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  1. This is a coincidence. Was downloading a spyro rom as my 3 year old daughter likes dragons and dinosaurs and I thought she might like playing about with spyro. I sort of ended up down a strange rabbit hole of reading about mark cerney and the playstation..anyway back to spyro. I watched a video of 3 and cringed at the skateboard bit, thinking this is early 2000 post tony hawk probably. So my best bet is spyro 2 then?
  2. No audio lag on my pc either. Never been an issue in any of the ps1 emus I've tried over the years. Though maybe I just don't notice
  3. Genuine question, I've got a pc under my telly that I use for emulation. It plays everything up to PS2 GameCube etcm it's got a Nvidia 1050ti so no 4k but that isn't end of world for me. Is there any advantage to having a series X ? I don't really play new games anymore.
  4. BR one and two were brilliant. I thought 3 was a travesty full of EA nonsense. I left it back to the shop and never played burnout again.
  5. So did the N64 or ps1 have a pro Evo game? (Or proper ancestor of pro Evo?). Edit: this seems to explain it https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pro_Evolution_Soccer
  6. I'd read it if someone explains what iss on the N64 has to do with pro Evo. I bought iss on the N64 with N64 mag proclaiming it was best football game ever and better than any playstation football game. It seemed ok. Then four years later playing pro Evo on PS2. Im sure I've read they are the same series but pro Evo plays nothing like iss!?
  7. Great! Can you recall what replacement stick you bought? Was it as good as an official stick?
  8. Hamleys of Belfast , ha ha ha! Christ just googled a and f corner , it was there since 1938 on Shaftesbury square!? It may have closed down some time in 80s or early 90s or renamed or something. https://m.facebook.com/oldbelfastphotographs/photos/a.1729512510611138/1805819566313765/?type=3 Edco rings a bell , not sure I visited it. Maybe my dad took me there. This is all making homesick and nostalgic.
  9. Has anyone attempted replacing or repairing N64 analogue sticks? https://video-game-guy.com/the-best-n64-joystick-replacement-parts Any advice or warnings? I'm thinking third party sticks would be just as crap as third party pads from back in the day.
  10. The model shop! Loved that place! And leisure world, fond memories going with my dad. And a and f corner for spectrum games, I remember seeing switch blade on an st in there and wanting something better than our spectrum. Leisure world always seemed to be having smoke damage sales due to various bombings I think. 147 was probably more dangerous due to police station in a way: badly aimed mortar attack could be an issue thing is I grew up in fairly central Belfast in the 80s and 90s, the weirdness of the troubles is only apparent to me in hindsight (and because I don't live there anymore). Centre of Belfast could be well dodgey at times. Back then it was no man's land in the evenings. I really miss Belfast and want to move back, unfortunately my wife thinks n ireland is too bonkers, sees the recent rioting and thinks no thanks. I prefer life there.
  11. Yes I remember appollo. It's was a bit fancier as far as I can remember! (I was ten / eleven) Edit now I think about it I remember playing operation wolf or at least looking at it in an arcade beside Smithfield
  12. 147 members club in Belfast, a smokey dodgey shit hole. Treasure trove on castle Street in Belfast, even worse. Though I saw street fighter 2 for first time in there and my mind was blown 😂
  13. Sounds good. I ll not put in trading yet.
  14. Darwock decided not to proceed, so if anyone else is interested let me know
  15. Would anyone here be interested in buying my koryuu? It's a device that converts composite to RGB. Specifically designed for the ossc It's this: https://videogameperfection.com/products/koryuu-transcoder/ I dont need anymore as I've got all my composite only consoles RGB modded. I'll stick it on trading in next few days, thought I'd check here first. 55 quid delivered.
  16. What's everyone's favourite version of resident evil and in what system? Me, I've only really played re 2 on the Dreamcast, really like it but never finished it. Also played a bit of re 1 PS4 remake of the remake it was ok ish. Didn't get along with code Veronica at all. So for me re 2 on the dc. I think I'm looking for a recommendation!
  17. Thanks, yes mega bezal is pretty amazing. Haven't tried it in my new telly yet!
  18. Yeah I've actually just packed away my consoles for a while, cables everywhere was getting a bit much. Back to emulation it is!
  19. Thanks. So does the 1.7 not have dejitter stuff in it?
  20. I'm finding my NTSC NES drops out a lot even at 3x on the ossc + samsung. Similar on super Famicom. I'm using packapunch cables. I've got an old model ossc, the one that can't do sound via HDMI, needs 3.5 jack. I've been reading about dejitter mods. Though it seems that ossc pro has built in help for this. Are the latest osscs all pro models?
  21. Part of the reason I cancelled a lg c2 was input lag issues. That and I'd ordered a 48 inch one which turns out to be way darker than a 55. Seems to be a different build. Is bfi an option in retro arch?
  22. Oddly it won't display anything with ossc at 5x, have to use 3x so 720p. It looks good, at first I thought it looked terrible due to me setting it to 2x. Not sure how much lag scaling adds. Seems to be fine. Is the retro tink 5x better than an ossc?
  23. Went for a 55inch Samsung quantum dot oled. Totally ridiculous purchase! Supposedly has very low input lag.
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