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  1. Shut the fuck up! it's the fucking JESUS LIZARD!!! (i don't mean it, i'm just excited) I've seen Gang of four and shellac so fans it is. Jesus Lizard and Sleep just beats all. Although i'm trying for both.
  2. This album is fucking spectacular. I've been working my way through beefheart, hadn't heard this one yet and it might well be my favourite. It's just fucking brilliant
  3. Great album save for the last song, no getting around the fact it's a bit poo, other than that it's an under-rated album by them. Source tags and codes is still my fav but this has will you smile again? and the rest will follow, as well as caterwaul. Can't believe i've never see them live I do have all of these albums of the week saved in a folder in favourites. I'm listening to them it's just taking a while!
  4. just made no fucking sense. I'm amazed i keep watching it. I mean really? where the hell did that come from? I can cope with plot holes like sylar's hearing but why mess around with a characters basic premise for a twist? Are we meant to care about anyone??
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    The classic, just so simple and iconic. spawner of a million tatoo's
  6. Excellent idea! I'm giving it a listen now and its pretty good. up my alley. can't wait to see how this thread goes.
  7. Shellac binge tonight. currently playing; Boche's Dick. (hurhurhur) Seeing them in a month
  8. Totally agree with this. That blood thing has sucked all the drama out of the show and don't get me started on the bloody time travel paradoxs they casually throw in every season. What they really need to do is just screw it all and show the descent from today into the horrible future dystopias they show, map it out for 2/3 seasons and just run with it. No more time travelling, no magic blood, no talk of destiny. Just the slow descent into a post apocalyptic wasteland. Then if they still have TV time to play with just do Dragon Ball Z style megabattles in the desert. Plus they should of killed sylar off by now, he's good but he's fufilled his purpose in the show.
  9. Does anyone like lovvers?? EP out on wichita soon!
  10. Have you found out anywhere what happened? I read it on the skull control blog but there's no details. I love the plot! Can't wait for the album. what label is it going to be on? 31G?
  11. Fugazi are one of my favourite bands, how can you not love a band that put out The Argument? It still amazes me! and Ian Makaye is the coolest man on the planet. I don't know where people have got the idea he's pretentious from. Every interview i've read with him he seems really down to earth and talks a lot of sense. I wrote a essay about Dischord for my degree, it was great. As far as i'm concerned, Dischord is one of the crowning acheivements of last century. I just fucking love it. Nation of Ulysses blows my mind. The three disc 20 years of Dischord set should be in everyones collection. As for Black Flag, another one of my favs. Everyone raves about Damaged, and it is great but My War and Slip it in are fucking brilliant albums. A lot of people say the stuff with Henry Rollins in is no good but that's when they hit their stride for me. The stuff before that is only really interesting when Gregg Ginn does his solo's. Damaged is where it gets really unhinged. It just gets worse by Anal Cunt is a guilty pleasure of mine, "I Snuck a Retard into a Sperm Bank" might be the funniest song title ever No mention of Entertainment by Gang of Four? Bloody awesome album.
  12. Just piss yourself wearing some jeans like everyone else is going to
  13. All the Greenday albums apart from american idiot. Although i still love them Muse - Showbiz JJ72's first album Any shite Nu metal band you care to mention.
  14. I'm going to RTB, so fucking excited about shellac i may explode before halloween. I wasn't planning on dressing up, but i may get forced into doing it. Nightmare before christmas line up is looking tasty at the moment. I'm such a huge fugazi fan so joe lally playing has made my week. Teenage jesus and the jerks playing is just immense.
  15. Just came back from watching this and it's a right nasty bastard, but it has to be said it deliivers far more than deliverence with hoodies. it's not some horrible tabloid characture. That's not to say it attempts to explain or moralise about the issue. It's just a bloody good horror movie and pretty damn affecting.
  16. One thing i really loved about the closing montage was how
  17. You've said this twice now, what do you mean? I like idea of the greek as a constant, he's one of the untouchable people in power who inevitably gets away with it and i didn't feel a whole lot needed to be done with him. Plus the fact he's outside of Baltimore, in my eyes, means that he should be a bit of a mystery.
  18. I thought it was awesome, totally shocking and jarring and a beautifully savage end to character everyone thought was invincible. I think it would of been way too hollywood for him to actually what he wanted. Maybe it would of happened in any other show, but not the wire.
  19. No matter how funny some of the things he says are, Michael Mcintyre is so fucking irritating to me. I just hate him so much.
  20. proops looked actually ill. He did used to be funny i swear.
  21. *puts hand up* I doubt i will for a while, mainly because my desire to show the wire is better will colour my judgement. I'm only on soprano's season 1 as well, so i'll do that first.
  22. Its not just the fact its gritty and realistic, its the fact it is that and the fact he plot is perfect and the characters are more well rounded then people i've met in real life.
  23. Bah! S2 theme song is obviously the best. the series however go 2>4>3>1>5 Yeah, thats right 5 is the worst. It is in fact stupid
  24. I used to absolutely LOVE lost but since I started watching the wire, Lost just feels like an ex girlfriend.
  25. My girlfriend lost the CD to my copy of RTCM, she still hasn't replaced it. I did get to hear at least and as a result I'm really looking forward to getting home and listening to the new one. Did anyone downlod Dry drunk emperor? the free download which was a response to Bush's actions (or lack thereof) concerning the New Orleans debacle? Absolutely genius, most bands would kill for a song like that and they just give it away.
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