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  1. Maybe they could get Suggs to release more terrible novelty Dredd singles.
  2. Quest

    Nintendo Switch

    New Galaxy Style New Nintendo Switch and Funky Kong Mode.
  3. Hell of a way to open a record, this:
  4. One of the main dangers of turning on the olde worlde broadcast tv here is that there is always a Jackie Chan film on, and I absolutely will watch the whole thing given the opportunity.
  5. China. I'm guessing it's a combination of huge public services using them in the past and a relative lack of retro gamer demand, but there are loads of them available. Some sellers seem to have stacks of them still in their boxes, weirdly. This is good to know. I'm talking to someone about one of these right now.
  6. That's what I did, though I didn't write off the whole thing just because Quantum Break and Halo 5 were shite. I think most of the stuff I play from Game Pass are the indies I used to pay twenty quid for on Switch.
  7. I miss my SNES but it's all the way back in the UK and I doubt I'll be getting back home any time soon. Fortunately it turns out Super Famicoms are cheap here, as are Sony PVMs. Now I find myself looking at literally thousands of listings for PVMs and realise I have no idea what I'm doing. What type of cable is best for hooking the SFC up? Is there anything else I need?
  8. I bought it, and the first game twice. It's everyone else that killed Japan Studio, the monsters.
  9. Having you complete the region's first Pokedex seems smart. I think Pokemon games often suffer from the world around you being so well established and understood, and tend to lack a real feeling of discovery as a result.
  10. Quest

    Nintendo Switch

    New Snap looks cute. That'll be the next game to play with my daughter.
  11. Atlus and Vanillaware don't bother with Xbox, and Koei Tecmo only bring certain games over. Don't think most visual novels make it either.
  12. Maybe Sony are doing a Nintendo and everything is Astro Bot now? I'd be down for Astrobotty's Golf tbh.
  13. I guess we now know why. I can't imagine Sony were prepared to give them the green light on anything if they were looking to wind the whole studio down.
  14. Quest

    vinyl lovers

    This eventually arrived and seems to be pure late-90s techno cheese, with samples of the OG Ridge Racer menu music and announcer shouting all over it. I'm pretty sure it's Japanese but there was no more info on the record itself. It's terrible and wonderful in equal measure.
  15. The Sony of old are dead so this shouldn't come as surprise, but it's still a great shame to see Playstation switch over almost completely to North American development. I don't mind a big cinematic rollercoaster occasionally but as deerokus said, they ultimately feel hollow. Returnal looks decent though. Maybe all the Japanese devs just want to work on Switch now that it's the only thing that sells there.
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