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  1. Nice trailer indeed. Did I read somewhere Hitman 3 is going to have a GTA-style hub? If so: best thing ever.
  2. 'GameBoy Advanced'. Why does that annoy me so much? It shouldn't, but it DOES. And: Wario Ware! Yay!
  3. That Fireman level is perfect for going on rampages. Stripping everyone down to their underpants and leaving them in massive piles is very amusing. No GC version again? Fools. I want it.
  4. The Sims did rather poor, really. So did Project Gotham, though it's an improvement on last week.
  5. Agreed. Playing about the town was so much more fun than the dungeons. Not to say the dungeons are shit, though.
  6. I was told this a month ago. Hence I win. But there was a bit of a Retro bit in Bristol. End!
  7. Started it again last night. It's really beautiful. The Ranch's music always makes me tingle*. * Not related to Tingle from Majora's Mask and Wind Waker.
  8. I really like it. Yeah, the puzzles are often simple, but don't do them. Wander around, spy on people. When you're bored of that, just get the soul. That's what I did, anyway. And I loved it.
  9. Disappoiting, really. But Harvest Moon - ACE.
  10. Very good. Just buring it to VCD now. Pity it is larger in filesize really, but it doesn't look too bad on a TV.
  11. Let's see how big this mother is... 400mb, not too bad. ASF? Is that easy to convert into an MPG? VCD goodness.
  12. But running into her in the hotel is quite terrifying.
  13. Shoes

    And relax

    Viewtiful Joe, 1080, Metroid, Hitman 2, and MK: DD need to be finished. Then I might play OoT and Pikmin again. But I won't ever get around to finishing them.
  14. Shoes


    It might be ages old, but I've got into it recently. Anyone play it? For those unaware: it's a free, Worms style strategy game. And it's good. http://gunbound.net/
  15. http://www.the-spoon.co.uk/ Review up now. It's probably full of mistakes and such, mind.
  16. I've had a PAL review copy for a few weeks - review up later today. Summary: buy it.
  17. The original Sonic at 1? Hmm.
  18. PGR2 not selling better than the three week old Mario Kart isn't very good for MS, really.
  19. Best game theme ever, quite clearly. And a great game. A bit overshadowed by Mario 64 if I recall which was quite unfair, really. Oooh, I want to play it again now. Come on, Konami, do a Zelda style bonus disc.
  20. Negative. I'll be playing both OoT and MM again when my VIP disc comes (January, probably). I'm lookiing forward to both of 'em, especially Ocarina. Although I did play and complete it when it was first out, I wasn't the game fan I am now. So it will be great.
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