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  1. Everyone probably already knows but you can play SMS games on the megadrive using a everdrive. It was a nice surprise to find this out. Edit and now I notice everyone has been talking about this on this thread for ages! Oh well!
  2. Been playing rolling thunder, it's really good, but ridiculously hard. Can't get past first level!
  3. Yeah a could have bought an aes a few years ago for 250 quid but thought that was too much, now they are pretty much double that! I can't justify it, I've got a pc under my telly with retro arch, full set of neo Geo ROMs and decent pads to play them on. It should be enough but somehow it isn't!!
  4. AES is the last console I really want to own, prices keep sky rocketing, doubt I'll ever buy one. Mod looks great btw. AES joysticks: how good are they?
  5. The Amiga article was really interesting. Thing is I doubt I'll get one, it was a great machine at the time and I was really jealous my mate had one while I had a spectrum, but once I played a NES, Gameboy or snes (or megadrive) there wasnt anything that interested me on the Amiga. Maybe I'm wrong on this, maybe something like zool comes close to super Mario world? (Edit I haven't played zool so I'm not taking the piss here!) Might try out some Amiga games through retro arch.
  6. I didn't know this! They seem to have got good reviews, I wanted them for street fighter and mortal Kombat, maybe not a good choice? Also retro arch is being a pain the ass with them.
  7. Maybe the wrong thread, bought two of these Saturn usb pads on Amazon, tenner each : https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07H3QWY1C?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title Cheaper than they used to be and they work on the megadrive mini too! I might have asked this before, what's the best emulator for the Saturn currently?
  8. Thanks for this! What a horrible thing to do.
  9. What's going on here!? Who are terraonion?
  10. Not even turok dinosaur hunter on the N64 back in 1997 (Sorry I've just started reading this thread, you posted that last year!) I was shocked when I saw ps5 games in Smyth's for 70 quid this weekend. I don't own any of this gens consoles which is s first for me since the nes. 70 quid does feel really pricey to me too!
  11. Ha ha! Does it become skippable after watching once!?
  12. I nearly bought GT 7 for PS4 yesterday while in Smyth's. Then thought "no, I have about ten minutes a week of free time at the moment I won't be able to enjoy it" (have a daughter). I played a few licenses of gt2 on an emulator instead. Plus I hear there are in game purchases for cars in gt7, no thanks. My worst thing is buying bioware RPGs on gog.com and then eventually buying the updated beamdog ones (baldurs gate, never winter etc). I don't think I actually enjoy these games. In fact turn based games never work for me, I just like the idea of baldurs gate games. Last big purchase I made was for Deus ex mankind divided, ended up upgrading my pc, to be fair it was 12 years old. But again I couldn't find time to play it. Well I played a bit of it and it was good, but just could get time to play properly. I miss being a student
  13. Totally pointless but I decided to play both of these. Neither has the right music I think. Taitos one feels like a NES game while oceans on feels like one one of their conversions for an 8 bit computer. Both seem ok. Maybe the taito one is better not sure
  14. That's interesting about the track design. What model of wheel do you have?
  15. Agree with all of this! Though the licenses are by far my favourite bit. There's something arcadey / top score about them. You cant fiddle with you car to just make it faster, it's pure skill. You are totally right about the tracks. Watching the gt 7 launch trailer explain it had loads of real world tracks left me wondering if the old classics are in there. The real tracks are pretty dull. Doubt I'll buy it for the PS4 haven't bout one since gt4 Also I ruined GT3 for myself by upgrading some piece of crap until it could only run in straight lines but was 500+ bhp. No driving skill required to win a pike of races, got bored very quickly. The the wheel force feedback? Also gt4 was s grey somber experience compared to GT3. GT3 was like a sega am2 game in comparison. I keep going back to gt1 on retro arch. With all the fancy options it looks like a Dreamcast game. Keep meaning to play gt2 instead. There's videos of GT3 looking astounding in emulators. Fuck it I'm buying a wheel! Well maybe not but I'm going to look!
  16. There are two rainbow islands on the nes, one developed by ocean one by taito. If I recall correctly one is crap one is decent, one has different music. I've no idea why I know this, I can't recall anything useful
  17. Ah fair enough, just remember reading about the Dreamcast in edge, I jremember them mentioning the fan an water cooling which was s first for a console (actually maybe the dc didn't have water cooling). Think it must have been the Japan launch Edit maybe this was it https://archive.org/details/EDGE.N067.1999.01.Supplement.Dreamcast/page/22/mode/2up Edit, or maybe this was it
  18. Did edge do a Dreamcast equip, or an I imagining that? I remember some sort of edge orange booklet!?
  19. Obviously I don't know the answer but I think that how early piracy hit in the Dreamcast's life plus the ease of piracy , no chip required, made it worse. Unlike the Amiga the dreamcast was being sold at a loss in the hope of profit from games. I vaguely remember an interview with a developer saying piracey was so bad for the DC that it put studios and publishers off. Feels like a contributing factor in it's demise to me, to what extent , who knows. Though to be fair sega were scuppered by multiple things. Shame, it was the last console I really liked
  20. Been skimming this, really interesting: "Many assume the Dreamcast had poor anti-piracy measures, but the reality is that the Dreamcast was broken wide open early on by a pretty heinous and serious breech of security. The only reason Dreamcast piracy and homebrew were ever possible is because a Katana SDK - the official Sega SDK for the Dreamcast, was stolen by the warezgroup Utopia sometime around late 1999. The Katana SDK contained a scrambling program that would automatically reverse scramble your binary for you, intended to let developers burn non-game related tools on CD-ROM instead of GD-ROM. Access to the Katana SDK did not mean piracy groups could freely author software, as it still took a few years of research to reverse engineer the pseudo-random scatter algorithm (which they did by examining pre-scattered code against post-scattered code), but rather it allowed them to create one single program which could load other programs, which they dubbed the utopia boot CD. Had that Katana SDK never been stolen, the entire Dreamcast piracy and homebrew scenes would likely never have materialized." Pretty annoying a warez group contributed to killing the Dreamcast. Any really great post!
  21. bplus

    PC Engine Mini

    Sorry quoting myself here, anyone know if an iPhone plug ok with the cable that came with console is safe?
  22. Ah ha! I think I own two 8bitdos from retro gamer subscriptions . Great. Thanks
  23. I've got big box versions of all BG games including throne of bhaal which I think maybe was only big box release in USA , maybe I'm wrong. Also got the the biggish never winter nights box too. I can't bring myself to get rid of them. Own them in gog too. Though stupidly I've never really figured out how to play d n d games.
  24. Hi, Does any one know anywhere that has these in stock? I've read that megadrive mini 6 button pad will work by holding up start on boot, anyone tried this? Thanks
  25. Bit off topic, is dune worth playing today? If so is the megadrive port "good enough"? Or is there a pc one I should try? I love the books and always keep thinking I want to play this
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