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  1. There's just loads of unnecessary telegraphing that undermines any surprises in the plot. I found it a deflating experience after a pretty intriguing opening.
  2. Nice. That new Skee Mask will see me through work today.
  3. Yeah, I'd find it difficult to recommend this. The platforming sections are terrible and go on for far too long, which I probably would've forgiven if the story weren't so predictable. I was incredibly bored by around the half way point.
  4. Does anyone actually listen to The Doors? It seems unimaginable that anyone would actually subject themselves to such a thing.
  5. I watch that video so often that my three year old has memorised some of the lyrics. Girl's getting her education from the best.
  6. Fuuuuck yessssss. Didn't know this was due so soon.
  7. Napalm Death aren't exactly from Birmingham either, but London is always claiming bands from the surrounding area so I think we can allow it.
  8. Mate, you can't give Carcass the nod for Liverpool and then give Birmingham to Duran Duran.
  9. These are actually useful for introducing very young kids to games by giving them a simple, low-stakes interaction to play around with while someone keeps the game going. I'm glad Nintendo include them.
  10. Yeah, this has been on my radar for a while. Need to get this house move over with and then I'll get it watched.
  11. I've watched the bonus episodes now, and I still stand by this.
  12. Just as I start moving house. Will see if I can sneak in a few minutes here and there.
  13. Quest

    Xbox Game Pass

    Are you playing solo? I put it off in the hope my wife would play it co-op but not sure that's happening, so I'd be interested to hear how you got on if you played it alone.
  14. Can't help with the iPad but it supports controllers on MacOS. Just played through some of the tutorial with an Xbox pad on my Macbook.
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