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  1. 1 hour ago, Tomdominer said:


    The solution I've found, with the PS2 and ossc, is to use Open PS2 Loader, which allows you to force video modes with it's built in GSM. Then I try either 240p, 480p or 1080i. The most consistent is 1080i, as a lot of games don't like being forces into progressive, and usually fail on the attempting to run FMV. But 1080i works quite well, as (I think) the ossc just passes it through to your tv, which can usually de-interlace 1080i content (unlike 480i). 

    Bizarrely I think that's what I ended up doing too! Very fiddly though and felt like a waste of an ossc

  2. 25 minutes ago, SqueakyG said:

    I just checked out PCSX2 for the first time. I've never looked into it before, but it's simply going to be a better way of playing the PS2 games I own/owned than using a cheap HDMI converter with a real PS2.


    I was quite surprised that the image quality is not a direct pixel-perfect image. Every other emulator - including emulators for Dreamcast and Gamecube - give you a pixel-perfect video image. However, PCSX2 emulates the interlacing of a PS2 and then deinterlaces it, and the results are quite blurry, ghosty and jittery. You can get it looking better than real hardware - and certainly better than cheap HDMI converters - but I just didn't expect an emulator to look like that. You can increase the resolution of the 3D geometry, but results are a bit vague -- it always looks kind of blurry, jittery and 720p-ish.


    The main programmer of the emulator says it's because PS2 game developers often did clever things with the video output and manipulated the interlacing to produce graphical effects or make the games run better. Dreamcast and Gamecube games hardly ever did this, so those emulators can simply force the games to run progressively and serve you a pixel-perfect video output. But PCSX2 has to emulate the interlacing, and then deinterlace it with bob/blend/etc.


    Anybody found a way to get good results?


    Nearly all discussion of this emulator talks about plugins, but I'm using the 1.7.0 version where they got rid of plugins, so a lot of advice and discussion is outdated.



    All I can say is I gave up on PS2 with ossc , the results were consistently shite. Had more luck with emulator as far as I can recall.

  3. On 24/09/2021 at 21:53, Fallows said:

    Alright so there are loads of consoles in very good condition going for cheap on Ebay Germany. Sourcing a console won't be difficult.


    The thing is what's the best RGB amp to install, and how hard is it? I could go and research all this stuff myself but I'm busy AF and already behind on my work. I should be working right now actually instead of doing this.


    I plan on going all-in with this project. RGB, steel bowl sticks in the controllers (costly), Everdrive64, etc.



    This is one of the many reasons I'm after one.


    I reckon GX is far better than X, but it's still a clear 10/10.

    Honestly get an NTSC one if you can, wave race especially suffered from squished screen and being slower. :)

  4. On 06/10/2021 at 21:43, Dudley said:

    Some of the new Master System stuff is impressive, especially Flight of Pigarus, a 5 minute caravan shooter for free download or buy in a box from 2Minds.


    Sorry to use my own video here but here's me finishing that 5 minutes for the first time with about 1/2 the score the good people get.




    If you want to cover some SMS I can certainly point you at a few more.

    What's a caravan shooter? Genuine question!

  5. On 04/10/2021 at 14:46, merman said:

    So, the homebrew column was a key part of Retro Gamer - and it was brilliantly put together for years by the sadly missed Jason Kelk who passed away earlier this year.


    With demand from the readers, it will be coming back in a new form in issue 228.

    I will be taking over the writing & compiling of the column.


    So if there is anything you want featured, any games or developers that deserve to be in the spotlight then let me know - either in this thread or via DM. And the developers themselves are welcome to get in touch. We always needs reviews and previews, and there’s will be interviews too.


    We plan to cover a wide range of subjects, computers and consoles, game jams and competitions, and the publishers putting out great homebrew. New ideas include mini “making of” articles explaining how it is done, and guides to the best homebrew for various formats since the end of their “commercial” life.

    Glad it's coming back :)


    The making of stuff sounds like something I'd really like. I'd be interested in what tools they use. Maybe how much effort their games take to create. Anyway just my thoughts. Good luck.

  6. On 27/09/2021 at 14:09, Riven said:

    Getting in some laps on Sega Rally 2 on the Dreamcast, it's a solid game with lots of content, but the home version could have been a bit better, frame rate does suffer when you have the 3rd person view.

