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  1. Just experiment driving different cars as they can feel so different to one another.
  2. I REALLY recommend powering through Kiwami 1 after 0 - they're 2 halves of the same story.
  3. I was looking forwards to this, but it feels like it's going to take a lot of work to be decent.
  4. I’d add that while Kiwami feels like a big step back, the full story that 0 and Kiwami 1 tells is superb and shouldn’t be missed. It’s also a much shorter game - I finished it in under 20 hours, so you can power through it.
  5. It's great! I've put well over 100 hours into it after complaining about the first few levels.
  6. It's definitely worth it, Cherry's alt Blitz move has made he my favourite character.
  7. I've got three kids. Fucking loads of devices require removable batteries.
  8. Except the rumble/ feedback on the Pro pad is nothing like the Xbox pad, let alone the PS5 pad. Rechargeable batteries are my preferred option due to having loads in the house anyway.
  9. Keep on with it, he’s meant to feel like a whining liability to start with, but you’ll bond with him more as the game goes on. As a game there are some parts that are a bit formulaic, but it’s got some nice set pieces and moves along at a good pace so it never outstays it’s welcome.
  10. I know Titanfall 2 gets a lot of deserved praise for it's single player campaign, but the multiplayer is absolutely sublime and people seem to ignore it. There are gameplay mechanics in the MP that aren't in the campaign mode that are fantastic!
  11. Is anyone on this now? I’ve sent a few friend requests to people from “Its_Bacon_Jr”
  12. I'd go straight on to Kiwami 1 as the plot between 0 and 1 is so close. Also, 1 is a much smaller game that you can get through in less than 20 hours and the main story moves at quite a pace.
  13. It's a bit different to the other ones, but I had a really great time with Dragon Quest Heroes 2. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and Fire Emblem Heroes are good as well.
  14. There's still loads of DLC that's missing from VF5:FS, so they're going to do another pack, right? RIGHT? I NEED MORE OPTIONS
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