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  1. Ahh, err....the inrainbows site must be taking a beating, it's slow as hell. What am I s'posed to do, anyway? I've got the download in my basket, what now? There doesn't seem to be any way to "ok" it, nor does it ask for any details...... Also, about bitrate.....anywhere past 128kb encoding should be pretty hard to discern a difference. At 160 or so you wouldn't hear a difference. All the whining is balls. edit: Doh, "pay now". Silly me. Mind you, I am "in a queue". Bugger. edit: Hell, that was surprisingly simple. And fast, actually.
  2. Surely that's our job? Anyway, like many stations, 6 music are playing a bunch of tracks. Just caught Nude/big ideas....lush. I like how it is essentially the same song, unchanged, but with more polish and depth. I might grab the rest, later.... Also: http://www.lucid-tv.com/index.html
  3. Wrong. Lewis Mistreated is ok. Their only "shit" song would be Pop Is Dead.
  4. So? So that just means that Radiohead are one of the most active bands in the indie/alt rock scene. Still a pretty big accolade. So? So that just means that Radiohead are one of the most active bands in the indie/alt rock scene. Still a pretty big accolade.
  5. See, I knew there'd be a "bog-standard" release. Also good to see much love for Glass House. I always thought that (and the album in general) was a bit of an underdog compared to the other albums.
  6. The one at the end of Amnesiac is.....crap I dunno. It's the one with the trumpets, that sounds a bit like a depressive, surreal New Orleans (pretty apt, eh?). I seem to remember hearing that trumpet dude was actually quite a reknowned jazz player or summat....
  7. I'll admit I can't enjoy Just anymore (used to love it) because of Mark Fucking Ronson. Cunt.
  8. I think it's all quite clever, really. I agree that the "you choose" thing is probably gonna make little difference to their profits. I could grab it now for free if I wanted, but I'd feel a bit bad about it. As for the 40 quid discset.....I can only assume that this is almost like a Collectors Edition release, or something. I mean, I'd bet sooner or later there'll be a no frills release without all the artwork and vinyls for a bit less. And as for a lot of the songs already being heard at live sets.....well...what? That's hardly unusual, lots of bands test out their stuff at gigs. It's probably just that Radiohead fans are one of the few who actually go proactively hunting down these bootlegs over the net, so are more likely to have heard them already, many times over. Can't really moan about that.
  9. Spaced, anyone? Also, did Linehan say what the ending was supposed to be?
  10. Aye the ending was.....well, there wasn't one, really, was there? It was more like the kind of gap you leave for adverts in the middle. Except with credits.
  11. Death, that's the fella. 'spose it kinda makes sense he'd be around. Can't exactly kill off the undead, eh?
  12. Whatever happened to that evil skeleton Judge? That's all I remember, that and Dredd teaming up with Rogue Trooper in a spinoff ep.
  13. He loses a few points for his odd little bat-ears, but I'll let him off....
  14. Another, eh? Ace. Ditto on watching 4-5 at a time. I've been marathoning through it from the start. I did that with Envy. Then I was like "Dude, it's a Dude!"
  15. Hmm, just finished with FMA. Not too sure what I make of the movie, tbh:
  16. Xcom. While I prefer it in short stints (the game dynamic lends itself to this nicely), it is the one I keep coming back to time and again.
  17. So I've heard, yeah. I made a point of tracking it down before I even started watching, just so I know I won't be left hanging.
  18. Also, one thing I picked up on. I've only got about 10 episodes in so far, just enough to clear the backstory bits, but they've made references to 3 years having passed? Crikey. I figured 3 months maybe....
  19. Just started on FullMetal Alchemist. Seems good so far.
  20. Just saw that, yeah. Problem is, I'm strictly reliant on E4, so I'm apparently a good way behind the rest of you. I mean....elliot actually nearly marries Kieth? What the bloody hell? It's more annoying since I can think of actual people like that. Pffft. This. I actually prefer him when he's not being sarcastic but actually genuinely bitter/angry/a complete bastard. Like any of the numerous occasions where he's just wigged out and trashed the room. He's quite good at that.
  21. Just saw the final ep of GiTS:2ndGig. DAAAAAAAAMN!
  22. I'm jobless and skint, hence stuck with a wholly out-of-date pc. So, everything. Probably as recent as I can realistically get is HL2, BiA etc. Although tbh, I still find myself going back to classics like xcom or homeworld. Think once Crysis comes out I'll be upgrading asap, though. Just as soon as someone employs me.
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