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  1. Oddly enough I also had to restart a mission today (wanted to redo the gladiator boss without wasting all my spare lives in the first 30 seconds) and for the life of me I cant remember how I did it, but yes it's definitely a bit counter-intuitive. Had a hard enough time even finding the appropriate option.
  2. It does seem like the devs have very specific strategies in mind to counter each situation, yeah. For example I was sailing through the latest level up until hitting a slayergate (which admittedly is meant to be hard), and was always dying just short of progress until unlocking the super-shotty mastery perk. All of a sudden what sounded on paper to be an optional nicety turned out to be the key to success. Currently trying to suss out the gladiator. I think I understand what is required, but again very specific with absolutely zero margin of error.
  3. It'd be smart marketing to let slip all the returning villains/spideys and then keep an ace up your sleeve until people actually see it.
  4. So, since there's a sale on, how far have cdpr come in fixing this up to where it needs to be?
  5. Just saw the frst 3 or 4 episodes and think its ok, dont hate it. Characterisations are fine, and the rapport between jet/spike works well. Style/presentation is a bit uneven but ok. I dont give a toss about the new additions around the syndicate or jets new family. Vicious is crap. The way theyve merged some of the original plotlines leaves the pacing feeling a bit odd it parts.
  6. If you mean the archvile, I'd forgotten that was a thing until now. 'Mobile buff totem' sounds like a fucker.
  7. Oh man, I just went to finish the level I left off from yesterday and just destroyed the new miniboss on the first attempt. And then went back via mission-select (due to a whoopsie with the fast-travel), blitzed the whole level again to get back to the slayergate I'd skipped, and then first-tried that too! A couple of big new baddies in that too and, when I thought I must be done, another fucking miniboss. But I'd learned lessons and taken notes, and knew how to handle them. Dusted. If I do have a minor complaint, it's that if you do finish a level and use the mission-select to go back for item cleanup later, the game makes you redo all of it and doesnt recognise that you did it before (or at least ask). Minor quibble, but would save me some time. Good job it's fun. edit: What are peoples thoughts on the rtx implementation btw? I hadnt bothered to enable them as I thought from what little I've seen of them that they might be a bit 'much' for a game so busy and frenetic already, but as it turns out the latest nvidea drivers have bugged it so it wouldnt have worked anyway...
  8. Sounds like you're only a level or so behind me, and so far tbh I agree with your assessment, but am nonetheless enjoying it more than you by the sounds of it. The levels are definitely even more maze-like than 2016, but then so was classic doom. Similarly I am convinced the map is not as intuitive to follow as it could be on purpose. As you say, it takes the same concepts and amplifies them. I will say the actual combat picks up considerable shortly after the bit you're at, if you've kept up with unlocks. I found that once you get a critical mass of upgrades (a bit more health/ammo, better frag launcher, faster dashes etc) you can become self-sustaining fairly reliably, which really helps. Anyway, I limited my rad exposure by using the doublejump/dash a lot to stay feet-dry. Now, the purple sludge, that stuff can fuck right off!
  9. I do like the idea of the 'bossfight' being shot with really dramatic camerawork and grandiose backing music, then when the killing blow hits they just cut away to an external pov where it's just 'clink-clink', completely mundane. Although I suppose they kind of did that with Chris Pratts singing/dancing in Endgame.
  10. Just reached the doomhunter boss on nightmare, and so far is proving to be the hardest game I've ever played. Makes Doom2016 look like a 20hr tutorial. Only had time to give the boss a couple of quick attempts, but it feels actually a bit easier than the last couple of big arena fights maybe. I'm still trying to get my head around using my full bag of tricks including the ice bomb though, as having to switch grenades is just enough to overload my brains bandwidth! Wish it let you set a seperate keybind for it specifically.
  11. I could understand them wanting to give the character a bit more agency, in my recent re-watch of the anime I was surprised at how little value she adds to the team in terms of actual work; half the time she's an active liability.
  12. I made it....*checks* 20 seconds into that; does it get better?
  13. Seeing a couple of reviews coming out that are distinctly luke-warm.
  14. In fairness, Forza is the only game where I've understood what the nobs on Top Gear mean by things like 'feels quicker than it is'. Something about the handling model captures that really well for certain cars.
  15. Normally I'd agree that drum n bass is bleh, but in forza I find it one of my preferred stations. Just suits the mood.
  16. I previously had 'comrade' for a lol but could never get used to it.
  17. I do the simultaneous feathering of braking and accelerating too, and thought that it seemed like an odd thing to do but worked nonetheless. Also, probably worth mentioning straight-line braking and not putting the hammer down too hard? Especially with traction control and abs off, seems to make a big difference, assuming you're aiming for a clean corner and arent slinging the back end out.
  18. Just to pick up on the drift/gears discussion, I'm at the point in fh4 where I'm mopping up the drift challenges and yeah, its hard. This is with all assists off except automatic gearing and gps racing line. Thing is, in forza motorsport I always used to drive manual, with up and down mapped to x/b and clutch on a, and this was easy enough on tracks because you can memorise the speed/gear you need to enter on. However when you have an entire map of turns you can't do that, you have to eyeball it, and it's all a bit too much multitasking for me! I do find listening to your revs sort of helps judge when you need to shift, but having the manual dexterity to do it smoothly is another matter.
  19. What kind of system you running on, out of curiosity? Wondering how to delineate their 'min, recommended, ideal' specs. I'm assuming 'ideal' is everything at max on 4k at 99 million hz. Which is a bit overkill for me if so.
  20. Since almost day one my fh4 guy has been in a beige turtleneck, white leather jacket and a flatcap, and imo looks almost exactly like the kind of tosspot I'd expect to find hosting this sort of event irl. Perfect.
  21. Have they stuck with the fh4 model for rare unlocks? Some of the later tuning they did to the weekly events to make unlocks more accessible seems fairly well balanced overall, though I note the fh4 auctioning kinda punishes johnny-come-latelys as inflation kicks in from all the older players having way more money - same sorta thing that happens in any online game economy though so dunno what they'd do about it.
  22. So, can anyone in the know comment on how similar this is to the comics? Because I understand it borrows a lot more from them than the movies but based on some of the characters and loose references to lore/history stuff, it sounds like the devs have still put their own spin on things. Hoping it gives them some leeway for any sequels that might be in the pipeline.
  23. Huh. I wouldnt have predicted Bobs taking the high road, but I like the idea, and it ties in with what theyve evidently tried to do in Mando s2 with recasting him as having his own values to uphold. I like the whole 'bounty hunting was just a way to make ends meet' angle.
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