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  1. VGA on a crt monitor, is definitely the way to go for the dreamcast. I use these 2 - Mitsubishi diamondtron SB750 and a Sony F520
  2. This was always the go to for Germany https://www.dragonbox.de/en/accessories/monitors/sony-bvm-1454d-monitor Dont think there here has been any in stock for quite a while a Sony pvm 14L2 or a jvc 15 TM-H150cg are two good starter pro crt monitors to look out for
  3. I love project cars 3 (Xbox one x). They have patched out most of the bugs now and it looks and plays great. Being playing it for months now too. Turn off the assists though! It plays great on a pad. If if you are playing it straight, it’s a bit mean with the credits, and progression can be slow. The engine sound off that OSME Fiesta is unreal!
  4. Still abit of a janky mess on the Xbox one x, with 1.1 frame rate is still poor, textures appearing late (like the helmet on a motorbike) and I have this new bug where some vehicles won’t accelerate until you put them in reverse first! Dear oh dear.
  5. Hard to go back to TVs when you are used to monitors - the lag is very noticeable unless the tv is of course a crt!
  6. I used most of this guys settings for control on the Xbox one x last night and it was like playing a different game. Smoother, more responsive an it felt like a doubling of the frame rate!
  7. The framerate on the one x starts to tank in the main city areas or areas with lots of npcs - I hope there is a patch today or tomorrow!
  8. Anyone know when the new Xbox patch is up?
  9. Unplayable state? i have put over 8 hrs into the Xbox one x version and it’s been great. The resolution and framerate are abit lower than i’d Like, but it’s highly playable, despite encountering a few minor bugs at the beginning.
  10. Probably a higher frame rate and higher resolution - big difference. i’m playing On an Xbox one x and it looks like 1440p dynamic @ 30fps, but both can drop. Shudder to think what the base consoles are like.
  11. I’ve about 3hrs into the Xbox one x version with street kid and its a bit of a technical dogs dinner. 30 FPS, slightly 1080p+ res ,(possibly with 4k HUD’s), Vaseline smeared graphics, with occasional waxy npcs, glitches, bugs, audio imbalances, horrendous slowdown/low frame rate to sub saturn Daytona in driving sections (3rd person driving view). Great story though an it looks very complex with the upgrading potential. I think given the choice now I would wait for ps5/series x/pc. I dread to think what base consoles look like....kind off reminds me of across between the technical dynamics of d
  12. What res/frame rate does it look like it’s running at?
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