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  1. Was the neo Geo less powerful that capcom street fighter 2 hardware (think it was cps2 ?) Non of the fighting games feel as smooth as street fighter, even mark of the wolves. Or maybe it's just me.
  2. Would s Saturn be a good alternative to shelling out for an aes. I regret not buying a a neo Geo aes year for 250 quid! Edit: fixed spelling
  3. Just been playing the Famicom shinobi version, only found out about it tonight on the forum. It's not great. But as a child I would have loved it. Better than the spectrum version I had.
  4. I got a nes when I was about nine. Only had a spectrum since I was about two. Super Mario Bros was a revelation. Games where 40 quid though so only got one other game (super spoke volleyball). That's 90 quid in today's money!?! Where games that expensive in the states? Or Japan?
  5. Why is the NT some much more expensive that the other Analogue ones ?
  6. This is a really good, point, I've got everdrives, a few rom bytes on a SD card feels worthless , but somehow paying for a game means I'll invest time in it. It makes no sense at all, but it happens. (There exceptions to this rule, N64 games through an emu that works well do actually improve the game, see Goldeneye at 1080 p at 60fps) Edit: there's also something nice about Japanese loose Japanese carts.
  7. Blooming text, no way of conveying facial expressions! What I meant was I'm genuinely unsure ! I wasn't suggesting mister, more just wondering out loud what the difference is?
  8. So it has old nes hardware in it? I'm genuinely confused!
  9. Console passion will do the mod for you I think. They aren't the cheapest though. I've zero soldering skills and did manage the simple mod on NTSC N64 ages ago. However the cable I had at the time was shite and produced a dark picture so I undid it. It's literally just soldering s few wires. Though apparently there's better ways to do it. I need to redo it now that I have an ossc.
  10. See I'm slightly confused, I was led to believe that it's an FPGA too.
  11. To be fair, it's not an emulator, there's no software converting nes instructions into another chip set's instructions / os calls. It runs them directly on its own hardware. Edit: which is why it's probably the best way to play a nes game on a modern TV. I think.
  12. A mister? Can anyone explain why the NT would be better than mister?
  13. 1: nearly all games are derivative crap. There are a few gems on each console that make this whole endeavour worth while. 2: there is only one good vertical scrolling shooter: 1942. 3: mario 64 isn't anywhere near as enjoyable as mario world or mario 1 for that matter. 4: side scrolling beat em ups are really unbelievably repetitive. But for some reason I like golden axe.
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