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  1. I'm joining the "mmo? Pffft!" brigade. Although tbh I'll be happy to get kotor2 out the way. I've only just got it, but I'm waiting for the TSLRP mod (it fixes loads of bugs and restores a lot of the cut content, like the HK-factory) to come out before I'll allow myself to play it.
  2. hmmmm.... Swat4: I actually quite enjoyed it up until getting stuck horribly, then it got on my tits a bit. Stuck on the Stetchkov Syndicate level with the bombs, too. Urgh, horrible. I still get tempted to go back though. Syndicate Wars: Just didn't enjoy the dynamic. Felt more like hard work. Rainbow 6 Rogue Spear: Having to pre-plan everything was silly, given the inability to change things on the fly. Nearly gave up on HL2, but luckily I went back and finished it. Lucky, cuz the strider sequence is ace.
  3. Star Wars KOTOR rocks I like my wookiee buddy He smells of mothballs
  4. Crikey, I always wanted them to do a studio version of True Love Waits. Didn't know they actually had.
  5. Apparently Crysis is aiming for exactly that. Whether they pull it off convincingly remains to be seen. Regarding HalfLife, I think the thing that impressed me with the assassins was the pathfinding....it's all well and good being fast and super-accurate, but the kicker was that they always managed to circle around behind me, hitting me from my blindside. AI seems to be harder to get straight in fps's and such, naturally. In strategy games where everything is more "representative" rather than "as-is", it seems to fare better. Things like Combat Mission, for example.
  6. And possibly one of the IT Crowd, if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Something I'm starting to notice is how diverse opinion is, compared to, say, Kid A, or The Bends. I too really like House of Cards, I'd rate it maybe 4th best? Reckoner, which everyone seems to LOVE, I ain't fussed over.
  8. Did he shout something arabic about your mum?
  9. 'tis why I stopped with all that stuff. And yes, it does. I still suffer the occasional regression though. Oddly enough though, I think this is one of their easiest albums to just...kick back and listen to. Very little effort. Little cause to sit and analyse. It's perfect for when you're sleepily lounging around late night... Edit: It only just occurred to me, but.....since they've used quite a few older tracks here, finally giving tracks that were previously live-only a proper studio jobbie, I'm a bit dissappointed we haven't got a proper version of Big Boots (manowar). I understand why that wasn't possible, it wouldn't "fit" with the rest of the album as it stands. But still...
  10. It's a software function that can alter any duff notes to the "correct" pitch. As used by shitty pop-tarts and boy bands everywhere. Why you say that, SP?
  11. Well.... In all fairness, my speakers could mask them. Potentially. If the compression of the mp3s was drastically low you'd hear obvious artifacts that aren't meant to be there. This was never going to be the case, so I'll ignore that.... At the higher bitrates (anywhere around the 128 standard), it'd be most noticeable with the higher end frequencies dropping off. Anywhere around 17khz or upward. Now, I know for a fact that (since I was bored and took a few online hearing tests to see how fucked my ears are), I couldn't hear anything over 16khz. So either my ears are bad, or my speakers are. Potentially. Mind you, if they had used 192k, you'd have pretty much the entire human spectrum of hearing covered, roughly. Basically it depends on whether the original recordings had much going on around the 16 to 18khz range. If not, it probably wouldn't matter.
  12. I still can't hear any problems with the bitrate, btw.....my speakers hate the thrumming bass, but that's it. And that's just because they're cunts. There will be bits missing, sure, but that's just how mp3s work. At 160bps they should only be missing the inaudible frquencies anyway. If you really wanted to stretch it, I guess the inaudible freqs could have some funky harmonic effect on the audible ones, but that's being picky...
  13. Well, I've been looking for an excuse to play it again, so I'm gonna keep an ear out specifically for these recording.....artifacts? I don't wanna call them faults yet, since we all know how glitchy radiohead like to be at times.... Regarding track 3 (nude) though....I think the vocal squiffiness is just a result of them going for that slightly ethereal, distant spin on the vocals. It's something they do often enough. edit: Actually, I remember thinking the same thing. It generally sounded quite muffled and heavy on the mids. A bit underwatery, I thought at the time. That was so pronounced throughout that I wrote it off as a conscious production choice, tho.
  14. Aye, I never have understood these ideas about them being sulky middle-class tossers. If you think about it, probably half their songs are really rather upbeat, and in that respect In Rainbows is a pretty good representation of the band. I mean, the opening third is about as uplifting as anything I've heard lately.
  15. I must say, I can't see why everyone is going on about Reckoner as a best-of-album track. Tbh it was probably one of my less-favourites. I think I'm more of a jigsaw/15 steps/bodysnatchers kinda guy.
  16. Maybe it's my imagination, since I lost all my old bootlegs in the great hard-drive failure of 2004....but isn't this version of Arpeggi totally different? Cool, all the same, of course.
  17. I'm not that anatomically mucked up!
  18. Ahh, err....the inrainbows site must be taking a beating, it's slow as hell. What am I s'posed to do, anyway? I've got the download in my basket, what now? There doesn't seem to be any way to "ok" it, nor does it ask for any details...... Also, about bitrate.....anywhere past 128kb encoding should be pretty hard to discern a difference. At 160 or so you wouldn't hear a difference. All the whining is balls. edit: Doh, "pay now". Silly me. Mind you, I am "in a queue". Bugger. edit: Hell, that was surprisingly simple. And fast, actually.
  19. Surely that's our job? Anyway, like many stations, 6 music are playing a bunch of tracks. Just caught Nude/big ideas....lush. I like how it is essentially the same song, unchanged, but with more polish and depth. I might grab the rest, later.... Also: http://www.lucid-tv.com/index.html
  20. Wrong. Lewis Mistreated is ok. Their only "shit" song would be Pop Is Dead.
  21. So? So that just means that Radiohead are one of the most active bands in the indie/alt rock scene. Still a pretty big accolade. So? So that just means that Radiohead are one of the most active bands in the indie/alt rock scene. Still a pretty big accolade.
  22. See, I knew there'd be a "bog-standard" release. Also good to see much love for Glass House. I always thought that (and the album in general) was a bit of an underdog compared to the other albums.
  23. The one at the end of Amnesiac is.....crap I dunno. It's the one with the trumpets, that sounds a bit like a depressive, surreal New Orleans (pretty apt, eh?). I seem to remember hearing that trumpet dude was actually quite a reknowned jazz player or summat....
  24. I'll admit I can't enjoy Just anymore (used to love it) because of Mark Fucking Ronson. Cunt.
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