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  1. 3 hours ago, simms said:


    Yeah Id not pay for the Xbox or switch emulated versions .  I'll stick with the leaked XBLA remake thanks

    In the video he's actually a lot less harsh than the title would suggest. But yeah I like the xbla leak version. Though been playing on retro arch with an n64 pad and that has its advantages. Well ok it's just the pad is the advantage (and some times the xbla version is a bit buggy)

  2. 12 hours ago, Stanley said:

    Although not exactly what you’ve requested, Dishonored does a very good job of offering different ways of completing objectives. It’s an immersive sim along the lines of Deus Ex which you mentioned, so there are lots of opportunities to be stealthy and inventive with how you play it. That and (especially) Dishonored 2 are both masterpieces IMO, and if you enjoy them Prey, Arkane’s other immersive sim, is also a classic. Come to think of it you might enjoy Death Loop, that reminded me of Goldeneye and Timesplitters with its multiple routes and objectives, and it’s a lot more shooty than the other games I’ve mentioned, it’s definitely got that 60’s Bond vibe going on too. 

    You are right about dishonoured, I own it but never had the time to put into it. Same with prey.

    Death loop is not something I considered! I need to look into this.

  3. 8 hours ago, Paulando said:

    I‘ve never been a huge GoldenEye fan, although I did pick up an N64 cheap some time in the early 2000s which gave me a chance to play it properly. Even at that point it felt crushingly difficult, and the performance wasn’t great, but I did enjoy playing it on the original hardware - I think it’s essential to play it with an N64 pad.


    One thing that I really love about it is the feel of the gun movement, like it’s decoupled from the camera. Nothing has ever come close to this, or ever really tried (apart from PD, and a little bit in Timesplitters), and every FPS since feels like the same ‘moving a cursor around the screen’.


    It’s kind of like how nothing has ever come close to the feel of chucking Mario around in Super Mario 64. Pretty much every other 3D platformer feature the same weightless, ‘press a direction and instantly face that way’ control.

    That's true about it he n64 pad. I finally set up my n64 pad adapter with retro arch. Suddenly goldeneye's controls being different to modern twin stick FPSs doesn't matter. Infact I prefer them. Maybe this is why the original controls aren't available in perfect dark on the Xbox 360. Can anyone tell me if this got fixed in rare replay version of PD?

  4. 5 hours ago, Wiper said:


    I genuinely think one of Goldeneye's great strengths (and something an awful lot of later cinematic action games lose) is its gently emergent gameplay that comes from simple AI coupled with NPCs that can carry out basic actions beyond "shoot at player" across relatively open environments.

    I still don't understand why pretty much no other FPS games copied what Goldeneye got right. Ok timesplitters and perfect dark but they don't count!

    I read somewhere that thief took a lot of inspiration from it. Also valve reworked a lot of half life after seeing it, but those feel like very different games.


    Goldeneye got me back into games in 97. I'd pretty much lost all interest in them for about 4 years. Then I played it at a mates house and within a month I'd managed to buy an n64.

    All the years since, nothing as really come close. I tried modern warfare on the 360 and was pretty disillusioned that people were saying it was great. It felt like it was on rails. Deus ex is the probably the only other single player FPS I really liked since Goldeneye.


    Can anyone recommend anything from the last 25 years that comes close to what Goldeneye does? (Agent 64 on steam early access is good).

  5. 4 hours ago, Strangelite said:

    Ahhhhh christ you might be right, maybe I'm mis-remembering and you needed a cheat cart, but i'm 100% certain I played archives with my mates on four players...... maybe we cheat coded it... 

    http://www.goldeneyeforever.com/level files/archives.htm
    "remember that if you have a gameshark you can play this level with 4 players."


    Played GE to death in 4 player, we never noticed that archives unavailable in 4 player!?!

  6. 8 hours ago, Superunknown said:

    Bear in mind that the Series S/X can't run emulators that lack a DIrect X renderer. That rules out RPCS3, CEMU etc.


    The Series consoles cannot run everything at 4K - even the Series X cannot manage this, because the emulation is CPU-heavy so the GPU in the X doesn’t boost performance above the S. For example, on my Series X, XBSX2 (an Xbox-specific build of PCSX2) hits 4K flawlessly with Burnout 3, widescreen, running de-blur hacks. However, it cannot run SSX Tricky at 4K - you have to drop the resolution to 1440p or you get slowdown on some courses, e.g. Snowdream. Outrun 2 still exhibits a lot of slowdown at just 1080p, and swapping from DX12 to DX11 (which sometimes improves performance) doesn't help either. F-Zero GX looks spectacular at 1440p, but the Casino course has proper hitching/pausing (always in the same stretch of track) and occasional crashes to the dash, and that's even after compiling shaders before launching the game and increasing the emulation clock speed. Ridge Racer 2 on PSP has occasional hitches at 4x resolution.


