the performance hit tbh.
  5. I forgot there was a movie - anyone know anywhere that streams it? Most places only seem to have the series.
  6. Yeah, was gonna say the same, seemed like a little self-contained scene. A vertical slice, if you will.
  7. I'll be interested to see how the performance will compare to FH4 being played on the same system, as I understand they've beefed things up a bit. I'd be happy with anything over 60fps, the main appeal for me is the new environment - always had a soft spot for more arid biomes, especially for driving.
  8. I've been playing this over the last week and am now a few missions in. Just finished the coast of bones after 4/5 tries and am now on the raven mines. 100% difficulty, and the game isnt fucking about! Very surprised at how the ai manages to find and aggressively exploit unexpected areas of my perimeter. Only thing that I find a bit suss is that I think it explains that your victory points are reduced after multiple fails, and that the resources you can spend on the campaign map are also derived from these? Seems like you could get stuck in a losing spiral if that were the case....
  9. Yeah I'm, pretty sure they just skipped over sakaar ironman. Given everyone else there had their own ep I wonder if that was unintentional?
  10. Aside from the emotional core of the stories, which I suppose are the main focus, the actual sci-fi framework it all hinges on still surprises me with how interesting a premise it is. May not be huuuuugely original overall (being somewhat derivative of ESotSM) but they do enough to build on top of that to make it its own thing. Cleverly done.
  11. I've just now rejoined PC gaming after an absence of 20ish yrs (6 or 7 yrs no console gaming either) so have a lot of catching up to do. Partly for the sake of testing system stability, I have started out with a couple of very simple indie games (Brigador, for example) but the first proper game I've gotten going is.......Half-Life. Well, the Black Mesa remake. Even maxed out, its on the lower end of my game list in terms of system intensity, so it made sense to start there if I'm aiming to gradually ramp things up, but more significantly it's the first game I remember booting up on my original PC when I was a kid. Gotta say, the gameplay has aged brilliantly, and even with the remake the original level/environmental design is still great too. True classic.
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