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  1. I loved that. I thought the middle bits were a bit of a slog, but the start and end were good. There were also nice little touches throughout that I thought were quite unusual in a game, but without them and Max's self loathing quips, it'd basically be little more than a standard cover shooter. I wonder if they'll make an LA Noire sequel and combine the most successful elements of that and MP3 to create a more powerful film-noir setting. Even though Max's lines bordered on the comical, I find his voice-over more memorable than any of the LA Noire script.
  2. That was just an attempt at modern misdirection, though I agree it's not quite as good as the usual magic trick. It lacks elegance. The good bit was
  3. No one else in the lab was affected by it and they presumably worked 9-5 in the thing. The hypersensitivity was from acclimatising to darkness and silence, and then being dazzled by super bright light and a deafening alarm, before being plunged into darkness again. Same effect you get from having someone turn the light on to wake you up in the morning.
  4. I thought that was great, with only two complaints: 1. Henry was terrible. His voice did my head in. 2. But I liked the generally low-key horror angle and, y'know, despite what complaints I may have, it's still a fucking quality watch, and I think we'd be worse off without it.
  5. Sometimes these columnists forget the fact that in TV you have characterisation, and that gives license to portray a fictional individual in any way they see fit. Fiction also makes you look stupid when you use it to push your own agenda. At that point, you don't have to look hard to find something you can turn into a problem.
  6. I'm guessing he was trying to say there was all the NOTW phone hacking outrage, about privacy and all that, but then people don't mind if, er, Google (?) do it. Yeah, I don't really get it.
  7. Doesn't mean it can't fuck him off though.
  8. I'm so glad they came back for a second run of this. Even with the below-par second episode of the first series, it blows a lot of shit out of the water. That was a great episode I at first wasn't quite getting the flow of, but I came round pretty quickly. I think there was only one bit I didn't quite follow, considering most other things you can figure out from clues presented, however fleetingly, earlier on in the episode.
  9. I loved the bit where he was flicking through the last copy of NOTW and feeling really despondent about it, as if he'd only just got round to reading it for the first time. "It must've been like writing the eulogy at Fred West's funeral. I mean, what you gonna say? He was good with his hands, he was virile?" "If I hid a camera in a woman's bathroom, I'd expect to go to prison! .. erm.. I, er, luckily I hide them so well no one's gonna find em."
  10. Usually the fact that it's pop in the first place means it'll be aspirational to some people, if not everyone. Depends who it's aimed at. But I agree. If anything should send a message, any message, it's the song itself. Not the artist and their backstory and marketing.
  11. Aside from the fact that we probably only know of this song because of the marketing efforts of her rich dad, it's not really sincerity I have a complaint with, I just can't associate with it. Musically, Video Games is uninteresting and too repetitive - less is more, and motifs throughout the song are overused and even, with the bass drum, a bit misplaced (it really doesn't sound right towards the end). The PR bullshit is exactly that; bullshit. And it's all just generated a lot of hype for a song that really isn't that amazing. In fact it all seems to send out an awful message to the kids and teenagers who believe it: that you can't make a name for yourself in pop unless you do something to make yourself superficially more attractive. Surgery, not having a 'common' sounding name, etc. That's fucking dreadful.
  12. I found out pretty quickly when I tried equipping one, and couldn't, and again when I got another soul, but it didn't do anything. You have to press square, or whatever the equivalent of that is, on the one you want to unlock. They don't really sound like 'shouts' though, they sound like someone being punched really hard in the stomach. I had a weird encounter on the Winterhold college series of quests. I got to the end of the second dungeon, Fellglow Keep, and... It was weird. Bugs are inevitable in a game so large and free-form, so they don't bother me if they don't break the game, but they seem a bit more drastic than they were in Oblivion. I don't remember much in that other than freezes and the dodgy physics.
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