    There's some cheats codes you can enter to strip out scenary to improve the frame rate, think it ups it to 60fps

  7. 2 hours ago, Stoppy2000 said:

    It's this issue of NMS for me. Bought it on a family holiday so it bizarrely sticks in the memory. I think there are even holiday pics where it makes a cameo. I was reading anything about MK2 I could find...Nintendo-Magazine-System-Issue-23-Magazine-1994-NMS.jpg.47db54f21fd06782ab216980cdaa5f6a.jpg


    I had the first 24 of these in mint condition in a box. Stupidly binned them bout 20 years ago. Oh and mortal Kombat 2 , I spent 65 quid on that. All saved from my 4 quid 50 a week paper round!


    Also stunt race FX was over hyped rubbish! :)

  8. 3 hours ago, dumpster said:

    I find Rage Racer's vehicles feel abnormally wide. You clip the side of the road and lose a lot of speed very easily.  But, as with the original Ridge Racer there's a really twitchy handling that is easy to learn but hard to perfect.  Ridge Racer games slid away from the originals handling to an on-rails drift system that's really really easy.  In many ways I prefer Ridge Racer to many of the others - it's just one track, one main car, and it's up to to you do the course forwards , backwards, beat the devil car... There's a massive sense of achievement when you nail it.  


    But Ridge Racers 2 PsP looks amazing on Xbox and I love the music and courses I can overlook the basic handling. 

    Nail on the head, it's really strange, like hit box of the car wider than the car.

  9. 42 minutes ago, dumpster said:

    Weirdly, if you have any PSX2PSP conversions they play fantastically well in Duckstation. 

    Ive got a psp and stuck a few original psx games on it, great for gran turismo in bed. But do you mean duck station prefers games that have been converted to psp?

  10. On 15/09/2021 at 18:18, dumpster said:

    Daytona is awesome on 360. Works flawlessly on Xbone and Series. I think you can't order it on the console, you have to order on the website on PC, but last time we discussed it we got a forum online game sorted and the people who bought the game especially said it was less than £2 at the time.  Snap it up.


    I actually got it on 360, thought you were referring to original xbox and I was thinking maybe it came out on that too. It's a brilliant version, same wuth virtua fighter 2

  11. On 13/09/2021 at 21:08, dumpster said:

    Outrun 2 of course.  Sega Rally is good.  And off topic but Split Second on the Xbox is backward compatible on Xbox, as is Daytona. 

    Sega rally Revo on 360 is amazing, as is outrun on original Xbox and 360. Daytona on original Xbox?

  12. 9 hours ago, dumpster said:

    Loved Rage Racer back in the day, but felt the monetary awards were to stingy and it took way to long to get to the faster cars.  But of course, it's all moot anyway because Ridge Racers 2 on the PSP runs phenomenally on the PPSSPP emulator and has all the tracks from all the RR series.  


    Emulation. Gamepass.  The Xbox Series is the best console I ever bought. By a mile.

    And now I'm googling ridge Racer 2 psp on an emu. Looks great!!


    Edit: it seems like the psp has a load of good arcade racers, is there anything else that you'd recommend?

  13. 11 hours ago, nakamura said:

    It has less content, only 4 tracks compared to R4's 8 configurations, but the overall GP structure is better. Plus the cars are so different, it encourages manual gears too. 


    Once completed, the game has extra mode in reverse. 


    R4 is just the same single GP over and over. Such a massive shame. It has no depth at all. 


    I really don't understand why PS1 games should have a lack content like this. Even N64 games like wave race had at least twice that number of tracks.

  14. 1 hour ago, nakamura said:

    Type 4 is a disappointingly structured game but plays fantastic and has unreal presentation. Rage is a much better game. 


    For the 60fps thing, games rarely run at that. The emulator might show 60 fps which often shows its running correctly but the actual games are often locked to 30. Particularly with 3d games but of course there are exceptions. 


    Rapid Racer Is 50/60 fps depending on region. And high resolution. So impressive. 

    Never heard of rapid racer, another to to try ...

  15. 2 hours ago, ScouserInExile said:

    Nah, I was there between 95 and 98 for the early PS1 days, then again in the run up to the PS2 launch, whenever that was. 


    Sonetimes wish I'd stayed and worked my way into the development / publishing side - one guy I sat next to was producer on Little Big Planet and a few driving games and is pretty much retired on the royalties. But I had loads of fun working at different places around the industry and that's good enough, really. 

    Probably the most interesting time to be in the industry :) Always thought the 90s game scene were equivalent to the 60s music scene. Everything that happened afterwards was just derivative. (Ok not quite right hip hop etc happen but in terms of rock n roll)

  16. 56 minutes ago, ScouserInExile said:

    Tempted to give the Ridge Racer games a go. I don't think I play any other than the first, which I think was the first game I tested at Sony. Are they still worth a play, then? 

    Type 4 is very good. Rage racer I've been playing this afternoon, really starting to like it.


    Do you still test at Sony?

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