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  1. 🤣 I think this image appropriately sums up his surprise at the cost of games:
  2. Thanks to the brilliant @p1nseeker (who managed to buy one before the scalpers to sell on the forum for RRP), I am now part of the PS5 family! Absolute legend ❤️
  3. I would absolutely take you up on the offer! I'm currently getting constant 503 errors
  4. I got absolutely shafted with the Great Vault this week. 2/3 of the items I could get (only unlocked the PvP ones) were duplicates of what I already had. The last item I could get was an off-hand weapon, when I already have the staff. Sad boy
  5. It requires 16 points in the tech tree (crafting). You also need to disassemble the item to get mods back, can't just remove it from an item I believe.
  6. You may have been on a phone call, leg mods don't work when you're talking on the phone for whatever reason.
  7. Seems like a solid first night for Neo Conquest! I'm sure I'll be on over the weekend, but to do some PvP
  8. With soul ash being capped per week, does that mean if you wanted to craft multiple you'd not be able to craft the extra ranks of each one? I'm probably just going to stick with Arcane Bombardment myself when I can get access to it. 130% extra damage on Arcane Barrage against enemies below 35% health. Basically an execute for PvP. I'll take that
  9. Grats on 60 Unfortunately the wing I needed within Torghast isn't available this week, so I won't be building my legendary for now.
  10. Went ahead with the covenant change from Venthyr to Night Fae. You lose everything other than your existing conduits. Lose your anima, upgrades, champions (thought they might just give you the second if you it previously) and have to collect the 1000 anima again. Wasn't too bad though, got back to renown 3 within the night.
  11. If you switch covenants, is there any downside to the first time you do it? Like, do you lose all your anima, companions and have to build whatever you had in your old one again?
  12. Arcane feels way better. Time to start looking at crafting materials and stuff for legendaries (and also where the one I want drops from, thanks for the heads up @Doctor Shark! :P)
  13. Got my rogue to 60 over the weekend and treated myself to two new daggers off the AH with the gold I never spent on a dinosaur. Sub rogue burst is insane with the Kyrian ability. Also need to focus on my mage a bit more and give arcane a shot in PvP as frost felt a bit lacking.
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