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  1. It's a 5. Amazing film; scandalous underrating imo.
  2. Shoes


    VODs. The DKC2 race was fantastic.
  3. Liquorice Pizza 5/5 Absolute belter of a coming-of-age lovestory by Paul Thomas Anderson. Everything is just pitch-perfect; the direction, the score, the music, the cinematography, the pacing, the acting, oh my god, the acting. The two leads are fucking phenomenal. PTA at the height of his power. This is what movies are.
  4. Sounds like a bit of a synth demo, but it's okay.
  5. Was so awesome. Didn't regocnise you at first - was streaming on my phone in bed, stoned off my nut, asked about the follower alert and it sort of all clicked when you said 'that 5 of 6 / Shoes' there's only about three people who'd call me 5 of 6! It was a great night, shame about the Rubik's cube speedrrun. The pressure must have got to you, brother.
  6. I didn't know this was back! Yeeeeesss.
  7. Actually linked to the wrong beat, lol https://clyp.it/0i4vuozt this'll be a lot more familiar.
  8. https://clyp.it/d0ysys1h short beat I did. Can you guess the sample?
  9. https://clyp.it/d0ysys1h little beat.
  10. This is beyond amazing.
  11. Shoes


    Pretty sure it's always been that, mate.
  12. Shoes

    Boards of Canada

    Give me a fucking instrumental, fellas.
  13. I'm going all redlettermedia predictions video. Will there be a reference to Tony's high school coach and the 'varsity athlete' origins?
  14. Gonna try and watch the film before the review. They said on their patreon they both recommend it.
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