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  1. I’ve changed consoles between versions - so not getting the web app before release. booo!
  2. I shall be getting into this again this year… SBCs are like catnip…
  3. I did a little Beta save with Sheffield United - tough but brilliant fun! Started up the first of my main saves that I’ll stream with Hemel Hempstead. Something magic about managing in the lower leagues, picking up gems of players to fire you to promotion only for them to leave for £100k the next season
  4. The speed of the game is amazing.
  5. The drivers up to date for the mouse etc?
  6. I’m absolutely loving this version. The match engine is so much better, smoother and some of the passing and play! Also love the new interactions and press conferences - actually have to pay attention to what I’m doing now! Midway through my BETA save with Sheffield United. Sitting mid table in Jan, but on a shocking run. Might have to rethink my tactics...
  7. Tomox

    Pokemon Go

    Ive added you bud. If others could add me that would be amaaaazing! 6139 0341 4338
  8. Yes!! This version is superb! Currently not YouTubing it though, moved over to Twitch as life is just insane and I don't have a huge amount of time to play enough! It's so good though, best version yet for me!
  9. Awful! I hate all that behaviour at football. Rivalries yes, chanting and banter yes, but fighting between fans? Grow up, it's a game of football! We won today! And *MIGHT* get a manager this week!!
  10. I'm live over on twitch now playing some Football Manager if anyone fancies dropping in! twitch.tv/mrtomox02
  11. Do others struggle with consistency? I’m finding it difficult to get a settled side. I sort of assume that most people have these issues on FM, but never feel like I am in control! Annoyingly I have two good CBs who keep getting called up for Wales youth sides, which causes rotation that doesn’t help things! The latest video is linked below, I think we doing ok as we’ve got a mid table budget, but I always want better! Hope people enjoy!
  12. Really enjoyed the stream last night! Thanks for @Mitchell and @Butters for dropping in! It was nice to chat, even with the horrendous delay! Going to stream again tomorrow night, loving the experience!
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