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  1. I cringed so fucking hard. Christ.
  2. Shoes


    Half a decade old.
  3. Shoes


    I loved watching that.
  4. Shoes


    Mark Kermode doesn't like Synecdoche, New York. What a dunce.
  5. Shoes


    Charlie Kaufman's new one is out today; I'm Thinking of Ending Things. Quite excited.
  6. Shoes


    Here's a Spotify playlist of stuff he played https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1shrljFyJ4jZonqOn3LdxY?si=tUhlaGR1RJmwrxSNkJQZOg Far out.
  7. Shoes


    Do this, everyone! It's such a lovely little film. Let Netflix know we want more of this!
  8. Patreon update: Recent shoots Hey everyone! We recently shot a couple of videos. The first is a re:View of the first two Bill and Ted movies. It was a long discussion so we may again split it into two videos but we'll see how it turns out in editing. And we also shot a new Best of the Worst spotlight episode. We filmed the screening section with two cameras this time which we never do. The second camera angle is just a close up of Rich to get his specific reaction, because it's just that kind of movie.
  9. That trailer is the worst thing I've ever seen. A collage of unrelated, violently ugly pictures.
  10. Subbed and belled. You're right, Shend: captivating.
  11. This really moved me. It's centred around Milla's terminal illness, but it's absolutely about the joys of life; experiencing as much as possible while you can. The two leads were superb. Beautiful film.
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