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  1. Patch is up, apparently www.gtplanet.net/gt7-update-106-bugfixes-20220310/
  2. FH5 has a structure? Honestly, I loved the racing in it but actually figuring out what the hell I was supposed to do most of the time was a nightmare. This is much more like it for me. The Cafe menu books really help with the structure as well.
  3. Honestly, low key one of the most useful weapons in the game. Being able to carry on doing damage while you run away is very useful in quite a few situations
  4. The Saejima sections are a mixed bag, but overall I enjoyed it more than 3
  5. FINALLY "beat" this. As in I saw the first ending. Immediately went back in, and I'm 4/6ths of the way to the "true" ending. This game is so beautiful. I don't want to let it go.
  6. Kiwami 2 is my favourite of the entire series. You might want to do Judgment (it's v cheap at the moment) before Lost Judgment though.
  7. The mic sounds ok-ish, but the room is reverby and it sounds like the mic is quite a way from his mouth. All the other speakers sound a ton better. Also, it wasn't the creator of the Segway who died on a segway, surely? Wasn't it the entrepreneur who bought the company and couldn't make it fly?
  8. The reviews that take issue with the presentation of the grittier aspects of the story.... don't seem to go into any detail about what the problems are. They say it's handled badly, but not *how* it's been handled badly. Annoying.
  9. I've been playing since Tuesday (digital deluxe preorder early access). Absolutely loving it, of course. In terms of the typical Yak-style game, the pacing for the first few hours is a bit different to usual as it doesn't allow you to access side stories out in the wild, but it also introduces some other activities and settings in the meantime. I'm playing on PS5, performance mode. Looks fantastic. There was also a 1.002 patch today as well.
  10. Jumped on for a bit this morning expecting to get creamed again.... and finished Biome 5. Got to start work now, but omg.
  11. The Back Page is brilliant. Glad I wandered into the thread and gave it a whirl.
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