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  1. The Chaos Knight rules are a bit of a mind bend, though I think I've worked it out. I like how they've mad it so that each knight can be quite unique. I've got 3 Despoilers and 2 Warglaives already with 2 Helverins (still in their box, which I bought at the beginning of lockdown) and the Chaos Knights you get in the box; so that's me sorted for a while.
  2. A while ago there was a leak suggesting there's going to be a Traitor Guard release at some point (a lot of the leak has come to pass). I wonder if they'll get a re-release with that? When GW took over writing the 40k Forgeworld rules, the Traitor Guard were not included in the new Forgeworld Compendium (they weren't particularly good rules wise anyways) but from a lore perspective it's odd they've not done much with them.
  3. I can see you used some grass tufts but what are the longer, grassy plants? I must admit; by the time I get to basing I'm usually done with the model so I'm looking to up my base game a bit.
  4. I don't know how many points I have of each faction but I have Death Guard which is my main army. Chaos Knights which i have 4 Questoris, 2 Armigers and 2 more Armigers to make. The initial plan was to soup them with Death Guard and/or Plaguebearers; so I have a few Nurgle Daemon units that could make a 1500-2000pt army from.
  5. If you liked the setting and vibe of season 1 of 'The Terror,' you should give 'The North Water' a go. The full 5 episodes are on iPlayer.
  6. I have zero interest in the Tau so I don't envy you but I'm sure it's all for the greater good.
  7. Maybe it's a quirk of not been able to vote so you can't see the results. I'd of thought once the vote closed it would be made public. Anyone else not see the result?
  8. I know @Nicky didn't get any votes but if I'd produced any of these paint jobs I would be chuffed to bits.
  9. Yeah, the big Tesco near me has Mortal Realms as well.
  10. Have you tried Forbidden Planet online? I think it's an extra couple of pounds for them to send you it but is still worth it if the model is £20 or so. I did with Typhus.
  11. The owner of the independent store I buy from, was told there's a 6-9 month lead on the none model parts for Cursed City. And presumably with pandemic stuff going on there was limited as amount that was made. His estimation (and I don't think he has any secret knowledge) is that it'll be a year before there's another run. Some of the models however look like they may make up some sort of "Start Collecting" box so expect to see them separate at some point.
  12. Yeah, i do it pretty much last because as you say, it's a pain to rectify any mistakes.
  13. I use a 1 part Guilliman Flesh, 1 part contrast medium mix to do any flesh on my models and it works a treat. It might not beat a proper flesh paint job but it's quick with good results.
  14. True, I forgot about Power ratings, I usually play pts values. The jealousy rule is an odd one as well, I have no idea whether taking multiple lords would be op but as you point out, DG don't have much in the way of HQ model choices. I don't really understand how some of the rules get through and the decisions behind them. The Forgeworld one was glaringly obvious, the jealousy one seemingly counter intuitive.
  15. The Plague Marine weapon change is a bit of a puzzler insofar as it complicates firing and melee with lots of individual rolls when GW's philosophy for 9th ed was to simplify and speed up the game. However it essentially means the Plague Marine boxset can be taken as a squad out of the box. The change has annoyed a lot of DG players if you read the DG facebook groups and reddits. Personally i should be fine, i don't think it'll cause me any problems model wise. You can take 7 plague marines in a squad but your weapon selection can only conform to the 5 man limit, the extra marines are bolter guys and are (in my mind at least) the first to die in the squad. Also, if you read the DG facebook and reddit groups, a lot of people expect the "Lord of the Death Guard" keyword to be removed for the DP in the faq. I can't say either way and seems to be a glaring oversight if it happens on GW's part, but then they did faq the ability to take Forgeworld units in DG armies, despite setting aside a specific section for DG units in the book. So anything's possible...
  16. Same as And, I've only ever done Knight weapons and recently did my Helbrute so I could swap out his arms. Magnesting a head might be fine but when you start getting to small magnets it doesn't take much to knock them off even if they're aligned properly. I've seen people do bolters and small arms and whilst I can understand it, the result seemed a little flimsy still.
  17. Taskmaster had a really flat series 2-3 series ago and it's never recovered imo. After that series it returned to been funny but never to the same heights. This series is lacking something, perhaps the live audience but I wouldn't put it purely down to that. Greg Davies seems to be dialling it in a bit even in comparison to the previous series. Perhaps the move to C4, no live audience and social distancing has taken something out of it, not sure. After all that I still watch it and find it funny mind.
  18. As with my previous Chaos Knight, I'll just link my tweet as the pics are quite big.
  19. I got this wrong btw, i could have sworn we did have a relic but i can't find it. Oh hum...
  20. Chaos Knights get a relic that gives you an invun save to melee attacks, do imp Knights not get something similar? Or were you running it as an admech force? I know it's disheartening when you lose in such a way. I play Death Guard and it was a bit depressing getting stomped every game but our PA gave us some new tools as well as some of the 9th rule changes which favour us nicely. Let's hope our new codex doesn't fuck us over.
  21. New Death Guard codex November or December as well. There were a couple of other models in the DG screenshot that suggest a 40k version of the Feculent Gnarlmaw as well, a sort of Plague Furnace as it's been dubbed.
  22. The Forge World Indexes has(had) rules for Traitor Guard but they were a little poor considering you could have spent a small fortune buying models for it and spend time converting and painting them. They could take most of what the regular Imperial Guard could take but were ham stringed by even poorer morale rules. The Indexes are getting re-written by GW themselves and are imminent but that could be just after 9th launch or ages away
  23. Not sure where else to put this but a proof of concept for an animated Judge Dredd series has shown up on the internet. Don't think it's what you'd consider "leaked" but was put out by one of the artists who worked on it. Article: https://downthetubes.net/?p=118920 EDIT: bah, been taken down/hidden. Must have been a slip up on the artist.
  24. In Age of Sigmar they roll each turn to see who goes first. I've never played AoS but it seems like the biggest bugbear for most players, a double go can pretty much end a game from what i gather. Although that'll be dependent on the faction i suppose. Not sure it would work in 40k since there's a lot of shooting compared to AoS.
  25. There's some leaked pictures of the possible box set which, amongst others, can be found here. Edit: most officially posted on the Warhammer Community site now. Will be the first time I've played across editions. Not overly fussed about a Necron Vs Primaris Marine box, although they look nice models. I'm still waiting for the next 2 (of 3) psychic awakening books to drop as they have stuff for my factions. Also just read The Proginator and Clonelord which are Fabius Bile books and really like the character, so will get the model when it finally gets released.
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