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  1. I did the Halo showcase the other day. Massive grin on my face the entire time! Stunning. I love this game - can’t wait to see it on the Series X.
  2. The Rudy Guiliaini thing, while OBVIOUSLY a setup - if it’s that easy to seduce him into a compromising situation like that, on camera, who else has potentially done it?
  3. Can we stop talking about OLED screens please as it’s getting me dangerously close to selling myself to pay for one.
  4. great for scary games though! Whack the brightness up to full and you’ve got night vision
  5. Probably Watch Dogs 3! And then Spider-Man a week later on the PS5.
  6. depends what you use Game Pass for really! I mainly use it to play indie games or smaller titles I’d never take a punt on anyway. Me and my gf are currently playing through Stranger Things 3: The Game. No way would I have individually purchased that but it’s actually pretty ace. The value for money angle applies to any subscription service really. Netflix isn’t great value compared to buying and selling the films you actually want to see. Spotify too. Owning media is always “better” but not always practical.
  7. One has already been set up, but the word hasn’t reached us yet.
  8. My Beam does this too, on a Samsung telly. Makes it effectively useless for anything but the apps built in to the TV, so Blu rays are out of the question unless I watch in stereo. Very frustrating !
  9. Madness

    Golden Axed

    Yeah looks like they’ve changed the text - it was a bit more snide this morning and made a reference to it being “of its time” which seems bizarre as 2012 was only...eight years ago?! Fuck.
  10. I’d love if they go back to Vice City. Last time they did multiple characters - they could do multiple time periods this time round? Do the Scarface pastiche for the first half of the game in the 80s, then the main character gets locked up and comes out in the 2010s.
  11. The only reason I’m holding on to my old consoles is a)my PS4 disc drive is knackered so I’d feel bad passing it on to someone else and b) I’m going to put them in the “gender neutral cave” me and the gf are working on so I can game in there when the main TV is busy. If not for that I’d be getting rid.
  12. Wasn’t me, but a friend at school had heard that the “SNES” was really cool, retro tech with some great games on it. Don’t think he knew much about it beyond that. He had to get one, so he bought one, and paid for it by selling his...Super Nintendo.
  13. that sub was toxic af though. Not to defend boogie for the wrong things he’s done (and there’s a lot of it, from gamer gate to racist comments) but the harassment campaign from that sub, where users would talk openly about trying to goad him into suicide, was really shocking to see. The man is obviously mentally ill (and talks openly about it) and the bullying went wayyy too far.
  14. Hopefully they are able to have data saved between SKUs with the PS5? They should learn from this at least. If I see a game cheap on the store I’m likely to buy it, even if I have the disc edition, but not if the save data won’t transfer over. (definitely not posting this just to goad @Quexex into posting more gorgeous Ratchet And Clank screens)
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