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  1. Were there any decent side scrolling beat em ups? Also, just been playing shinobi. Probably the best home port of it. Really good.
  2. And it looks pretty dire: http://www.pcengine.co.uk/HTML_Games/Golden_Axe.htm
  3. Thanks. I didn't know goldene axe got a pc engine port!
  4. Yeah even games not on mini. In particular anything that's not side or vertical shooter. Thanks btw
  5. Setup my pc engine mini tonight. After basically spending all my time on retro arch trying to reduce input lag, I thought if I use the mini consoles I have, I can't piss away my time in retro arch settings and I'll actually be playing games instead. There's something to be said for a pre packed box that's can't be configured except for the odd screen filter and bezel (i.e. all the mini consoles). Anyway, obviously the thing is shooter heavy. I'm not sure what's worth investing time in. I've been trying salamander , there's something very good about it (I've never played it before!) Anything else that's really worth investing time in?
  6. Is perfect dark remaster still slightly bust? Glitchy graphics etc.
  7. Waverace and 1080 are my two favourite Nintendo games. I think that no one makes games like this anymore (or every will).
  8. Save states: because being a parent of a 3 year seems to mean I have ten minutes of free time a week! Not enough to find a typewriter... I think I'm playing the non dual shock version, thanks.
  9. That looks interesting, but a lot of work, might see if I can find a pre hacked iso...
  10. Has anyone tried the reshade mods for GameCube dolphin emulator: https://www.reshdp.com/re2/
  11. I've started in resident evil 1 directors cut on ps1 via retro arch swanstation (aka duckstation). I'm trying to find a way to make it not look awful on a 4k oled withough spending all my free time tinkering with settings instead of playing the game! Also I've heard directors cut ruined the music , is this true? I've got the PS4 remake but I'm not playing that as I need save states!!!
  12. Hi , thanks for the offer but I've replaced all the sticks I'm gonna do for the foreseeable future
  13. I just did this to my two n64 pads this week! Worked brilliantly. Definitely worth it. Takes a few weeks for parts to arrive from states. Aiming in Goldeneye with them feels completely different now, much easier than knackered sticks.
  14. Something not made clear is retro arch is all configurable through the gui. All you need to do go to retro main menu, online updater, download cores (cores are retro arch name for emulators). Down load the cores for systems you want to emulate . Assuming you have a pile of roms in a folder somewhere, go to import content and navigate to folder that contains Roms. It will scan that folder. As long as you've got cores downloaded, retro arch will create playlists for you automatically, they appear on left hand side with appropriate icon for each system. For some fecking reason no one tells you this step about getting cores first and then importing roms. Instead everyone talks about editing playlist files manually. If you are using an Xbox pad it will probably detect automatically and you are good to go.
  15. That's the problem. They could be worth 200 quid maybe more, but the effort selling singles is big.
  16. Amazing! Twitter comment "Gotta say, that "big explosion" stock cartoon sound gets a bit tiring after a few seconds" *Sigh* I wonder how they plan to make money if it stays a MD exclusive ?
  17. I modded my Gameboy color with an ips screen. No solder required. The kit came with a replacement shell. I can't remember where I bought the kit from!
  18. Yes I've been looking at YouTube videos and it's pretty much as you say. The end result is pretty cool looking though
  19. Thanks the offer but my limit is pretty low and I'm probably looking for something small but gets the job done. I think at this point it's probably with the f300 or try and mod my DC sticks. Is the f300 a pretty decent stick? Or is it the case that once you've tried a premium stick there's no going back?
  20. Good grief! That's some collection
  21. This is really interesting. I explained the DC sticks situation badly. They don't have sanwa parts, just had PCB replaced with ps1 controller PCB so they work on ps1 and PS2. Even if I could just get an octogonal gate for the DC stick I might be happy. But then I hear that real sanwa (or other manufacturer parts) are way better and I start thinking maybe a whole new stick or sanwa mod for DC is best idea.
  22. Pc only. That's interesting about sanwa sticks, are the seimitsus and hori more expensive?
  23. Thanks for the advice yeah the afs price seemed to quickly mount up Edit: also at first I assumed that a custom stock should be cheap. Strange that a metal case plus buttons and stick quickly mount up. My other option is modding my two Dreamcast arcade sticks with sanwa parts. Though that looks tricky. About twenty years ago someone on the forum modded them to work on a PS2 instead. (ps1 pad PCBs inside). I sort of regret getting them to do that. The only thing that's annoying about the DC stick is the square gate.
  24. Thanks for this. The f300 looks like a great option for me! I was googling for minimalist fight stick sticks and found this: https://allfightsticks.com/ Thing is , they don't seem to sell preassembled sticks. But they look really nice. Does anyone know of something like these but preassembled?
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