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  1. Yeah, I was surprised after 4, which seemed relatively pacy in comparison. I'm currently doing the Haruka section, and really enjoying the total change of pace, setting and objectives.
  2. "Finished" 3 last night. Was surprised when I realised I was at the end. Admittedly I'd not been anal about substories etc, but I was still surprised about how quick it seemed to go. Just under 20 hours, and a shameful 11% completion. I think current plan is to get through 3-5 without being too fastidious about side stuff, and then really savour 0.
  3. I just did the fight and if all the major enemies are that turtley, it's going to be quite a slog.
  4. I'm just on to 3 after doing Kiwami, Kiwami 2 and Judgement. And yeah, it's quite tough going as it feels extremely primitive compared to the previous 2 (as they're both Dragon Engine games). Still enjoyable though. I'm particularly enjoying the "Revelations", which tend to be hilarious. I doubt I'll hang around as long as I did in Judgement though.
  5. I've read guides with the list of where all the pitches go... it doesn't seem to make any difference. I can usually only connect with the ball once or twice in a course. I keep thinking I must be misunderstanding something fundamental about it
  6. I'm probably just too old, with failing eyesight and reflexes but... HOW DO I DO THE BASEBALL MINIGAME? I just can't do it. I'm so close to having all the friends and all the side missions, but the guy in the baseball centre is like the elephant in the room. Apparently if I finish a couple of courses, he sells me a golden bat that makes the baseball game easier. I can't even manage that! Pushing 50 hours in this. I'm normally the kind of old misery guts who says "if I want a story I'll watch a film", but the core story in this is excellent. Twisty turny, doesn't end up where you think i
  7. Bilal (zafarcakes - recommended for anyone else reading) is what finally got me into Twitch. I've had a look now and again, but the "culture" has put me off. But his streams are wonderful, and I now subscribe/follow to a few other streamers as well. I've been enjoying David Earl's various streams, as different characters playing different games. He's bought a gaming PC apparently and from the sound of it he's going to do some world-building like Zafar has with PES Utd. Love it. It truly is like company at the moment while working from home. EDIT and FWIW I'm 48. Good IGN article ab
  8. Finished Kiwami 1&2 in the last few weeks, and now getting stuck into Judgement. In retrospect, Kiwami 2 then straight into Judgement probably wasn't the best move, as they are so similar in many ways. I'm guessing they were made by the same team consecutively? Yagami even has some of the same Heat EX actions as Kiryu in Kiwami 2. Anyway, I'm absolutely loving it... but wondering which I should play next? I've got the remastered collection downloaded already. If I did Yakuza 0 next, would going to the PS3 era stuff be a bit jarring? Yes, there's cultural stuff that's kind of
  9. Grim isn't it? I saw Mark Russell has just finished the last of his Red Sonja run, and says he won't be dealing with them any more. It's a shame, as there's been some stuff I've really enjoyed from there in the last few years. I also love The Shadow, so that's grinding my gears extra hard.
  10. It says game data, not save data. In the screenshots you can see they're moving games and patches from the size of the files.
  11. I've only played the Switch version of Kickmen, but I found most games would end up with one of the CPU players repeatedly running the ball into a "corner", the ball respawning, the same player grabbing it and running back to the "corner", and repeat ad nauseam. Even outside that, I didn't enjoy it, and found the humour very sneery. I guess that makes me one of those stupid football people but hey ho.
  12. Currently £10 on PS4/Xbox at Tesco : https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/304838828
  13. Nintendo will be unhappy about Shopto discounting codes, but it's illegal for them to stop retailers from discounting. There was a story in the Guardian yesterday about how the Competition & Markets Authority had fined Korg and Roland £5.5m for stopping retailers from discounting. Also, GAK (musical instrument / music production gear retailer based in Brighton) were fined £250k for colluding in price fixing with Yamaha (who escaped a fine because they brought the matter to the CMA themselves). https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/jun/29/musical-instrument-firms-roland-and-korg-fined-5
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