    Don't get me wrong, it's fantastic to have the option of running emulation on a current gen console, and PS1 and below seems flawless, and likewise for the PS2 games I've played (Burnout 3, SSX Tricky), but you'll not have *everything* running at 4K, even on a Series X, and you don't have the same range of choice and level of control that you do on PC, particularly when something doesn’t work as expected.

    This is exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks. The hardware for the price looks amazing on the series X. So much so I was thinking it might be a better way to emulate. But I'll stick with what I've got for now. Even if I can't run everything at 4k.

  7. 20 minutes ago, dumpster said:

    If you have room for a pc under the telly you can emulate pretty much anything, including PS3 and Switch. Xbox emulation is amazing for a retail console but a decent spec PC can do just about anything.

    Yeah, I've had the pc under the TV for a while now. It's a nice thing to have. Ryzen 5 3600 and a Nvidia 1050 ti. It runs everything up to PS2 generation at 1080p, but it can't do it at 4k. Also I've bought adapters for the joypads I want to use, snes, n64, PS2 etc. 

    Comparing Xbox X specs though I've realised that console is a bargain. Looks like 3070 Nvidia performance.


    It's probably madness to consider a series X for emulation when I've got a pc. Maybe just looking for an excuse for new hardware.


    Good point about the switch and PS3. Those are two consoles I've never owned. Ill try emulating them.

  8. 7 hours ago, Riven said:


    Saturn and PlayStation, but the later PS1 versions have the most fixes. Never played the N64 version, but I know what all the changes were between them, having read up on it. You get the different ninja, but that version is said to be the weakest with the most bugs.


  9. 4 hours ago, Riven said:

    3D wise 9 and 10 really are two of the best if not the best games in the franchise.


    As for the 2D ones well MK2 (Arcade) gets my vote as does UMK3 (Arcade) and MK Trilogy (later greatest hits version is better, has more bug fixes in it.)


    Shout out for the spin off game Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, that really was a great scrolling beat'em up when me and my brother played it through.

    What did you play mk trilogy on?

  10. I was playing the leaked Xbox 360 remaster last night, honestly it looks better than either of these. I wonder if part of the deal was that the new Xbox version couldn't look miles better than the switch.


    I was also playing n64 version on retro arch. To be fair, these versions look better than that.

  11. 19 hours ago, Loik V credern said:

    Reading about Goldeneye i went looking for a video with it having blood after the info they took it out on Nintendo's say. The most bizarre 'Nintendo thinks your game is too violent for kids' story for me is Rare changing the characters in Jet Force Gemini before the game's release, making them teenagers instead of 10 year olds. They just became taller and that was it.



    The blood is too bright really and pointless. Like paint splatters, it looks crap. It doesn't matter, the blood through the clothes is more realistic and still satisfying. But watching that run through again reminded me of all the things i loved about the game, reminded me of how at the time something comes along that is unlike anything you've played before that it stands alone, you become sort of obsessed by it. Before Goldeneye for me was just Quake, Zero Tolerance, that's about it. Exhumed. Virtua Cop 2. There are things a game taps into that then is never tapped into again, Goldeneye was the first and last game honestly for me that impressed real danger of being shot, your health is precious, every hit you take matters, and you're always outnumbered. and it's the variation in enemy responses, look at that first encounter at 37 seconds, the second guard runs in circles before running towards you. You can aim quite easily but it's something that makes that impression when you first play it, especially with you in awe at what you think are the most realistic graphics you've ever seen. Because of the sound effects too bullets sting you, the way the orange sparks flash past you, they just nail the vulnerability of being shot at. The sound of Bond breathing, the health appearing, all this was not only completely new to me it was revelatory, a developer totally nailing something no other game previously had.


    The absolute best example of Rare varying the guards response animations to throw you off (besides one kneeling) is at 1:14 when he opens the door and the far left guard does that bloody marching walk, just pause it as he opens the door, they're already aiming at him. It's a game where when you get good you can dance around the guards and make fun of their slow responses but you still have one guard aiming accurately that gets you. The way they walk towards you there still feels threathening to me after all these years, like you have to back out of it and sneak out again.


