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  1. This is magnificent. Been playing it for the last few days whenever I've had chance and I assume I'm nearing the end. Unless it somehow falls apart in the final stretch, I think it's going down as an all time classic for me. Really excited to see what these guys do next.
  2. This was my main problem with it. Constantly telling you that the whole universe is enthralled by the music of the main character, but it's just bland soloing the whole time. More variety in the music between the different levels might've helped. Anything that'd get me to buy into the narrative. Out of curiosity I went and listened to that Galvatron guy's old band and, errrr, never doing that again.
  3. Quest

    Free Guy

    I haven't seen the film and I imagine it's fine, but these are fucking terrible posts. Maybe instead of trying to shame people into liking some comedy film you could be helpful and let us know why you think it's good.
  4. I'd assume so but I haven't tried it myself. I know you can use the UK account to open the FC/SFC apps but the JPN account might still be needed for updates. Maybe. Doubt it though.
  5. Make a JPN account and download from that region's eShop. If you have an account on the same system with an online sub for another region it'll still allow you to download the Famicom/Super Famicom apps. I only have NSO on my UK account but was able to grab them at launch. I assume it hasn't changed.
  6. From the moment he mentioned Metamatic my brain started punctuating every paragraph with 'UNDERPASS!'. Metamatic is the best.
  7. I never seem to get ads on the dash. Might be something to do with using a UK account but being located elsewhere.
  8. Charging extra for those N64 and MD games
  9. I’m happy to wait for them to iron things out a bit, as I’ve had my fill of chill indie sci-fi after just finishing Haven. That’s a game that also seemed quite divisive but I really enjoyed most of it.
  10. I want a new Kuru Kuru Kururin. Also, where the fuck is Kirby?
  11. Possible, but AlphaDream went under so they'd have to give it to someone else.
  12. Aw man. R.I.P. For anyone into the music coming out of Sheffield along with CV in the late-70s/early-80s, definitely give this documentary a go if you can get hold of it:
  13. Sounds like something from Space Art. Good stuff.
  14. My grandparents ran a greasy spoon that alternated between having an arcade cab and a fruit machine. I always hated the fruity because obviously games were far superior. I have an early memory of my grandad being really annoyed one day and pouring out a load of coins from the fruity onto the table. Loads of them were wrapped in silver foil. What was that about? Some way of tricking the coin mechanism?
  15. This feels similar to a lot of the weird racing games you find in Chinese arcades with titles like FIGHTING LAP MAX DRIFT or something. Cars doing backflips and chucking out neon trails and that. I wish more of those got console ports. Fun nonsense.
  16. About ten minutes in I thought 'Oh, they're doing a crap version of After Hours' and only saw the episode title after it finished. It was nowhere near as excruciatingly awful as that Christmas episode, but I just don't care enough about Beard's relationship drama for it to work.
  17. Quest

    Xbox Game Pass

    True enough. They could stop adding games for a year and I'd still have enough to keep me busy, it's just a bit disappointing is all.
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