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  1. Peter, you've lost the news! Most quoteable show ever? Yes.
  2. Shoes

    Boards of Canada

    I've only got Music and Geogaddi. I need Twoism, High Scores, In A Beautiful Place, and the Peel Sessions. I never get around to ordering them, for some reason.
  3. Mario 64. Okay, so maybe not anymore, but it was amazing at the time. Black & White did, too. You can zoom up in the sky for miles, man.
  4. Shoes

    Boards of Canada

    Come on. It's the best album ever, isn't it? It's just so perfect. And so depressing. And better than Geogaddi. I can't describe how much I love Boards of Canada. But I do. Very much so!
  5. "Boo hoo, EA aren't releasing thier yearly cash-in on the Cube..." Biting sarcasm, there. Yes, who cares about Fifa? No-one, really. No-one here anyway. BUT, it's still rather bad, isn't it? EA are the biggest third party games company (are they? Sega haven't shoved them to the floor yet, have they?) so not releasing their biggest profile (UK) game on the system doesn't bode well. Soon they'll pull James Bond games, Need For Speed, and Harry Potter games, and where will that leave us? Unaffected, presumably. But... oh, I don't know. I'm drunk. I just think people who write things like 'Oooh, I'll miss that game </sarcasm>' are missing the point somewhat.
  6. "Wanna Bourbon?" "Well, I hate your mum, and I hate you" "Oh... brilliant. Brilliant." I love it.
  7. Have the people who got it before the release date got the NTSC version?
  8. Judging by that episode list, S4 was one of the best. Last Exit to Springfield? Excellent. And DJ Sack, different writers/directors/actors appear on the commentaries, so I would think it would be more difficult than you think. The commentaries are tedious, anyway.
  9. It was ITV. And great! Out on DVD now! Dr. Who is certainly shaping up to be great. I wonder who the directors will be.
  10. I got The Sopranos Season 2 though the post today, so I'll be watching that. I watch every film I get when I get them, really. I don't let them gather dust. Oh, except Spiderman. That was only £6.50, so don't punch me for buying it, Alex! I need to watch Boys From The Blackstuff, which my friend owns, though!
  11. Is it me or do the trailers on that site not work? I could get it from elsewhere (the official company site, for instance) but this one says 'hi-res'. Edit: Ah - http://uip.co.uk/trailers.asp?ChosenTraile...aun_of_the_dead
  12. Wizball. Seriously. Download the C64 SID file. Amazing music.
  13. Isn't GameStars Live the thing with a load of plebs having Tekken tournaments and stuff?
  14. It IS a bit hit and miss - although leaning more in the 'hit' department. Very funny in some parts. Good cast, too. Like a who's who of the comedy world!
  15. This or Best In Show. Hmm!
  16. If you don't like cLOUDDEAD - Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada remix) which is mentioned above, you should be punched. Plus, you like Ozzy Osbourne's music, which means you should be punched anyway. Coco - My Dear Pig The Cinematic Orchestra - Everyday Ladytron - Light & Magic Steinski & Mass Media - Up to You Sons of Silence - Bobby Dazzler Richard Blackwood - 1, 2, 3 Get With The Wicked God, my taste in music is superb!
  17. John Lydon was a whole lotta' nothing. Liza Tarbuck was great. And so were Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. Ross didn't mention Tenenbaums, though, which is rather disappointing.
  18. Anyone who buys a game based on that quote should be punched in the head. Fact!
  19. Excellent. Marris murdered someone. Niles gave Marris an antique crossbow which Marris used to shoot her lover. She kept phoning Niles to ask him to do things for her, which he did. Daphne got annoyed. Fraiser held a 'press conference' for the Crane family, and stated that Niles and Marris should be executed. He meant to say something else. Niles cracked under all this pressure from the press, Maris, and not being able to have a straw in his coffee, got naked (in Nervosa) and sat down to read a paper. Frasier convinced him to put some clothes on. What else? Niles told Marris to 'fuck off' (not in those words). The end!
  20. I downloaded the Thundercats movie a few months ago. It isn't as good as I remember it, but it's not bad. The dubbing is shite, mind. Especially that mong Panthro. Certainly not as good as the Transformers movie, which is still utterly fantastic. Unicron's theme makes me feel all sexy.
  21. Rez + Boards of Canada = Best game ever. It's true. Cornelius should do music for a crazy Japanese game. Magoo Opening, rather than Tone Twilight Zone.
  22. Blockhead - Insomniacs Olympics
  23. Shoes

    Gba Scrabble

    I was thinking about getting the GBC version last night, actually. I knew Mr. Biffo went on about it, but then I read that Mr. Richard Herring liked it too, which sealed the deal! Pity it's fairly rare. Hopefully, either of the two GAMEs in Torquay has it. Or GamesStation.
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