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  1. Ha, yeah that was was more enjoyable than I'd expected it to be. In fact from the trailer I expected trash, solid non-stop dumb action throughout. Instead it was quite clever with the set-pieces, more patient with the pacing between them than I'd have thought, and if we're going for the gamey comparisons it is obviously drawing from, it's less Doom than....Hitman? Agreed on the ending, though I feel better about it for having known that going in.
  2. Have the writers expressed an opinion on the Tuvix debate yet?
  3. Agreed, though it's a nice change to not have a cliffhanger. Thought it was really well told throughout nonetheless, especially for something relatively moody and lowkey.
  4. I'll admit the Watcher was a lot more gruff sounding than expected. Thought it might have been someone else at first for a moment.
  5. Nah, that's pretty much what I thought too. Different sort of environment and different take on a cyberpunk aesthetic though, so maybe it's apples/oranges in some ways.
  6. I never saw the actual CA movie so most of this was probably a bit lost on me. That said, I was under the impression that in that Rodgers gets transformed without
  7. I trust everyone jizzing over the visuals has seen the fps-modded camera? Looks even better, so much so that I have to assume that for a good part of development this must have been intended to be fps, otherwise the level of detail is totally unnecessary and, presumably, actually quite inefficient. Also, a lot of the environment layout seems like it might support that, the way areas are designed and how they draw the eye, etc. Worth a look anyway. https://kotaku.com/the-ascent-looks-fantastic-in-first-person-1847461734
  8. Havent played this but just wanted to highlight the OST which I a currently listening to. Much more chill than I'd have expected so far, especially want to mention the opening track which has discordant japanese choir vocals very reminiscent of Ghost in the Shell.
  9. Not done much more than dabble with motorways yet (still awaiting a proper machine to play on that isnt a crap tablet), but in the meantime have put a lot of time into Mini Metro and must say it absolutely deserves its reputation for being pretty chill, up until the final 20% of a given run, anyway. A lot of credit goes to the little bloops and chirps, I think. By the looks of it the game mentioned last page is that but for people who want more mechanics and would rather skip right to the stressful part?
  10. FFFFuuuuuu I was kinda hoping they'd do a double-bill for the season finisher. Great ep though, cant wait to see what comes next.
  11. Yesterday was womens quals and today was mens finals, so I assumed it to be because of that. I didnt see mens quals so cant say for certain though. And yeah, ditto the above. Climbing is usually way more collaborative than competitive (even at international event level) so it's not surprising to see them immediately start discussing their theories about how to solve a certain problem the moment they hit the mat. Also enjoy the massive deja vu of seeing them all doing the hand-motions while staring up into the air. As an aside, a lot of discussion from the commentators about the route-setting philosophy for the games, seems like they're going balls out and trying to build something that would challenge the strongest in the field. Don't think they've ever mentioned what font grade the lead climb might get if it was a regular route down your local centre, however. Must be a 9-something.
  12. My Scan order is due in a couple of weeks, and I must admit I am now wondering if I can make a last minute amendment to step up the 3060 to something with a bit more oomph. I knew something like this might happen when I put the order through, but I suppose if I'd have waited til now I wouldnt be getting it for another couple of months, so.... *shrug*
  13. Fuck sake, didnt realise they'd moved the rest of the climbing over to red-button. As an aside, I wonder if the competitors have altered their training a bit to emphasise their power to mass ratio for the speed climbing part? Only wonder because I'm sure I remember Coxsey being a lot more heavily built back in the day than here. edit: Found it on iplayer. Tell you what, the audience participation is better than I thought it might be. edit: Bloody hell though, didnt realise the conditions where what they are. 28-29c is rough for this kind of sport. Also think I remember the US competitor, Robotou, as being one of the latest upcoming kid prodigies to have gotten international attention at around the time I stopped engaging with climbing regularly. Just to age myself there. Quite like the way they've settled on the scoring system too. Interesting way of handling it.
  14. I kinda want Marvel to have spent months and a fortune in lawyer manhours just to negotiate with DC a single-frame where superman randomly turns up during a series of multiverse jumps. Just to fuck with the audience.
  15. While the other series felt perhaps a bit too small for the stories/characters therein, I'm hoping a series format for the most boringly normal bloke in the MCU might actually be a good fit.
  16. *clickclickclick* 'You fight.....like......a.......cow. Ah. Ha. Ha. Ah HA HA.' *clickclickclick*
  17. You could say the same of some real-life people.
  18. Yeah but even if you go for the utilitarian kind of approach it still isnt clear-cut. One person only has one pair of hands, can only be in one place at once, only represents half as many available man-hours before needing to sleep or whatever. Could be a workload capacity issue.
  19. Also plays into the whole 'Kirk doesnt believe in no-win scenarios' thing a bit I guess.
  20. Its been a long time since I saw any Trek (because the new stuff is uniformly shit, aside from perhaps the animated series which oddly I suspect would tackle this issue quite well), so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but did they ever explicitly explain that the transporter does in fact work by creating a copy and obliterating the original? Because I know that's how it would likely work in real life, based on experiments they've done with individual atoms, but dont recall if the show narratively swerved it. I do remember that episode with barclay stuck in the transporter made it seem like he was 'him' throughout, but *shrugs*
  21. Agreed that the original holds up well, but I must admit that I do look forward to seeing the ishimura recreated with visuals as sharp as in that teaser. If everything gets RTXd as well then it could look incredible.
  22. I assume a lot of 3090 owners probably use it for other stuff besides MMOs (production work or summat). Which is even worse if it then fails I guess. Anyway, I'd heard about the old starcraft bug before but since this appears to mainly (only?) be affecting evga cards I wonder if it may be a design issue too? Don't some cards have a little fuse/LED that goes in exactly these circumstances to avoid damage to the card itself? Might be what the 'pop' noise is.
  23. I don't think it is an option now. All the above is a result of sylvies actions, rather than them taking him up on the offer as he put it.
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