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  1. Still £6.99 for a few more days on the Xbox store (GOTY edition). Probably best picking it up now if interested as I’m sure it won’t be on sale when the next gen patch drops
  2. Not just the throttle thing, but pretty damning criticisms all round.
  3. Leisure world - the Hamleys of Belfast! Bought a few G&W’s there (pop eye and DK dual screen). Remember EDCO in Queen st? Bought my Atari STFM there. I didn’t have much fear back in the 80s/90s but had a few rough times in the city centre. don’t remember A and f corner though. Where was that?
  4. I remember playing xmen vs street fighter in the Apollo; I think it was around 1996/7. I used to go to the tech near Smithfield, so those arcades where frequented at lunchtime, athough my college buddies were more into the fruit machines. the 147 club was abit of a dive and I can remember going to it right in the middle of the troubles. I remember feeling fairly safe though, as there was a police station next door to it in Queen St. Not sure if you remember the Model shop just across the road? I used to get some nice Jpn MD imports in there!
  5. Yes I used to go there for a few credits! Do you remember the Apollo arcade on Royal Ave? That was decent. Also there used to be a few arcades in Smithfield around 1990 ish.
  6. I was lucky enough to have a local arcade nearby, and a few at the seaside resorts. Played the heap, from around 1980 onwards. The local one was actually a golf club which was open to the public, had a large shed tacked on with about 16-20 arcades, 2p nudgers, pokers and the odd pinball machine. As a kid/ teenager, I can remember playing DK, space invaders, tron, mr do (which had a metal slot coin mechanism which you could bump up credits with a piece of strimmer wire), gauntlet, afterburner (stand up) Mach 3, bubble bobble, regarding, nemesis, vanguard, bombjack, operation wolf, 1942 and time pilot 84 and championship sprint to name but a few. The other seaside arcades had some of other great cabs like NARC, Darius (3 screen), HOTD, sega rally, outrun 2. I also remember as a kid, my local swimming pool having the Star Wars sit down cab - always looked forward to that. Any one remember handing in a pound note to the cashier and asking for 10, 10s? Lol. I am so glad I had the opportunity growing up to go to the local one as it was a great social meeting spot and drinking spot when older. We used to get a big carry out, drink it outside and then go in for an arcade session/fruit machines gambling. Think I did that until about 23 - had some of the best laughs and times of my life there! There were some real characters I met over the years. I wonder where they are now…. What a shame that kids nowadays will never get the chance to experience that arcade scene the way it was. It was ace.
  7. Still a fair bit of benny hill going on - they need to slow the game down at least 20% and put in proper lobbies with better match making. I really don’t want to play with someone 30 levels higher than me, running around with a shield and knife or a quick scoping sniper, getting 50+ kills. Put them in the same game and let the rest of us get on with it!
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115594321120?hash=item1ae9f55ce0:g:qt4AAOSwvFpjCdpJ&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAsL3%2FW1xKzkxMLYR%2BpuXtf4u%2BduchGoUBuK4UsPQak9j6FnQp9ZaHwGbY4HvUimvn0xjlTW0A%2FEAIPLDA2y90ESZs%2BQWsfbGP2fohiyfBlGQS5KmSXkaofMzJ7DwT31%2FDB5JwqZYux9gCV0vqE03CPAXt3%2FwZIWgffagWYQch%2BKZR4YHMvhlkRylBkYkiutnhTPqF1Q5ImOsfY5qGF%2FwlFKifrPOEj1%2FWXyzZhUrySd52|tkp%3ABk9SR5yU_saLYQ
  9. Couldn’t find anything in the menus for this - is it just automatically implemented?
  10. This looks nice but like all the wrc games from KT racing, the lack of a proper damage model really affects the immersion of the game. It’s hard to believe that some thing like Colin McRae 4 on the original xbox had a damage model which would even put these games to shame.
  11. dvdx2


    The ports in it are abit rubbish though - you didn’t miss much!
  12. Loving the 3rd person mosh pit mode
  13. Just started and some guy got 54 kills in the game. Question - why am I being matched with this player?
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