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  1. Just noticed this thread, surprised to see a 'gamerchair' brand turn out anything this well regarded tbh. I've been noticing some aches for sure, unsurprising as my home chair is the cheapest argos shit I could get at short notice, but was a bit wary of ergo chairs as (other than the price) I had issue with the all-mesh constructions perhaps not being that robust. I could easily see myself fucking one up by wearing the wrong trousers with zipped back pockets, for example.
  2. Had no idea about this and actually it makes me want to watch just to see how well they did.
  3. Never saw the first one; did venom always sound like the honey monster?
  4. Solid set up. Also, am I remembering wrong or have they sharpened up the visuals a bit compared to the previous series? This has an interesting textured brush-stroke effect on all the surfaces that I don't recall noticing before. Looks cool.
  5. SM literally just put up a follow-on video funnily enough if anyone is interested. Some nice detail in there: Sounds like he had the same thought I did re the ending setpiece. I mean, I'm not expecting anyone to be able to tie a prussik loop for the ascent through giant space gloves, but you get get commercially available camming devices that just operate on a locking pull-lever. But yeah, gets in the way of the intended story.
  6. Came here to say the same after watching it last night. I actually didnt mind the lack of much going on, as I am prone to trying to predict plot-points in movies so ended up subverting my own expectations a lot. The end was a bit blunt, felt like it needed a few minutes to wrap up. What I did like was the authentic feel of stuff and incidental detail (so imagine my surprise on finding out just now that Scott Manley was involved) and the fact that they didnt labour any of it with exposition, it's just there for ppl who would know what to look for. Only bit I was a b
  7. Yeah that's worse than anything else I can think of, but I will say the chestpiece with evidence of hard panelling underneath the fabric is a good example of how you could bulk out an area well while still keeping the overall flow of materials/surfaces/patterning etc, without having to resort to shapeless padding. Same thing they look to have done with Agent-NotCaps shoulders, its all woven in underneath or something. Vision took that to its practical limit with his suit, one of my favourite bits about his look, fyi. I think Hawkeye had some shitty tunic for one of the early avenge
  8. It's the harder angle along the top, cuts a similar silhouette to the 'big joan collins shoulder pads' mentioned before. Personally I dont mind them (though I'd have a smoother radius on them like the civil-war suit), it's just the use of materials. Admittedly the padded look isnt as noticeable here, its just when he moves, bends an arm etc. Honestly something as simple as making the material a bit thinner but a bit tighter might have done the job. A good fit is more important than volume, having any kind of looseness there makes the actor look smaller, not bigger. (edit: mmm
  9. Yeah I dunno why they wouldnt make it a bit more form-fitting and/or have some hard-surface panelling (or at least stiffer materials) in the problem areas. Seems like it'd fit with his established aesthetic better too tbh.
  10. Think my personal fave bit was when Carter dealt with the random supe dude. 'Oh, look, she slipped tracking device on him, classic, I suppose now she's going to follow him back to.....oh, no, nevermind. Nevermind'.
  11. OOOH. Good eyes! Guess I'm not cancelling my Netflix subscription afterall.
  12. I wondered if we'd still be getting a second series. Shame about the long wait, but happy its being made. As above, found the first to be incredibly technically impressive (and with the mixed art direction there's something for everyone), but the writing was pretty immature in every meaning of the word. Granted the short runtimes limit how much subtlety you can get in there, but that trailer inspires confidence about as much as a trailer can. Now to go back and watch it a couple more times.
  13. Considering literally nothing happened, that was very enjoyable. Also, given the talk of other Caps, I cant help but wish we got to see Caps in the context of other historical conflicts. Granted, I havent seen the first movie, but I'd assume it's quite easy to look all noble and heroic when leading direct frontal assaults on nazi positions, but a bit more difficult when you're stuck in one place for months on end trying to keep the maggots off your rations and having to poo in your foxhole.
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