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  1. Hell, I feel lucky to get more than about 10fps.
  2. Just played myself..... It's undeniable fun, and pretty damned demanding too, but best of all it's scaleable as hell. Granted, I had to run all on low, and the integrated benchmarker ran like hell (4fps.....4!), but the actual Pine Valley map ran entirely satifactorily. Even at the end when Ivan was throwing 7 shades of shit at me.
  3. I dunno what they'd be exactly (a benchmarking site seemed to class my card as a-ok), but from what I hear, my Raddy 9700, 2ghz cpu, and 1 gig of ram should run it. It'll run like a pig (on low), but it should be playable. In theory. Should be interesting to find out.,
  4. Just a quick bump since the SP demo should be available....oh, any moment now. I've been browsing a couple of benchmarking sites, and it sounds like it's not nearly as much as system hog as it should be. I'm hopeful. In the meantime, check out the new New York Airlift cutscene.....it's absolutely soaked in win! http://www.gametrailers.com/player/23744.html
  5. That's the one thing that irked me.....couldn't spray if I wanted to, seemed to be single-shot only.
  6. I'd stick with pc myself..... "mr salieri sends his regards...." Awesome
  7. I'm doing the same, and tbh I'd just throw myself in at the deep end if I were you. Otherwise you have to get used to a new interface every time you move up a notch, and that's always annoying in my experience.
  8. Hang on.....I just realised I mis-read the previous post..... They represent what's on-screen at the time? Cool. I thought they represented the whole image/document at once, hence offering less precision. Yeah, apparently I can't read all of a sudden. Hmm. How easy are these to find in the shops?
  9. Huh, that's odd. I can't think why it wouldn't be that hard technically to just have them work with whatever is onscreen at the time. Probably because it would mean no-one buys the bigger ones..... ¬¬
  10. Hmm. Well, screen size isn't likely to be much of an issue to me, assuming these things let you scroll around, rather than representing the whole screen at once. Resolution is obviously important. What would you say you have to spend before you can get something fairly sharp? The Graphire4 looked fairly decent to me, but I've no idea how the screen res shapes up.....
  11. I don't know dick about them, but I have been toying with the idea of buying one. I can see why you ask, since the wacom models vary massively in price range. Still, you can pick up a Graphire4 for about 70 quid, so you can't go wrong really. The thing is, I really can't imagine them being all that different. I mean, a tablet doesn't seem the kinda thing I'd imagine having many added features. Maybe little things like bluetooth, but the only major difference I can see would be the top-end one with the lcd display. Nice.
  12. Pah, you're certainly right about the hands. Should be easy to fix at least Anyone else?
  13. Right, my pc died a month or so ago, and I was bored shitless. So I did a few quick 10-minute doodles with the simple intention of passing time and nothing beyond that. However, when I got my hands on Photoshop I needed something to learn the ropes on, so I used them. Got some powered-armour from a certain old dos classic. http://img527.imageshack.us/img527/933/armourwiphiresvh5.jpg I'm leaving this be, unless I get a brainfart. http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/9974/snap007jp4.jpg This is my current WIP. Still a lot of stuff to do yet (colour adjustment, detailing, lighting etc), and I've still got to add a couple more layers for things like combat webbing and decals etc. The shadow/hightlights are just placeholders to remind me where I want them, gotta clean them up later. Still gotta do that for the faces, too *sigh*. Anyway, the point of me putting this up.......I figure before I put the polish on I may as well get opinions. Mainly in regards to postures and such. The standing guy in particular looks a little off. Also lighting. I'm thinking bright the light levels way down dark, then add some red internal lighting (like they do in the films when a helicopters going in quiet) with hightlights from whatever light is coming in from the bay doors at the end. 'Course, this depends on time of day/surrounds, which I haven't decided on yet.
  14. Holy hell. I remember brutally slaughtering the whole lot on my brothers amiga when I was about 4. I think I pretty much took it as being the point of the game.
  15. Very nice. Did that start out as a photo, a sketch, or did you paint it straight to digital?
  16. Good to know. Think I may have to grab one when I have a job. They actually seem pretty well priced for what you're getting. Oh, and btw.....Farg, and maybe Orchid.......they're vector-art yeah? That impresses me even moreso, since it seems bloody unwieldy. When I first got PS-CS3, I made a point of sitting down, reading through the help files and playing around with the tools for an afternoon. Just to get a feel for it, like. And well.....the pencil tool (for vector stuff) seems utterly incomprehensible. Why is it that they work the way they do (ie: to do a curve you have to draw two lines in seemingly unrelated directions)? It hardly seems the most logical way to do it, but I'm sure there's a good reason. It's not that I'll ever likely do much vector stuff, I'm just curious.
  17. Bit late, I know, but press G. Turns them into a single component. Having been the only program of its sort I've used, I can't comment much.....but it is very easy to learn, very intuitive. The biggest cons would be its occasional flakiness with certain commands, and it isn't very easy to set up complex curves. It's great entry-level stuff though.
  18. What's your guys opinions of Wacom Tablets (or just tablets in general)? I've recently upgraded from crappy second-rate software to Photoshop CS3 ext, and am just starting to get the hang of things. It's perfectly fine, but I was curious as to how much of a difference tablets can make....are they intuitive? Cost-effective? Reliable? Things like that, y'know..... From what I've seen idly browsing around here, I'd bet you guys have more experience of the tools of the trade than I. Good stuff, I'll have to look around here more often.
  19. Presumably a different Nick Cave than the singer, right? Although come to think of it, I bet he'd have some good stuff to say....
  20. Last one I read was Armor by John Steakley. Pretty solid character-driven military sci-fi.
  21. The video previews of World in Conflict made me go back and re-read Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy, now that I can actually picture all the action properly. Something I'd recommend. The was the US armed forces are targeting gamesplayers for recruitment should be noted, too. There's the America's Army thing, obviously, and I believe GameFaqs.com is now sponsored by the air force.
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