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  1. I'm in Asia and around 75% of the players I'm put into games with are from this neck of the woods, if the voicechat and usernames are anything to go by. I can't imagine that'd be the case without some regional matchmaking.
  2. I usually have to restart, because for some reason the game loses all audio if I use Quick Resume.
  3. Love that record. The other direct-to-disc record of that era, The Piano, has a totally different vibe but is one I've been going back to a lot recently. Think he recorded it a few days after Directstep. Man kept busy on those trips to Japan.
  4. I think I did the first race in a three part championship. If I try to start another race it warns me I'll abandon the current championship, but the map is so cluttered I have no idea which ones I should be doing.
  5. How do I know which races are in my current championship? I started one and can't remember which icon indicates the remaining races. The map in these games only seems to get worse.
  6. Anyone else had their car stop dead upon reaching a speed trap? It's happened to me twice.
  7. Noooooooooooo. Maybe it's a good thing. I spent almost all of 3 and 4 in a Lancia. Maybe it's time to move on.
  8. This is wonderful. Just the clarity of everything is really striking and makes it much easier to judge upcoming turns. I think Shimmyhill is right, though, that it's the sound that's made the biggest impression coming from FH3 and 4. Feels like a big step up in terms of engine sound variety and environmental sounds. Some questions: - No Lancia? - I haven't seen any of the scenic spots on the map - are they gone? Obviously there are still scenic spots but I haven't seen any as mission markers where you get the nice camera sweep.
  9. Maybe that Hot Wheels game? It'll get overshadowed by Horizon 5 this week, but it is very orange.
  10. It's a shame he dropped out of the Insert Credit podcast. I only really listened to it for Rogers and the others are quite annoying.
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