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  1. Enjoying it after coming back To it. Can someone please give me some tips for the control settings as I can hit a thing in gunplay!
  2. I seriously recommend adywans releases; I haven’t went back to The Lucas cuts since watching them heres a clip of the battle of hoth - some really amazing stuff in this
  3. Cheers for the heads up - I’m a massive breakdown fan and this looks decent
  4. Ghettoblaster (3/5) I am a big fan of vigilante style movies and I managed to pick up an uncut German pressing on dvd of this obscure American movie. It’s no Death wish 3, but has some good action scenes and a decent enough story to get you through to the end.
  5. Can I ask where you order the knight lore map from? cheers
  6. Watched the service online. Very sad indeed. What an incredibly talented, creative person he was. Was the guy at the end in the wheelchair his partner?
  7. Where there ever any car / bike chases added? It played it a good while ago and can’t remember anything.
  8. dvdx2


    Found this Deathloop on Xbox Series X will launch with the Goldenloop update, accessibility options, an extended ending, a FoV-slider, crossplay & 4 visual modes: - 4K/60FPS Framerate priority - 4K/60FPS Visual priority - 4K/30FPS Raytracing - 1080p/120FPS VRR September 20 on Game Pass.
  9. Can one playing on series x with the new patch answer a few questions? are most of the bugs now fixed? the traffic in the distance/turning corners used to vanish; is it fixed? any good improvements you have noticed? cheers
  10. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the early stuff, always getting the import release on launch, (even if I had to muddle through puzzles in Japanese) Resident evil was one of first imports I picked up (a US NTSC version from CEX of all places) - what an amazing game RE 2 & 3 were Jpn versions (Biohazard) , as was the directors cut - same, totally amazing RE4 and 5 where US versions - 4 was ground breaking, brilliant to play, 5 was a bit of a let down never picked up 6 until years later - didn’t click at all and felt the direction changed 7 & 8 - hated the new direction and I wouldn’t really even class them Resident evil games. They don’t look like RE games or play like them, for me anyway. the Gamecube RE remake was very nice and the graphical update was unbelievable. The ps4 1080p version is nice The latest two Remakes of 2 & 3 are excellent, a real return to form (that’s the way 7 & 8 should have been made) and sort of make the early versions a bit redundant, although I do have very fond memories of those two games always meant to track down the abandoned version of 2. I know there is a semi playable version out there
  11. Really enjoying this (series x) - fairly relaxed at the moment I’m only 6 hrs in), and I’m still running around with a sword and a bow, despite have a ton of great weapons I can’t use yet, as my stats are too low. Beautiful weather system, some funny (and very cheesy) dialogue, and a bizarre mix of past, present, and future throughout! Yes it’s janky, but great at the same time. there is a very smooth 1080/60 performance mode and an unlocked 4k resolution mode, which looks nice and VRR smooths it out a little. but if you stick with it, it does click.
  12. Yeah - tried the demo and didn’t see anything to mind blowing to be honest. It’s pretty short though to be fair. a solid £14.99
  13. Still hasn't had a price drop. Still £32.99
  14. dvdx2

    The Jazz Thread

    Recently been getting into jazz sacd after picking up headhunters Picked up these 6 ((both stereo and multi-channel) donald byrd - street lady / black byrd chase deodatto - deodato 2 george benson - body talk weather report - tale spinnin £11.99 each from Dutton vocalion and their service is fantastic https://www.duttonvocalion.co.uk
  15. Whilst brilliant I’m their day, I tried going back to most of them a few years ago and they really haven’t aged well (and turned out a real chore to play) i think they are better left to nostalgia .
  16. Any consumer Trinitron will fit your needs perfectly (RGB scart/good speakers built in etc) and will give you a nice image. Don’t settle for s-video if you are in the UK; most consumer sets will have an RGB scart socket. If the one you are looking at doesn’t then move on as you will quickly come across one that does. Look out for the KV range (Trinitron). The sizes are from memory; 14, 21, and 29” (there might be a 25 too). JVC have some nice ones to. A few of the older pvms have an RGB scart sockets, but will usually have BNC connectors; a simple scart to bnc cable will let you attach your consoles RGB leads to display RGB, though. PVMs are a different ball game to consumer sets quality wise, and you need to hook them up to a 2.1 stereo system as the speakers are not great - image quality, build quality, and tweakablity is where they shine. Keep an eye out for the JVC pro monitor range call the TM-H. You can buy clone RGB cards for them that will give you a direct scart plug in like a consumer set and they are stunning and comparable (arguably better) to pvms.
  17. The missions are good and very polished, but the open world experience is abit soulless / lifeless. Even on the series x, it’s a real dogs ear technically; one minute it looks ok, the next it’s like a basic ps3/Xbox 360 game (even at 1440p). A few bugs too; nothing game breaking yet. It really does needs serious patching though/technical upgrades.
  18. Havethere been any further performance improvement updates on the series x, since the next gen patch?
  19. Day one edition with extra dlc (xbox) - £49.99 in smyths
  20. dvdx2

    The Jazz Thread

    Picked this up and the sound quality is unbelievable Herbie Hancock - headhunters sacd multichannel Japanese print
  21. Really sorry to hear that - loved his art work growing up just found out about the book and bought it
  22. Very nice - the L4 is an exception crt. What would you do with all this now? Bin the lcd!
  23. There were a few places in NI, that I used to get MD ‘grey’ imports (around 1990-91 I think - Megamania/model shop/Strand games and you would get the odd Jpn SFC/MD game in Smithfield market. I also remember importing them from Colin Diamond (can’t remember his store name) / CA games / next gen (perhaps a bit later) and Jpn ps1 / saturn games from CEX! those where the days! You had a collection of about 3 or 4 games because they were so expensive! I used to really love the MD Jpn imports - if only I had kept them as I had all the really expensive ones nowadays, like Twinkle Tale, gleylancer, steel empire, and bare knuckle 3.
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