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  1. I just saw all this stuff that was sitting there unused. No I am pretty much done buying retro. My rasp pi to bvm takes care of that - I remember selling a load of really nice Jpn Md games like gleylancer, twinkle tale and steel empire for about £30 each back in 2005. They are going for well over six times that now!
  2. I’ve sold many a collection in my time. The greatest thing i’ve Learnt is that you’ll need to bust open the wallet to rebuy in the future. I remember selling a wondermega, laseractive, RGB modded Jpn sega hardware, and really nice Japanese stuff for a sixth of the price it sells for now. Keep the really expensive stuff and get rid of the tat.
  3. Has deltas stage 1 been remade? That was brilliant!
  4. Far cry new dawn took a massive hit to resolution on a 4k screen, with frame boost on. Runs smooth, but doesn’t look great at all. Do all games take this revolution hit, with it on?
  5. Hmm - the wreckfest upgrade for the series x p, needs a patch! I spotted foliage pop in and some framerate issues when turning a corner with a pack of cars. Also noticed a bit less wreckage strewn over the track. It does look fantastic though.
  6. Re: wreckfest on series x the upgrade is now available for anyone interested - in game. £8.39, also with a bonus car downloading now (23gig) - impressions later
  7. Anyone know how to actually buy or had success installing the ‘upgrade for series x’ - for wreckfest? it prompts me to press y to do so, in the game menu, but takes me to an empty screen and I can’t find it in store?!
  8. Anyone know how to actually buy the ‘upgrade for series x’ - it prompts me to press y to do so, but takes me to an empty screen and I can’t find it in store?!
  9. Can any regular series x users, draw me up a short list of games that have have 30 to 60 FPS boosts, bumps in resolution or any thing else tasty (not interested in 120fps.) cheers
  10. How’s the 20L2 treating you jamsey?
  11. I think HDTVs (crt) upscale everything that’s a non HD source to 1080i, a inducing quite a bit of lag too.
  12. Really? I’ll have to get rid of my 800 TVL pvms/bvms now and try to track down a Bush consumer set.....
  13. Wow - lovely monitor; worth a fair bit nowadays as well. Even more in that condition!
  14. Still littered with visual/minor technical bugs after the latest patch (Xbox one x). Last night I had a grenade go through the pavement and vanish, an enemy getting trapped in a locked building but still shooting at me (still doing damage) and 3 or 4 items I couldn't pick up.
  15. Found that too - it all seems a set back from 7 which was the last one I played. Also why do some of the rally cars sound like angry bees?
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