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  1. Ah, thanks. Mine doesn’t actually run out until next year, but I’m tempted to try and stack it back up to three years before the inevitable price hike. Just not sure what the best option is right now. Looks like JPL and I are after the same thing.
  2. What does 12 months of Gold currently convert to if you have an active Game Pass sub?
  3. https://store.steampowered.com/app/42670/Singularity/
  4. Early contender for most oblivious post of the year.
  5. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/11/rumour_leading_japanese_game_company_kidnapped_devs_sister_to_stop_them_from_working_with_nintendo
  6. My friend who bought a PS5 just for playing CoD is not going to like this news at all. I'll be happy if this somehow results in Singularity being playable on the Series X. I'm a simple man.
  7. Would be great if the Switch taiko drum worked on Xbox, but can't imagine that's happening.
  8. Danganronpa added outta nowhere. Always wanted to give that a go.
  9. Load of BC games on sale again. Gunvalkyrie is a fiver and Binary Domain is six quid.
  10. 17/01 - iS: Internal Section (PS1) It's difficult to look at this game and not think of Rez, but this is much more of a straightforward tunnel shooter than that game. No lock-on or anything here, just uninterrupted blasting as you hurtle along a path of cyberdelic eye candy. You get twelve weapons that are named after the Chinese zodiac for reasons that are never explained, though at least half of them are useless and should probably be removed from the selection wheel in the options menu. Anyway, you take those weapons and blast a load of geometric shapes to bits until you get to a boss, which is usually a big polygon that spews out smaller polygons when you make it angry. I've probably made it sound a bit naff but I really like this. Sit with your nose pressed right up against the TV and you get rave-zoned in about thirty seconds, which is pretty much all I ask for in a video game these days. Soundtrack is some good nonsense: January
  11. Had no idea this was getting an Xbox release as well. Will probably pick it up but should probably finish one of the three other RPGs I've started recently.
  12. 16/01 - New Pokemon Snap (Switch) Bandai Namco put much more effort into this that they really needed to, honestly. Knowing most Pokemon fans it could've just been one level set in a carpark and still would've sold millions, so it's to their credit that they made a pretty comprehensive follow-up. It's been a perfect little snack of a game over the last couple of weeks. Give me a sequel made entirely of levels like that Honey, I Shrunk the Kids one, please.
  13. 15/01 - Shinobi III (Mega Drive) While there's undoubtedly some of that ever so deadly nostalgia at work, there aren't many Mega Drive games I still find as engrossing from start to finish as this. A relentless rush of action scenes that has you galloping across the windswept plains, striding through the blazing forest, decking a house-sized mutant in the sewer and, well, errr, doing some radical ninja surfing. It was 1993 after all, and these are the things that dreams are made of when you're nine (and also when you're very much no longer nine). Just a light easy mode run this time around as I'm a bit flu-addled and brain-fogged right now. Might try to finish off something more sedate like New Pokemon Snap. January:
  14. 14/01 - Bulk Slash (Saturn) Easily among the more impressive 3D action games on the Saturn, at least of those I've played over the years. You pilot a big mech that can snap between walker and plane forms, taking on simple objectives that largely amount to blowing up all robots great and small. Go here, shoot that up, go over there, do the same, repeat until sirens start blaring and the big boss turns up for a ruckus. The controls take a bit of getting used to but I think this has aged really well. It runs at a fair clip, the music's all S-tier heat and it has this vibrant mid-90s presentation that still appeals. Each stage has a unique navigator to be found who'll help with locating objectives and give some gameplay bonuses. They're largely familiar anime tropes of the era but they do add a bit of flavour to each playthrough. Special mention to the fan translation here. As an action game with simple objectives it would've been playable to non-Japanese speakers already, but it's nice to see a translation team really go hard on nailing the tone so authentically. January:
  15. I had PS3 and PS4 controllers that did that with the exact same button. Drove me mad.
  16. Hitman trilogy coming to Game Pass on the 20th.
  17. Finished another one. Had to sit around waiting for a delayed train for a few hours, so I bombed through all of this in a single session on my old DS Lite. Densetsu no Stafy (GBA) Nintendo-published platformer developed by Tose. The Kirby influence is pretty apparent in how breezy and adorable everything is, but there's more of an emphasis on light fetch-quests and mini games, a good half of which are seem to be variations on Breakout for some reason. Still, Starfy himself has a nice moveset of spin-dashes and glides so it never feels like a chore, and was enjoyable enough that I might eventually check out some of the follow-ups. January:
  18. Wolf Fang - Kuuga 2001 (PS1) PS1 release of a 1991 Data East arcade game, an autoscrolling hybrid run-and-gun/shoot-em-up thing. This is some good shit. If you ever wanted to slide down a dusty hillside in a big blue mech whilst firing rockets wildly into the air, this is the game for you. Plus, you get to build said mech from a bunch of parts at the beginning of the game AND choose branching paths across the distant-future Australasia of 2001, leading to a fistful of different endings. 13/01 - Wolf Fang - Kuuga 2001 (PS1) 11/01 - Clock Tower - The First Fear (PS1) 11/01 - Finger Flashing (PS1) 10/01 - Mon Amour (Switch) 10/01- Psy-O-Blade (Mega Drive) 08/01 - Romeo + Juliet (Mac) 08/01 - BLACK BIRD (Switch) 04/01 - The Pedestrian (Series X) 03/01 - Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch) 03/01 - Sonic Generations (Series X) 01/01 - How We Know We're Alive (Mac)
  19. Nice. Didn't know that was finished already. Time to binge.
  20. Heh, I've also been working my way through the things I hadn't heard on your list. The Veilburner and Sulphurous records are probably my favourites so far.
  21. Clock Tower - The First Fear (PS1) Bunch of girls get adopted from the local orphanage and head off to a big owd spooky mansion in the woods. It goes about as well as you'd expect and within five minutes you're getting chased around by some little dickhead with a pair of scissors. It's much more of a point-n-click than the post-Resi action of Clock Tower 3, the only other game in the series I'd played up 'til now, but it has the basics of the same hide and seek gameplay loop. The Argento/Simonetti influence is pretty blatant throughout. They didn't even try to disguise the fact that the main character is just Jennifer Connelly in Phenomena, but they did a solid job of evoking the right tone with such a limited palette. An enjoyable evening's gaming, really. It's very short - you could probably run through it in half hour if you know what you're doing - but there are multiple endings, many of which you'll stumble into as a result of the trial and error nature of the game. Finger Flashing (PS1) One of maybe sixteen million landfill Japanese puzzle games made for the PS1. You play a little mage walking up a road. Heading towards you are some monsters - hitting x kills the red ones, square kills the blue and circle kills the green. Hit a monster with the wrong spell and it makes more of them. This is an annoying, overly difficult game and I hate it, but for some reason I kept returning for further punishment. I'll consider it completed because I make the rules and who the fuck is finishing games like this? I don't even know if there is an ending. January 11/01 - Clock Tower - The First Fear (PS1) 11/01 - Finger Flashing (PS1) 10/01 - Mon Amour (Switch) 10/01- Psy-O-Blade (Mega Drive) 08/01 - Romeo + Juliet (Mac) 08/01 - BLACK BIRD (Switch) 04/01 - The Pedestrian (Series X) 03/01 - Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch) 03/01 - Sonic Generations (Series X) 01/01 - How We Know We're Alive (Mac)
  22. I'm not sure that analogy works. Are NFTs a creative tool that allows for new forms of expression, or just a means of conducting a transaction? I've not seen anything that suggests the former, really. Would it be more accurate to say 'The never-NFT Artists seems to me like old painters rejecting selling work on computers'?
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