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  1. I got it nearly a week early. Works out at 4.5 hours a day. Those are rookie numbers.
  2. Damn, beat me to it! I've just got a couple of extra bits I want to do because the Play Log isn't quite 100% done, and it will bug me knowing that. Just gotta assess 3 more enemies, grab 2 more manuscripts and see one more Resolution Scene. Then I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life. When's the next one coming out?
  3. Aerith is the proper translation of her original Japanese name Earisu. It was mistranslated at the time to Aerith as the Japanese "su" was similarly used for the English "th" and "s" sound or something along them lines. But basically, she should've always been Aerith.
  4. I did this one last night as I got the 9 dresses achievement.
  5. It doesn't need to reach zero, but it will only activate when you're low, below 25% maybe? The character who has it equipped has to have ATB and MP though, and you cannot be controlling that character for it to activate. As others have said, there are specific abilities that increases stagger. Tifa has access to another ability outside of her Unbridled Strength and Uppercuts which is way better and Aerith also has a weapon ability available which increases stagger. Spoilered below for you.
  6. I finished this last night and still absolutely loved it. FFVII is probably my favourite game of all, and I really don't understand where the hate around the ending is coming from. Major spoilers for ending obviously (I know it's a spoiler thread, but just in case): All in all, I thought it was great man. I did think all of the combat was a little easy, with no encounter taking more than 2 tries, so I'm interested to try out some more chapters on Hard (already done Chapters 1-3 and had a boss one shot me :D).
  7. Thanks again @Larsen B. Left you 6 bags worth to go with the rest of it
  8. Dropped you some bags behind your seat. Thanks man <3
  9. I unfortunately don't have any oranges yet (only cherries, apples and peaches), but I do have a load of turnips to sell. So will leave a big ol' bag of sweet Bells
  10. 180 for turnips on my island today. Think it was low 100's yesterday PM, hopefully it keeps rising!
  11. I got this early and have put around 7 hours into it so far. I absolutely fucking love it.
  12. I've gone all out on my turnips this week, so hopefully I end up with a good price. I bought around 9,000 turnips as I missed out last week.
  13. I've still not had anything. Just checked my order and it's still saying Shipment: Requested. It is the 1st Class Edition though, so might be delayed.
  14. I made some tarantula islands last night (of all the things to make a farm out of, it had to be spiders ). The giant water bugs appearing now it's April are a pain in the arse. The second island was a bamboo island which worked great though:
  15. All you guys rocking custom designs whilst I'm still wearing the sweet striped shirt Rudy gave me. And he's still wearing the striped one I gave him. Me and Rudy. Total bros mush!
  16. I can't remember who originally posted it, but I did make a copy of it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NW4x0n0fq9OAH-IhCTDPM4QnBV0HdS54/view?usp=sharing
  17. I was the same. I got my UD Mage to 52 I think it was, but by that time everyone I knew who was playing were dropping out. So figured I'd come back to retail where I could play more casually. Plus, with Shadowlands (I always come back for a new expansion) around the corner, I figured I'd get a feel for it again.
  18. The extra bag space is nice. I'm levelling a Vulpera Warlock at the minute with my partner, who's playing retail for the first time. She kinda got into Classic, but it's just too much effort to play casually. In other news, my Brutosaur farming is going terribly. I'm trying to farm the Vial of the Sands recipe and I've opened 20 Canopic Jars so far without any luck. I'm now on a shit streak of solving 53 Tol'vir artifcats without even seeing a single jar :'(
  19. I've gone back to retail. I just don't have the time for Classic anymore. Instead I've set myself a goal of saving up 5 million gold before the release of Shadowlands. I want to buy the sweet dinosaur mount with the AH on it before it goes onto the black market AH only;
  20. Yeah, the restriction is the island. So you and your girlfriend can both have a playable villager on that island, but you won't each have your own island.
  21. I also booked time off @cohen205. Just cancelled it though and will probably book time off for Animal Crossing instead. Holidays reset in April, just in time for Cyberpunk and Final Fantasy and my birthday!
  22. I use the same Acer monitor as my main screen with two Dell U2715H's for the side monitors: I've also just bought a 65" C9 for the living room
  23. Anything that he doesn't want basically. You need to select one of your Pokémon to trade with someone else, so if he has two of anything he just needs to select that. We'll need to make sure we set the same link code though, so if you're around tonight I can sort it around 7pm.
  24. If you're being unlucky with trade code 4448, I have a spare foreign Ditto he can have (SW-1144-3846-2805).
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