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  1. That was dreadful. But it’s over now. We never have to think about the timeless child ever again.
  2. I played this round a mates today. First VR game I’ve ever played, incredible. Played up until the village and immediately got mobbed and decapitated, but it was great fun. Would be silly to get a Quest 2 just for this wouldn’t it?
  3. Finally took the plunge and grabbed a Series S at the weekend to complement my PS5 and upgrade from my creaky OG Xbox One. straight out of the box, the controller was broken - right trigger doesn’t work! Complained to Amazon and they’ve refunded me £55 - but since the Series is compatible with old controllers, I’ve just pocketed that and will use my old controllers. Meaning I got my Series S for £195 - bargain!
  4. I’m now wayyy further into San Andreas than I’ve ever been before. A mix of checkpoints and modern controls have made it a much more accessible experience for me, which is nice. my main gripe is that there is nowhere near enough traffic/pedestrians in the streets as you drive/walk around. otherwise, I think this is a perfectly serviceable port. Could it be better? Yeah of course, a full remake would be class. But this does me fine. Helps that it’s on Game Pass - I would be miffed if I paid full price for it!
  5. I’ve been playing some more - now on San Fierro in SA. All the flaws can’t distract from the fact this game is very very fun. but the frame rate is fucking dreadful on my base Xbox One. It’s so juddery, feels like 20fps consistently. And I’m not even a frame rate guy, so this is really noticeable.
  6. I swear in the old SA if you shot a pedestrian they would get revived by paramedics? In this one the bodies just disappear, is my experience so far. Lame.
  7. Been playing SA on a base Xbox one. I mean, it’s San Andreas, so it’s still fun, but the frame rate drops horribly, often locking up entirely. Glad I didn’t spend SIXTY POUNDS on this.
  8. III is, to this day, still the only GTA where I properly learnt the map layout because I fuckinnn' rinsed that game as a kid. Especially the first island, I could find my way around there blindfolded. I wasn't good enough at games to progress very far beyond that. But what a gaming experience - still my fave of the trilogy. Running around the city with a baseball bat, sniping random civilians, spawning tanks and going on rampages, and then randomly just stealing a taxi and driving properly around the city picking up fares. And then killing my passengers once they'd paid me. Good times. Vice City was good (and the gameplay improvements welcomed!) but I wasn't alive in the 80s so didn't get the nostalgia for the time period (and a lot of the drug references flew over my head, I was a 12 year old from a rural town, I didn't really know what cocaine really was let alone had seen Scarface). And then San Andreas regrettably lost me a bit as I was in my mid-2000s, greebo, "rap music is crap" phase so didn't really see the appeal of the mid 90's hip-hop influenced setting. Obviously I've gone back since and really enjoy it now, but for me the nostalgia value is all in GTA3. I really remember the internet (or at least the GamesRadar forum, where I spent all my time) really hating the "gangsta" setting of SA. It's a testament to how gaming culture has moved on that that sort of thinking isn't really mainstream any more and lots of games have black leads now without it being a problem.
  9. Finally some drama. Thanks Hugo!
  10. Yeah the ending feels like the equivalent of the last episode of 24 having Jack Bauer arrested and put on trial for war crimes in The Hague. You can’t set up a daft “shooty shooty” soapy cop drama and then have the last episode be about the institutionalised nature of corruption. Especially a series that never really nailed the actual nature of police corruption - turning a blind eye, taking bungs, etc. Instead just about every corrupt copper in this show has been blackmailed into it, or groomed since childhood. Even if Mercurio wanted to go down that route, he could have written the last few series as:
  11. I’ve binged this over the last few weeks. Got to the s6 finale last night! Woooooahhh. Ended in a right cliffhanger! then I checked - there’s another one? Nice one! what a great - if deliriously silly - show. My highlights
  12. oh 100%. The game at times critiques that lifestyle but never quite commits to saying “gangs are crap” or doing anything other than surface level. It feels like a lot of “pre apocalypse” content got cut.
  13. The thing is, without games going on discount the hobby immediately becomes a lot less accessible. £70 for a game just doesn’t make sense for loads of people who might be scraping by but can afford £30 or so for a game. There’s loads of niche Nintendo titles I’d love to give a go but I never do because they’re so expensive! Days Gone is a brilliant game but is also very flawed and a bit marmite. I got it free with my PS5 and I absolutely love it, but if I’d paid £60 day one to play it on my launch PS4 with slowdown and even more bugs and all that nonsense I wouldn’t have been happy.
  14. Just finished off all the hordes! Three trophies to go until I get my first ever platinum!!!
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