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  1. As much as I find it somewhat irritating (even embarrassing) that I have to happen across good music via an animated tv show (rather than find it myself), I've had Kotomi stuck on my playlist pretty firmly since hearing them on the Rick & Morty season finale. Pretty indie, more electropop than rock admittedly - fits in somewhere on the spectrum roughly between Metric, Warpaint and Haim, and occasional full 80s Boys of Summer energy.
  2. Re techwear, wasnt there another author who predicted a fashion genre combining sportswear, outdoorsy stuff and heavy military influence? Pretty ironic that it's then gibson who goes and inadvertently sets off the whole nato strap thing.
  3. Tbh from the same team as BF, I wasnt sure what to expect. Polished presentation is a given, but I was unsure about gameplay. Turns out, however, they seem to have done a pretty good job of it! I still dont think any modern day space dogfighter is quite up there with the oldies in terms of mission design, but this is as good a shout as I've seen for a while. Also, they're really caught the sense of speed and scale I sometimes find lacking. These things can whip around at dizzying levels, just as it should be. I do find it a bit odd that they're pushing 'diverse' teams given that, y'know, the Empire are traditionally the side of posh old white dudes, but perhaps they're having to make a conscious effort to not allow anywhere for alt right wrong uns to take over. Sad if that's the case but understandable.
  4. I've had this on my 'to-do' list for a while (baring in mind I dont typically watch a lot of tv), but finally made a start during lockdown. It's really good. Up to S5(?) now As others have said here, I've purposely not read any history to avoid spoilers, although there were a few wtf moments where I had to refer back to wikipedia like 'they did what?! I never knew that!' So many great characters. Well written, acted, and the development over time for some of them is the best I've seen in ages. There was maybe a slight sag in the middle where everyone was going around causing drama by shagging each others missus, but it sets up all the following stuff so well it's worth it. Also, I could probably believe such stuff happened a lot back then. Skipped over the last couple pages of this thread, very excited to see where this goes.
  5. Let it be known that you're keeping up with things better than some have. There's a lot to take in at first; I don't think I fully grasped all the strands until second viewing.
  6. But yeah, best one for a while.
  7. I wasnt ven expecting a new episode just yet, so enjoyed that plenty.
  8. *searches* Shit, I see your point. In retrospect I might have been thinking of some professional grade fanart, as it were, rather than anything official. Happens all the time with big IPs; others in the industry (and online community in general) jizz themselves with excitement once something is announced and go make their own interpretations, some of them very good in their own right. Might have been thinking of that - I know I remember seeing some environmental stuff that sold scale really well.
  9. There's been bits and bobs all over artstation for ages in the meantime. That's how I heard they'd made the proper announcement in fact. Looks like a corker from those stills. And the casting, fuuuck.
  10. Yuss - it's a bit unsubtle in its themes but I really enjoyed it.
  11. Even in a military you have variation. Combined arms. Having fleets of 200 identikit ships just smacks of tight deadlines, limited budget, and maybe limited hardware to render it. And yeah, taken in isolation I didnt care much for the designs either.
  12. I hadnt noticed, but then my laptop is cheap w/ a shit screen.
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