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  1. Hi mods, any chance you could move this to Ask the forum? I might get a response in there Cheers B
  2. I plugged my mini into my TVs usb slot which is 5v. I turned on the mini and my TV showed that it switched to 720p so it got something. But then just black screen. I tried turning off the mini but the led still stayed on. I had to pull the usb cable out to get it to turn off. I've tried with an iPhone and an iPad plug. Same result except now my TV doesn't pick up anything at all . Any one had the same? Any ideas? Do these have a warranty? Edit: is there a factory reset? I have dug the manual out. Doesn't mention it. Thanks.
  3. Does it play PS1 games? Good this wasn't discovered back in the day!
  4. Cheers. Google turned nothing up for it!
  5. What's a MODE solution? I've got an Eli express gdvemu. Works fine too.
  6. It came late enough in the ps1s life. I only knew two people with a chipped PS1. Dreamcast was a different story, anyone I knew who bought one was playing only pirate games. Worse, no chip required. I read somewhere it really hurt the Dreamcast. Back then hardly anyone downloaded games, instead the got pirate games from markets, car boot sales.
  7. So I can't work out if I've just completed the whole grand Prix. The race team manager story about his dead team mate has happened and the credits rolled. I go back to menu and it says new mode added added but I can't see what's new. Is that it? I could have sworn I read you race for multiple teams??
  8. Ah it looks like it might be dithering options https://old.reddit.com/r/RetroArch/comments/cfezu0/grainyfuzzy_textures_beetle_psx/
  9. Just spent an hour playing this tonight. It's brilliant. I never played it properly before. Really great. On retro arch is anyone else getting a grainy chicken wire effect? I'm using beetle psx hw , similar settings as mentioned above.
  10. PlayStation one games are definitely worth playing on retro arch. Basically makes they look like Dreamcast games. I've got an ossc , compared to retro arch with PS1 it's pointless. Also N64 games too, 1080p Goldeneye at 60fps is miles better than original.
  11. Has anyone here tried this: https://videogameperfection.com/products/koryuu-transcoder/ It's specifically for using composite only consoles with the ossc. In tempted as I want to play my nes through my ossc.
  12. Dam, pulse was Europe only on PS2. eBay prices bit expensive! Download will be hard to find.
  13. Shit somehow this has passed me by, I've got my PS2 out at the moment. I'll be downloading this!
  14. Well 9 years after posting this I think that 2097 is the best of the bunch. I've been playing the N64 version on retro arch with resolution pumped up for last day or so. It looks great. Though the pop up is awful. Only on third track, the one with the face mouth tunnel bit. It handles brilliantly and the music works surprisingly well. Did pc music do some tracks specifically using N64 hardware do they could get more on s cart? Wipeout 3 special edition is some how not as good as 97. The PS4 Wipeout is probably the o my game I put time into on this gen of consoles. It's amazingly good. 2097 might still be better though.
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