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  1. Pressing x to constantly pick supplies up, is a right pain. Tons of accessibility options and it makes you do this? please tell me there is a glove that does this?
  2. Haven’t seen them yet, but there are treasure hunts
  3. There is so much starting to open up now, my head is starting to spin! shame there is no FOV slider on the series x. It all seems a bit close. Also I also wish they would give us the option to reduce the AA and other graphic options. It’s abit smeary at times. Come on Ubisoft, we aren’t pc gamers, but we are big boys and girls!!
  4. Are they any good for getting the game to you for launch?
  5. It wasn’t great when the patch was first released but, it looks and plays fantastically now. Still has some bugs like floating debris and it’s really annoys me that when you drive over scattered tyres, you might as well be driving over cardboard.
  6. Still bumper cars or finally some decent crash damage?
  7. We’re mods ever released for the Xbox version? I am really enjoying fallout 4 with mods with an unlocked framerate to 60hz and 4k output as well as loads of other mods to really improve gameplay.
  8. No worries at all; usually always have something crt related for sale - I might be selling a BVM 20F1E soonish too
  9. Just downsizing abit - I’m not really retro gaming as much nowadays
  10. Smyths (in store) have them in all the time. They had 3 in stock when I bought mine and the guy serving said he had sold another 4 throughout the day.
  11. You must have the next gen patch already, because it’s no way 4k /60 lol. Performance mode seems to be 60fps, but the resolution doesn’t look too much higher than 1080p. Quality mode gives a better resolution, but the framerate is a real dogs ear.
  12. If anyone from NI is interested, I have currently pro crts and pc crts (and will have more soon) for sale.
  13. Played for about 2hrs and then deleted - nice looking game with decent controls and a nice futuristic setting, but too much going on and too much clutter - not enough shooting either and why can’t I zoom in on the play area? Would probably evolve quite nicely, but it all seemed like a chore. Booted up skydrift infinity and it was instantly forgotten.
  14. There is an option on the dash on the x to set to 1440p
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