    No other game did shooting as well, the enemies are tall, the thumps as the bullets connect is so satisfying. Even by Perfect Dark they lost this focus of the simplicity of corridors of tall human enemies doing all their individual animations waiting to be cleared. 1:46 is pure Goldeneye. Shoot a guy, see the bullet put a hole in the wall, turn around, pick up ammo, reload, go around the corner, two men stood on the same line, one 20 yards before the other, shoot the one behind but miss and catch the hat of the one in front, get his leg and luckily his body too so he's gone, the one behind is firing so close to you, you're exposed, another guard comes running in from the left then another by the guy at the back so you've got this now even more satisfying chunk of green bodies to fire into, knowing wherever you hit, leg, arm, they'll react. Then! Two more appear from the left, and bloody kneel, you clear the ones at the back but one of the left guards hits you, you retreat, reload, go back out and they haven't stopped. They don't stop just because you hide, they're still finishing their shooting animations, and it's just the joy of different enemies at different stages of their animations positioned in different spots, and then you calculating which order to take them in and where to place yourself. It's always different, and it always matters.


    Anyway, that player in the video takes out the guys in the corridor then has to turn around and go back because he's vulnerable from behind too, before returning to the epic shoot out corridor where another guard appears, this time from the right who's no bother. And all you can see are all these bullet holes, smoke, a hat and dropped guns and it's as fun as first person shooting ever got for me. Wait, it doesn't even end. You turn to your left and go to open up the door and are being shot at again, sparks flying everywhere, guards coming at you from directly behind. Strafe back and spin around.


    My thinking is that because the game was inspired by Virtua Cop and was going to be on rails and because the team was inexperienced they focussed on what really mattered. Stuff like Medal Of Honour and Call Of Duty was about the adventure, the set pieces. The approximation of realism in early 3D meant Rare made the enemies tall distinctly blocky things to shoot, in Call of Duty's soldiers are small, there's no variation in death animations, there's obviously no corridors of guards endlessly appearing from different directions, shooting is just an afterthought, you're not meant to enjoy it.


    Halo always got the '15 seconds of fun' tag but really Goldeneye had it too. Shooting aliens with colourful guns as their shields flicker is not as satisfying as ploughing bullets into human bodies.

    Pretty much exactly what I think too. Every FPS I've played since has been slightly disappointing. Perfect dark is close, but it's also a bit of a mess at times.


    So are switch owners just getting an emulated version of the game with online play? No improved frame rate even?


    I have the Xbox leaked remake, use it in an emu, it's very good. Bit buggy but totally playable. I'm guessing the new Xbox version is just a completed version of that?

  12. 1 hour ago, Phantoon said:

    I can see why Turok 2 got really high scores, personally. I played it on release and it was clearly much higher budget than most other N64 games. It had the scripted events that would become really popular later. It was a visually much improved sequel to an important early N64 game (which incidentally is still really good). It had fun weapons and (for its time) was really violent, which was unusual on the N64.


    Yes it could be a bit of a slideshow, but show me N64 games of that generation that weren't. Yes it was maze like and far too big for its design - we're used to games mollycoddling us nowadays; early shooters were maze like and finding your way was part of the difficulty. Being big is still seen as a good thing today - you'll see comparisons of how big an open world is pretty often still - despite the fact that being big doesn't count for very much in and of itself.


    It was a big, high budget shooter, on a console where arguably the most popular game was a shooter. I admit it hasn't aged quite as well as other games, including its predecessor, but we can't review it now outside of all context and say that the reviews were wrong.

    All good points :)

    One thing though, I find Goldeneye on an emulator in high Res or the Xbox version plays really well still. Infact I still find it's one player much better than any FPS I've played since (apart from Deus ex 1). But I think that's part of the problem, turok feels quite quake or halo ish to me, but GE plays nothing like that. And no matter how many times I play those games I don't find them as engaging as GE. Also I really don't like quake 2 which puts in me in the minority.


    I now want to play the remake of turok. I'll hate it! But I want to know! Plus I keep adding games to my gog account I never play. Why stop now!






  13. On 19/01/2023 at 13:28, gossi the dog said:




    From what I recall all of Future publishing (who were notorious for giving massively inflated scores for exclusive reviews) reviewed it months before release. I don't think the multiplayer mode had even been implemented then.

    But it came on a black cartridge! That alone is worth 30 percentage points.


    I stuck it on retro arch a while back and turned it off after about two minutes. Then again I only seem to be able to enjoy driving games and beat em ups these days.

  14. Can anyone explain why arcade version of ultimate seems to have fewer characters than the snes and megadrive versions?


    Yeah I always wondered in trilogy got panned due to be in 2d. N64 gave it about 30 percent or something like that.

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