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  1. I rebought carmageddon on gog, only played for a few mins, couldn't get back into it again for some reason. The physics are still impressive though. For me unreal tournament, quake 3 and Deus ex are the games that really stand out on the pc. Q3 is probably still my favourite arena shooter. Quake 2021 (quake remake) is free on Steam if you own the original. Worth getting for ease of multiplayer and wide-screen etc https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Quake_(2021)
  2. Stupidly bought the the whole master chief collection on Steam. The first level of halo is awful. It's a maze of dead end corridors that all look the same. Some of the cut scenes are unskippable. Though I remember the next level being miles better, once you land on halo. Also I accidentally hit quote button here, can't delete on my phone:
  3. Wait hold on, just reading the halo article says something like "if we are honest halo feels like it's in another league compared to Goldeneye". Whaaa!!! No it's not as good as Goldeneye. Not even close ! Magazine thrown in bin, sub cancelled. Actually no, I'm now buying the halo collection on Steam. But it's still wrong about Goldeneye! Edit: it also mentions AI on legendary, pretty certain bungie said there was no difference, just takes more shots to kill. I think.
  4. Good point. The scripting thing put me off call of duty as soon as I tried it.
  5. I prefer your videos because there's no talking. Watching some ejit with head phones and mic talk shite over games drives me nuts. They are usually sat in on one of those god awful looking "gamer" chairs too. Anyway watched your vid of pc mortal Kombat, that looks nearly arcade perfect. If I recall correctly probe did the snes version of mk 2 , it was excellent too (sorry terrible pun / reference)
  6. Reckon I'll enjoy reading bout halo, but I still don't get what the fuss was all about. It's a decent game, but a guy in a motor bike helmet and every one goes mental about him, I still haven't completed a halo game yet. Speaking of which, what is the best halo game? Nigel mansels? The snes one? Forgotten I played that to death in myates house
  7. I went mad and bought this for my super Famicom too (last week). Actually worse than that I bought world warrior. Then I saw 3cart deal on eBay, world warrior, turbo and super. So then bought that. Even worse still I own an everdrive!? I've had an obsession since I was 10 and reading in mean machines that the pal version which I owned had squished graphics and ran slower. Finally I own the set up I wanted since then. The art on the carts is way nicer too. I really don't like super on the snes, the sound is completely shit for some reason. Edit I also notice your super Famicom looks brand new, I've been trying to retro bright mine for days now. Hair cream peroxide, seems to be working a bit
  8. I permanently modded my pal megadrive to 60hz, no soldering just a Stanley knife, it makes sense of you have an everdrive but not so much if you want to play pal games as it may screw up optimised games.
  9. Think that was best episode so far, maybe because I really liked the N64 at the time. Good points about about conker, I tried to play on an everdrive a few years ago, it just wasn't any fun. Tried banjo as well, I owned it back in the day and sold it on, it's just not as much fun to control as mario. The platforming can feel really unresponsive and imprecise. Dunno if the 360 port was better. Though to be fair I thought mario 64 wasnt anywhere near as good as mario world.
  10. Did you buy the game later? I'm tempted to try again on retro arch and see if it is as crap as I remember. I have had a few games I didn't like originally but twenty years later I do like. (Ridge Racer in particular).
  11. Ha! Bizarre, my mate bought it and didn't like it,lent it to me and I spent quite a while playing it and still didn't like it. Meh horses for courses I suppose
  12. I'm talking about 25 year old games, not exactly being super serious here. You want me to delete the post? (Turok 2 point still stands though)
  13. Just been reading an old issue of N64 magazine, it lists all previous scores towards the bsck. 1080 and pilot wings get 89 percent. Not bad scores but they are two of the best games ever made in my book. Was playing pilot wings last night, it's hard to believe it game out in 1996. It's way ahead of its time. Turok 2 gets 95 while Goldeneye gets 94. As far as I can remember turok 2 is shit. It's just a repetitive maze that ridiculously easy to get lost in, surely they were paid off for this score!? And Goldeneye, well I still haven't played a better FPS, and that's not rose tinted specs either , been playing it recently.
  14. Cable arrived, picture really is great through ossc.
  15. Thanks. Issue happens all the time , tried a few games, street fighter mario kart. Every other second nearly. I've jumped for that packapunch cable. Hopefully will resolve it
  16. Great! Is this right: https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/packapunch-range/super-nintendo-packapunch-upgrade/packapunch-super-nintendo-entertainment-system-snes-n64-rgb-av-scart-cable-ntsc-gold-scart Also it has options for csync, passthrough or 470 ohms?any idea which I should choose?
  17. Thanks, though I can actually see on the ossc it's the ossc losing sync
  18. Hi, I have at dug out my super Famicom and and a cable I think used to work with my ossc. Anyway, the ossc just loses sync even other second so its unplayable. I recall this used to happen a bit before but not this bad. Any ideas? If it's the cable does anyone know what sort I need? Are the packapunch ones really worth the cost? Thanks
  19. Can anyone tell me if I retrobrite a super Famicom will it take the grey super Famicom lettering / logo on the front off? I dont want it looking like a debadged vauxhall. Also due to lack sunlight I'm thinking of buying a UV bulb. Anyone had any luck with these?
  20. Is evercade using emulation underneath to run arcade ROMs (and other systems)?
  21. Thing with edge is they missed 3 games I think are really are revolutionary, Tony hawk skateboarding, Goldeneye and grand theft auto. Yet they gave halo 10. I've never understood the halo thing. It's alright but not that special.
  22. I've heard of people using GameCube sticks as replacements. No idea if it's easy
  23. Ah I see, that does component which is probably quite a bit better
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