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  1. I'll be interested to see how the performance will compare to FH4 being played on the same system, as I understand they've beefed things up a bit. I'd be happy with anything over 60fps, the main appeal for me is the new environment - always had a soft spot for more arid biomes, especially for driving.

  2. I've been playing this over the last week and am now a few missions in. Just finished the coast of bones after 4/5 tries and am now on the raven mines. 

    100% difficulty, and the game isnt fucking about! Very surprised at how the ai manages to find and aggressively exploit unexpected areas of my perimeter.


    Only thing that I find a bit suss is that I think it explains that your victory points are reduced after multiple fails, and that the resources you can spend on the campaign map are also derived from these? Seems like you could get stuck in a losing spiral if that were the case....

  3. Aside from the emotional core of the stories, which I suppose are the main focus, the actual sci-fi framework it all hinges on still surprises me with how interesting a premise it is.

    May not be huuuuugely original overall (being somewhat derivative of ESotSM) but they do enough to build on top of that to make it its own thing. Cleverly done.

  4. I've just now rejoined PC gaming after an absence of 20ish yrs (6 or 7 yrs no console gaming either) so have a lot of catching up to do.


    Partly for the sake of testing system stability, I have started out with a couple of very simple indie games (Brigador, for example) but the first proper game I've gotten going is.......Half-Life. Well, the Black Mesa remake.


    Even maxed out, its on the lower end of my game list in terms of system intensity, so it made sense to start there if I'm aiming to gradually ramp things up, but more significantly it's the first game I remember booting up on my original PC when I was a kid. Gotta say, the gameplay has aged brilliantly, and even with the remake the original level/environmental design is still great too. True classic.

  5. 3 hours ago, Azrael said:

    Is the real one still on Netflix? 


    It's funny you say that, cuz netflix was the first place I looked and I'm sure that was where I watched it the last time, but after finding it not there I thought I must have remembered wrong.


    It does seem odd that they would not keep the animated one on their site in the lead-up to their own new series, seems like an obvious hook for viewers, and you'd think the licensing would cover it. Almost makes me wonder if they dont want to make direct comparisons too easy.

  6. Since I've got a bit of a gap to fill in my schedule, I've finally made a start on Breaking Bad (yes, like 10ish years later).

    Took me until about the end of the first episode before saying 'hang on.....that's Todd Chavez from Bojack'. 


    Now, in some circumstances this can be really jarring, but so far given the kind of idiotic scheming, planning, and firefighting that goes on with both characters I'm getting a lot of entertainment out of it! :D

  7. On 07/06/2021 at 20:34, Exidor said:

    Well damn, it looks like they've done 3 albums since I last listened to them. That'll be something to catch up on tomorrow. 


    This is Slowcoaches. Released an album of non-stop punk bangers and a couple of singles and then went on hiatus about 4 years ago. I don't think they're coming back now tbh, which is a shame.




    This hasnt dropped off my playlist all week. Great stuff.

  8. I do like that this takes his biggest weakness (being an affable but otherwise boringly ordinary 'everyman', in media-terms at least) and inserts it into a setting where that is totally fitting (an xmas 'caper').

  9. I'm mainly curious about the previously unreleased stuff. If the above track is anything to go by, you have to wonder what their criteria must have been for what made the cut back in the day. That song is every bit as enjoyable as anything else from the last 20-odd years.

  10. Hang on....isnt it more interesting that trinity is still alive in the matrix, given that (unlike neo) she wasnt plugged in when she died? Unless they made a copy from a memory backup or something she should be dead dead. And I think Morpheus was still alive at the end? So maybe for each new 'cycle' they clone the same people and start over.....in which case what happened to the neo who brokered the treaty is a bit moot, unless they let him carry over?


    This is going to be confusing.

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