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  1. The last pic of Beks is awesome. Shame you deleted all her shit like some kinda nab 8) P.S. Meelia is FAT (and that's not 'ph' fat neither, just plain fat)
  2. Here we go, this is Vincént. You've got to love Nagrand <3
  3. Blued up due to me lending you my awesome Mage Seriously though, you look better than most 70's...
  4. Looking pretty pimp now James. A lot better gear from the level 40's you were in when I gave you Xanthie at 60 When I go home I'll try get a decent pic of Vince too for here.
  5. I just love WSG for grabbing the Beserker Buff, popping Arcane Power + Trinket + Presence of Mind and insta critting someone for 5.5k with Frostbolt P.s. Work is wank
  6. Just thought I'd say hello to the peeps who know me. I've signed onto the WoW-Raidar and joined the Muk guild. Not going to sign upto the Kara raid tonight or anything though, but I'll probably be online if you need a hand.
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