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  1. The Forge World Indexes has(had) rules for Traitor Guard but they were a little poor considering you could have spent a small fortune buying models for it and spend time converting and painting them. They could take most of what the regular Imperial Guard could take but were ham stringed by even poorer morale rules. The Indexes are getting re-written by GW themselves and are imminent but that could be just after 9th launch or ages away
  2. martingee

    Dredd 3D

    Not sure where else to put this but a proof of concept for an animated Judge Dredd series has shown up on the internet. Don't think it's what you'd consider "leaked" but was put out by one of the artists who worked on it. Article: https://downthetubes.net/?p=118920 EDIT: bah, been taken down/hidden. Must have been a slip up on the artist.
  3. In Age of Sigmar they roll each turn to see who goes first. I've never played AoS but it seems like the biggest bugbear for most players, a double go can pretty much end a game from what i gather. Although that'll be dependent on the faction i suppose. Not sure it would work in 40k since there's a lot of shooting compared to AoS.
  4. There's some leaked pictures of the possible box set which, amongst others, can be found here. Edit: most officially posted on the Warhammer Community site now. Will be the first time I've played across editions. Not overly fussed about a Necron Vs Primaris Marine box, although they look nice models. I'm still waiting for the next 2 (of 3) psychic awakening books to drop as they have stuff for my factions. Also just read The Proginator and Clonelord which are Fabius Bile books and really like the character, so will get the model when it finally gets released.
  5. martingee

    Pokemon Go

    Do you definitely need to be within 100m of your friend in order to trade Pokémon? I have 2 separate special research tasks that require me to trade Pokémon and the only "friends" are those that I've befriended here and I'm sure none of you are anywhere near me looking at the gift locations I've been sent. Ho-hum
  6. Took some better photo's of my Chaos Knight. Spoilered over 2 posts, sorry.
  7. Yeah, the only reason i magnetised the waist is so i can transport the Knights in smaller boxes. The box i have, is just one from B&Q with a magnetic sheet stuck in the bottom and magnets under the base of the Knight. It isn't as stuck as i'd hoped but it does stop them from sliding around in the box.
  8. The first of the Catachan Colonels that was sent to the independent store i play at, was "raffled" off. It was £1 a "ticket" and £700 raised for NHS charities. I didn't win the model but he does have 3 more so we'll see what happens.
  9. It would also be good if you had some kind of electric hobby drill. I had to hollow out the arm bits and it would have been hard for me to do without an electric drill.
  10. The only thing I would say is the arms can seem a little wobbly at times, the way I've done it. I don't know if there's a better way to magnetise the arms but you'd probably have to start buying spare arm bits and it could start getting expensive and time consuming.
  11. Ok, sorry for the poorly lit pictures, i'll take better ones once i've finished it: The Knight with the loadout i'll try first: Gating Gun and Battle Cannon with Iron Storm Missile Pod (I've just realised I've placed it on backwards for the pic ) The Thermal Cannon and Battle Cannon share the same body but have different fronts which i've magnetised. The Gatling gun is it's own weapon and just need magnetising to fit the upper arm. The upper arm which has had a bit snipped off and the magnet inserted. The other weapons, chainsword and fist not yet painted and the Icarus cannon on the right is half finished. I've magnetised the bottom of the missile pod as I may choose not to take one in a game. On the Desecrator i created a little standard to go on it and may do something similar here. This is the extra sprue you get in the Canis Rex to make the Canis Rex Knight, if the knight is destroyed you get to place a character in it's place as the pilot has jumped out. The missing bit on the sprue is actually an interior for the pilot to sit of you want to model the canopy open, i used it to seat the tentacles coming out of the door on my version. The carapace and other bits i used was from Hexy Games, which does a line of replacement parts to customise your Chaos Knights. There's a few other places that also do this (Imperial ones as well) but they start to get into silly money.
  12. yep, you get both and if that's all you're after you can just glue them together as they don't share anything.
  13. It's odd, i don't know why anyone wouldn't just buy the Canis Rex box, it's no more expensive than the other Knights (except Castellan cos that's a different class) and you get extra sprues to make the Canis Rex model. I have just about finished a Knight that I've converted into a Chaos version and used the Canis Rex box set. The Chaos versions of the Imperial Knights (Despoilers) can mix and match the weapons so I've magnetised them. It's the second Knight i've magnetised (I did the new Chaos Knight) and it's "easy" enough, you just have to get your head around which parts need magnetising and also get the magnets the right way around. Although they match correctly on this model I've got them the opposite way around on my Desecrator despite my best attempts. The Thermal Cannon and Battle Cannon share the same body, if you were to glue you'd have to decide which weapon to make so you have to magnetise the front section. I've also not bothered with the stub gun/melta holder, this seemed a little fiddly at the time and the missile pod that goes on the top comes with 2 faces which represent the 2 different missile choices. again i didn't magnetise this. I don't think it would be a major issue in games (although i don't play competitive). I'll take some pictures later cos it'll be easier to show.
  14. I didn't mean to be quite so off, I was just disappointed that the numbers per store were quite so low, particularly as they get to keep the money. The model could be sold ten times over, perhaps more, at the shop, as everyone in the Facebook chat loved the sculpt. I'd have bought it and I don't even collect Imperium stuff, let alone Guard.
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