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  1. We know that Spidey can still appear on other consoles because: This is just meant to make a point to anyone thinking of going Xbox for next gen, I suppose. I'm not bothered about the game in the slightest but the move comes across as somewhat petty.
  2. Quest

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yoku's Island Express, Devil May Cry 5 and Kingdom Come: Deliverance leaving the service soon.
  3. Dontnod seem Perfect for Game Pass™ in many ways, so hopefully this works out well for them. Life is Strange 2 didn't seem to generate half as much buzz as the first series, sadly.
  4. Didn't know these were coming out weekly. I assume they've finished the lot and are just staggering them out, which is much better than having no idea when the next one is coming.
  5. Quest

    Xbox Game Pass

    Still not keen on the art style but it's looking more enjoyable than the last time we saw it (a year ago, maybe). Seems less sluggish.
  6. Their big games like Gears 5 and FH4 are already loaded with that stuff.
  7. Quest

    Is it Balearic?

    Nice. I was going to post Pink Footpath too. Thread needs Gigi's ambience.
  8. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/07/behind-the-scenes-with-the-peaceniks-who-disarmed-mgsvs-nukes/ Nuclear disarmament in our time.
  9. Quest

    Xbox Game Pass

    Gato Roboto and Minit are about 2-3 hours long each.
  10. He'll be fine. He's got the aphantasia thing to moan about in every bloody interview now. Should keep him busy for the foreseeable.
  11. Quest

    Is it Balearic?

    Before I read the post, this was the tune that started playing in my head when I saw the photo, so I'm going with it. I have no idea why it's called KKK and I'm not sure anyone does. '83 though. These boys were onto something.
  12. Quest

    The electronica thread

    Think I ended up liking World Eater more than any FB album. Rhesus Negative, man. I saw them play in a basement in Nottingham in like 2005ish, probably not long after they formed. Think they were on the same bill as Justice Yeldham (the Aussie guy who attaches piezo mics to a plate of glass and then smashes his face into it for half an hour). Good times.
  13. PS5, largely down to the fact that I've been really happy with the One X/Game Pass combo and it doesn't look like there are any huge Series X exclusives for a couple of years. I also never bought a PS4 Pro, so the jump from a Slim to the new machine will be more impressive. MS have failed to convince me I need a Series X right now, but only a year or so ago I was convinced I'd never buy an Xbox again. They're still a couple of years away from having a really robust next-gen line-up, though, and I think that's where Sony will punish them.
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