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  1. Series finale will be him ripping his flightsuit off, Liquid Snake style, to have fisticuffs with Holden atop the nose of the Rocinante, thus revealing his whole torso to be one big mosaic of belta tats.
  2. I'm looking forward to her presumably going off on the Inaros political officer bigtime. Seems like it would be a very short fight with a lot of mess to clean up afterwards.
  3. Yeah I've every intention. Probably going to be working my way through it over the next month or so.
  4. Whenever I get a minute I always check what Ansel Hsiao is up to. He's some online 3d artist guy who specialises in doing near high-def recreations of all those rarer ships you tend to only see in the old EU stuff. It's the sort of thing that makes me wish they'd do a proper XWA / Tie Fighter remake. But yeah, I could give or take certain individual designs, but SW has done a really good job of coming up with coherent design languages, and sticking to them, even across the different eras. Same with the clothing too. The fact that you frequently see people come up with a couple doze
  5. Am about half way through S1 of The Shield after making a start on it this weekend, in part due to the recommendations here. Have to say, I'm enjoying it so far but the tone is not quite what I expected. Seems to be a bit closer to the usual cop procedural and less constant gritty tension than I'd expected. No bad thing, if anything I think this is an observation on how the mood and presentation of TV shows has changed in recent years.
  6. Am watching this right now. Aside from anything else, I must admit I do quite enjoy Bettanys occasional clowning.
  7. Yep, which I assumed to be the point. Good case for how well the supporting cast keep up with the big dogs too. While we're on the subject though
  8. There have been a couple of bits that triggered my inner pedant like that.
  9. I took the meteor thing as a bit of a budgetary constraint tbh.
  10. Yeah, sounds tricky to pull off but I approve of the concept. With everything viewed on demand these days there's definitely scope for experimentation, moreso if it becomes an aspect of the storytelling medium in itself.
  11. Quality is something that can be fixed but I do wish there was a way around older shows having wierd (ie, entirely normal until recently) aspect ratios. I always feel like that ages them more than anything else, and it feels like such an unfair observation for me to make.
  12. Just randomly came across Estrons a few days ago and have been getting a lot of mileage out of relatively few tracks. Sounds like they were around for a few years, went big in 2018, and then immediately broke up. Typical. Keep wanting to describe them as like-Distiller-but-welsh, but that's frankly a shit description and only serves to highlight my poor musical vocabulary.
  13. No sign of it on the uk one yet, but I've added it to my to-do list. Sounds interesting.
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