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  1. Only a matter of time until someone starts making fake price stickers then.
  2. Day 7 - Classic Rock track Barış Manço - Dereboyu Kavaklar
  3. MILLI IN LOVE https://rave.dj/eS3zY90SKVmTvw (I genuinely like this one)
  4. Day 06 - classic dance track D.U.B. - Colours (Club Version)
  5. RIP OG long version of Come Maddalena has the most perfectly restrained drumming, and Morricone himself later reworked it with a disco beat into a different but equally gorgeous track.
  6. Just want to second this. It's neat that as you travel further from home, your attempts to better communicate with the people in far-flung towns by altering your deck just makes it more and more and more difficult to relate to everyone back home. The music really is great, too.
  7. Day 5 - classic album 1970 - 1979 Osamu Kitajima ‎– Benzaiten (1974) Massive psych-prog-funk-stoner record from Kitijima here, replete with not just your biwa, shamisen and kotsuzumi, but also those plinky-plonk early drum machines and the occasional slab of moody synth. Haruomi Hosono puts in an appearance, too, which is probably going to end up something of a theme with my list. His 1980 Masterless Samurai LP is also fantastic.
  8. Day 04 - The oldest track you love There are a load of Chinese folk tunes that probably pre-date the emergence of life somehow, but I don't really want to get into that right now, so I guess Purcell's Cold Song/'What Power Art Thou from 1691. There are loads of great performances on YouTube, but Klaus Nomi's has a particular tragedy to it. He was nearing death from AIDS amid the panic of the early 80s, frail and abandoned by his friends who were too afraid to visit him. He still sings his fucking heart out.
  9. The chorus of Miko Mission's Italo Disco hit, 'How Old Are You?': Now, how old are you? Where is your harbour? Have many things to do, Open the door English was his second language so maybe something went wrong in translation, but that sounds well iffy mate.
  10. Some of the old Jet Set Radio leads were talking recently in interviews, saying they'd rather leave it for younger devs to pursue further games in the series. Maybe Sega will hand it out to an indie team or something, like with Streets of Rage and Sonic Mania. Naganuma seems pretty active these days so they could probably get the music right, at least.
  11. I posted in that thread and forgot all about it. I might actually give it a miss for now, as I ran through SotN again recently and I'm looking for something a bit different in my Metroidvania right now. Ideally it'll get a nice discount for the Switch version in a few months when I'm ready for it.
  12. I asked in the Game Pass thread but no one seemed to know, but is Timespinner worth a go before it gets removed in a couple of weeks?
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