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  1. I've got a new everdrive, but these days I'd just stick it on retro arch Is the arcade version better?
  2. The Japanese or Asian megadrives look so much better!
  3. Christ, just been on eBay to check out Famicom game prices, it's like circa 2001 snes game prices! Like when you could buy good games for less than a tenner each, sometimes less than a fiver
  4. How does this hold up to r type? The only side scrolling shooter I put time into is type. I tried gradius and just didn't get it. Is it worth pursuing? Is the Famicom version the best version?
  5. Is there a technical explanation anywhere on tekno parrot and the virus issue. Does seem really odd. Is it trying to install unsigned drivers? Also have managed to make wheel games work on s game lad well?
  6. I've got an everdrive too, I've recently given up on the quest to get a decent picture with all my consoles. I've just gone full emulation instead. But it can be patchy with an N64. Even on retro arch I've found one of the emulators still has the timing bug so double jump on Mario 64 can't be done. Which means you can be in the situation where you dunno if it's you or the game that isn't working properly. I just can't be arsed digging out consoles and setting up my ossc anymore. However I do have a toddler and hopefully I'll be playing mario kart 64 with her in the years to come too
  7. There doesn't seem to be anyway to order, how much is it?
  8. It was way better than any super FX game I played. 11 year old me tried to like Star fox and stunt race FX, especially since nms gave them both 702 percent each or something. But they were slow and boring. I rented virtua racing so many times from the local video short. It looked arcade perfect to my brain.
  9. What's the easiest way to play these on a pc? Retro arch? Gog.com? I really like the look of the last crusade does it hold up? Edit: https://www.gog.com/game/indiana_jones_and_the_last_crusade 64 percent off, 1.59
  10. It still is. But somehow I've never enjoyed the 3d ones as much as mario world. Or maybe any game so that's unfair. What is mind blowing about sm64 is that it arrived in 1996. People talk about quake being revolutionary, it doesn't come close. Same with Goldeneye , it's just so much more impressive than quake and running on a cheap (in comparison) console. I've heard that quake pioneered some graphics algorithms, but always wondered that some of those early N64 programmers must have figured these out in parallel. For example this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fast_inverse_s
  11. If upgrading my pc under the telly counts, then yes. Means i can emulate everything up to PS2. And all my consoles can go in the attic.
  12. Been playing this tonight, really is good. Are there other games that have been updated like this?
  13. I tried the pc engine version. It does look nice, but I think on par with megadrive. Maybe, or maybe better can't tell!
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