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  1. Completed it last night. Frustrating boss (well, the last bit anyway) and a disappointing ending (though the post-credits thing is nice) but still a brilliant game. Sequel me up, Ubi.
  2. Spirited Away? But that's already a given. Grave of the Fireflies. Depressing and sweet - rolled into one! Excellent war film.
  3. Shoes

    Home Music Prodution

    Fucker. I want them. I even dreamt about them last night. Sigh. I don't really have a proper setup, but I run FL Studio, use SoundForge, Reason and a host of VSTis (Absynth, Bassline, Pro-53, Atmosphere, etc). And I have a MK-425C MIDI keyboard.
  4. http://members.cox.net/gbl64/Images/RE4/6.jpg http://members.cox.net/gbl64/Images/RE4/9.jpg http://members.cox.net/gbl64/Images/RE4/4.jpg Mother?
  5. It's getting funnier each week, it seems. The titles made me laugh this week. Hooray! Second series: hmm. It's doing quite awfully ratings-wise, but then again, so did Spaced. I think.
  6. Excellent. An online comic that's actually funny? Well I never!
  7. A 3-track single for 2000? A keyring for 1500? A 3-month sub to a poor magazine for 4000? A case with 'Vimto' plastered all over it? This is making my 4500 Zelda Collector's Disc look cheap. You cocks, NOE. I want Animal Crossing writing paper, and I want it now.
  8. I've been playing for four and a half hours and I'm still at the Factory. Am I going slow? Or am I roughly half way through the game? Please say it's the former, man.
  9. Metal Gear Solid: Whacking Day
  10. Clearly the winner.
  11. Metal Gear Solid: Chris Jarvis.
  12. Shoes


    Ronni's knockers didn't fall out, but they were 'adjusted' when she wasn't on camera. They weren't aligned properly. And she was a bint. Rob Brydon was king. Jonathan Ross was great, too! Bill Murray looked a bit disappointed when he didn't win. Hopefully, the Academy'll nominate him for Life Aquatic and he'll win then (chance of happening: 7%).
  13. Their best since the first Toy Story, quite clearly. Maybe even better than that. I do love it so.
  14. 'This isn't drag racing, this is Diddy Kong racing!' I will remember that forever. I like the Pikmin advert. It was shown a suprising amount of times, and it was actually good. 'Hang in there little guys.'
  15. BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Dr. Who Sound Effects (currently: Tardis interior in flight).
  16. Lemon Jelly are 'chillup'. That's a good description, anyway. And yes, they're great.
  17. It's 'alright'. Mostly poor, occasionally great. The prank call thing in last night's episode was good. And so was the music that accompanied it.
  18. The Life Aquatic and this in the same year. Oh man!
  19. DJ Yoda and Greenpace - Jews Paid.
  20. Discovery is okay on its own, but with Interstella 5555 it becomes something really, really special.
  21. A brilliant pantomime, more like. It was great. I love the butch lesbian. I hope she returns in series 2.
  22. Version 3? Am I misssing something? Oh, ace - SUPERB. Looks like a fine year for artists I like, then. Lemon Jelly, Ladytron, Boards of Canada, Cinematic Orchcestra, Coldcut, Kid Koala... mmm!
  23. I though Kelsey Grammar (in Flange) wanted more seasons. He was 'hinting' at them, anyway. But yes - it's gone.
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