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  1. My thoughts exactly; she makes a convincing hardcase.
  2. I dunno about HDR specifically (I have the deeperdark and nohdr command lines active), but it's still a bit over-bright for my tastes. Ended up resorting to nvidea-experience to adjust the shadow levels down a couple of notches. The more I think about it the more I'd really like the next one to be mostly tunnels again (with the odd outside excursion like that old prototype dlc) but with darksoulsy shotcuts and maybe metroidvania gating. Think that'd work really well for that kind of setting, slowly opening up pathways and extending the range/duration of your trips out. I've also been looking at Stalker Anomaly after recommendations in that thread, and wouldnt mind something more akin to that coming across too, though that's probably a bit too hardcore even for the metro fanbase. For now though I'm waiting for the other metros to go on sale so I can give the franchise a re-run from the start, and also by then nvidea may have fixed its fancy new drivers.
  3. Oh yeah, when he told it to shoo and be free etc I had mentally earmarked it as the MVP that would swoop in at the crucial moment to save his arse. Well I suppose there's still time!
  4. Definitely still smacks of 'when you asked for Dirty Harry, but got Inspector George Gently'. That said, I did enjoy
  5. Oh yeah - I keep thinking the arm implant handles all that but actually it's just a port or something for the meds, right? Totally forgot about that.
  6. Cool, I was 50/50 between that or the actor being ill.
  7. So have they changed his character to be poor or has he probably forgotten he's rich due to the personality thing?
  8. Yeah when they casted Isaac I wasnt expecting that from his non-hero persona. Looks entertaining.
  9. Thinking about it, I don't know if the execs/showrunners would have allowed them to waste quite such a substantial part of their short runtime on the dogs-arc if they weren't at least somewhat confident it could pay off later. I dunno how these decisions work with tv studios, but even knowing it is the last series, I can't imagine the moneymen signing off on a version of the show that would risk tanking their ratings by doing that. Might only be the last few eps, but it's still work they paid for afterall.
  10. Hmm, and here I was hoping it'd be pretty much game-agnostic. Still, according to their testing it isnt available for Prey, which was literally their exemplar game for the press release, so I wonder if it isnt working as intended. Will have to see if they say anything in coming days I guess, hope for a hotfix.
  11. Any word on whether the drivers are stable aside from the above dldsr bug? edit: Hmm, sounds like the filters are only working for certain games. Disappointing.
  12. With the last book only having come out a couple of months ago, way after they started on Season 6, I do wonder if the execs were waiting around a bit to see how that last arc played out?
  13. That was pretty much everything I hoped for. Only disappointment is that there was no mini xray short this week, understandably.
  14. I'm really interested in seeing how long before some proper tech channels get testing done, see if those performance claims are at all accurate. Tbh I suspect I might get more use out of the filters than the downscaling though, unless that really gets you a lot of extra detail. The use-case for SSAO might be a bit limited as the game environment would presumably need enough geometric 'clutter' for natural light-traps to occur enough to be noticeable, but for last gen stuff I can imagine it working. It's weird that a driver update is legitimately mildly exciting though.
  15. The n64 stick was fine, just in completely the wrong place. I always assumed it was some halfarsed way to only have one while being accmodating to lefties, except that doesnt really make sense either.
  16. Wandering around aimlessly is part of the appeal for me honestly. But then I'm not sure how big those map/s are.
  17. N64 for me also. I guess it worked well enough but ergonomic it was not, and I have to wonder how on earth that design got approved.
  18. Also not a bump re stalker 2 (sorry), but how well do the originals hold up today? Just occurred to me I never played them, and with the sequel coming up now seems appropriate if ever.
  19. Eep, I was just asking about the new featureset in AtF; didnt realise it was already being discussed here. tldr - can someone explain to me (as if I were a very smart 10-yr old) how they can do this without the performance hit? I understand how dlss saves performance, as it's rendering at a lower res and upscaling, but this is rendering at a higher res for more detail and downscaling. So how is doing that at 1620 supposedly the same fps as running natively at 1080? Now, the integration of reshade filters (which I wasnt that aware of til now) on the other hand, that does sound good if it can run without a huge hit. I have a load of older titles I've yet to catch up on after missing a whole gen or two of pc gaming, so I imagine something like Sekiro or (as demonstrated) Prey would benefit hugely. It might be 'faking' RT a bit but if it looks good who cares?
  20. Production team from hell. Also, I thought the original intent was for there to be a Raid 3?
  21. Am I remembering right that they knew s6 was the last one when they started production on it? Fairly sure it didnt get dropped on them out of nowhere.
  22. As someone unfamiliar with the EU characters discussed above except for what is on wookiepaedia, I'm assuming
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