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  1. Excite bike 64 is one of my fav games of all time deep controls like wave race and 1080. It's slow if you re shit at it!
  2. http://www.thedreamcastjunkyard.co.uk/2016/11/guest-article-shutokou-battle.html?m=1 Decent write up of the shutokou games. Well actually I ain't played them yet so what do I know!
  3. Shutokou 2 is same asTokyo extreme racer 2? I've got a Dreamcast with an SD card reader, maybe o should play this instead of zero? Added advantage of Dreamcast looking amazing through ossc.
  4. One last thing, is initial D a Japan only release?
  5. Jesus i looked up buggy heat on YouTube and was transported back to being 17 and playing a demo disk of that. Must have been 1998. Easier times. Also googled shox, I remember that coming out. It looks great. Only thing is that God awful EA presentation style. I really don't get that. It buggered up burnout three too. So am I right in thinking initial d is arcadey and Tokyo extreme racer (aka shutokou) games are sorta technical?
  6. Arcade racers are probably my favourite type of game, if I was to start with any of these what would you recommend? I've got a Dreamcast, PS2 and a pc.
  7. Speaking of initial d, anyone played inertial drift? Came out in recently I think. I'm presuming it's a play on words and is somehow similar to initial d. But I haven't played any of these. Looks really great, two stick drift mechanic type thing.
  8. On the sega rally 1 front. I'd definitely recommend the PS2 version. Got it working with free mcboot and a downloaded iso. Actually, emulating the PS2 version might be a good shout.
  9. Do I need to have actual real copies of the pc games to use these?
  10. bplus

    Ridge Racer 7

    Great idea! That's how I played type 4 for the first time recently
  11. bplus

    Ridge Racer 7

    Looks like you are right!
  12. bplus

    Ridge Racer 7

    14 years late! But was there a PS2 conversion of ridge 1?
  13. I never played turrican. Is it sort of a metroid style game? If I was to play it, what's a good one to start with? Super turrican? Megadrive turrican?
  14. Thanks, I play PS1 and n64 games and 16 and 8 bit stuff too. I have the mega drive pads you mention they are great. Edit: I'm looking for a pad that would be good for nearly all systems.
  15. Anyone used one of these Wii pad to usb adapters : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wii-Classic-Controller-Pro-Nunchuk-to-PC-Mac-PS3-USB-adapter-Mayflash-for-2-Port/153996348935?epid=10011376270&hash=item23dae5ce07:g:MLUAAOSw3ydVkACr I've got two of the Wii classic controllers and thinking they have decent d pads on them.
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