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  1. Oh yeah, I’d also look to do a deal with Oculus or Valve to make one of the VR units compatible with the Xbox. You could have a curated version of the respective marketplace available as well.
  2. Let's play Fantasy Phil! You're Phil Spencer and have access to a big wedge of cash, what do you spend it on? I'd buy Sega Sammy and put out a special version of the Series S in Japan with Sega branding (Series Sega?). Start bringing back some of the classic Sega franchises with a real focus on quality, like SOR4. Sega games would be released on Switch (when feasible) and Xbox, and support cross platform play/ saves. That way the mass market can still play the games and there's an easy introduction into the benefits of Game Pass and higher fidelity gaming on the Xbox in Japan. What w
  3. Another vote of confidence here. I've had a Softweave fabric Omega for about 2 weeks an I'm in love with it. I was having really bad back pain from my old chair and it's all cleared up. Size wise I'm really happy with it - I'm 6ft, 90kg and I don't feel I made a mistake by not getting the bigger Titan.
  4. https://www.game.co.uk/en/hardware/playstation-5?sortBy=PRICE_DESC&cm_sp=HardwarePage-_-PlayStation5-_-NavAllHardware
  5. Have you plugged it in and updated it?
  6. No Man’s Sky is absolutely glorious! The HDR is screaming in my face like no other game I’ve played.
  7. I'm still using a set of Turtle Beach X07s, would I feel a big difference upgrading to the Steel Series7X on a Series X , if that makes a difference? Also what's the deal with Dolby Atmos and DTS? Is one better than the other, or better supported?
  8. Should be available later today as they're on US time.
  9. The EA Play app isn't working yet, but you should be able to access the games from the Games Library/ Game Pass section.
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