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  1. That's true, they do make me smile
  2. I've heard that sweet home on the nes by capcom has a lot of similarities too. I tried playing it. Turned off after about 30 seconds! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_Home_(video_game) Edit sweet home has probably already been mentioned.
  3. N64 on my ossc looks absolutely awful! Maybe I have it configured badly. Nes snes megadrive look amazing though.
  4. For some reason I don't understand I bought street fighter 2, street fighter 2 turbo, super Street fighter 2 super Famicom carts on eBay. I have an everdrive, this purchase makes no sense at all. It's something about 10 year old me so badly wanting an NTSC version of street fighter 2 plus art on the sticker of the cart looking way cooler. Blame idiots like me! Though to be fair those 3 carts cost 25 quid in total.
  5. They were all done by probe weren't they? Mortal Kombat 2 on the snes was definitely a step up though.
  6. It no longer seems to be dead! Think it might have just not been reading a cart. Thanks btw
  7. What's the best version re 2 (excluding the remake) I didnt there was a GameCube version!
  8. I didn't play these back in the day. I did play 2 on the Dreamcast recently. It's great but save system made me give up. I reckon I'll retry it on an emulator with Dave states. I've got resident evil.1 remake on the PS4, again save system was just too annoying. I might try that on a game cube emulator with save states
  9. Did this require soldering? I've got an gba sp but it really hurts my hands playing it. Want an orginal modded ips one, but eBay prices for premodded are silly!
  10. I think my super famicom might have died. Haven't opened it up yet to take a look but it's got me thinking that replacement capacitors for my other old consoles is probably a good idea. Is it a difficult job? I'm considering just paying for someone who knows what they are doing to do it. Is there a list anywhere of consoles at risk of capacitor leaks?
  11. And what the later Deus ex games completely missed. That original sound track completely suited the atmosphere of the game or made the atmosphere
  12. Thats fascinating! I think unreal tournament has one of the best sound tracks of all time. I have it ripped from a cd version of the sound track. Found this on you tube, skip to about 49 mins in
  13. I don't think people realised at the time the effort, talent and vision that had gone in gran turismo, it's no surprise looking back that nothing could compete. Sega GT wasn't a good game (I wanted it to be as a DC owner).
  14. It looks like desert strike etc!
  15. Bit late, but genuine question, are Famicom versions usually better than USA releases?
  16. I've been playing a bit of pcsx2 sega rally. It works pretty well , Shame it's limited to software mode, jitters a bit and I'm on a Ryzen 5 3600. I just can't be arsed digging out my PS2 to play it. Also no matter what I do I can't make that look good through an ossc. Anyway PS2 is a good way to play it. I've only tried the Saturn version through retro arch though. If sega did a kinda of compilation of Daytona , sega rally and a few others I'd buy it. Surprised they haven't. Some sort of best of Naomi and model 1 2 3 would be great
  17. Googling this there really isn't much online in terms of reviews etc. I'm guessing must have been an expensive piece of kit at the time given its capabilities. Edit: found this https://www.giantbomb.com/sharp-x68000/3045-95/ 6 thousand dollars in today's money!?!
  18. Can some one explain this a bit to me? Read a bit in Wikipedia: X68000 was a pc that ran a custom Hudson soft os, capcom used it as a Dev machine for cps games. So does these mean it pretty much ran arcade perfect ports of many games?
  19. Googled this, hadn't heard about it. Did they ever try to sue?
  20. Model shop, oh man that brings back memories. Smithfield, I traded my UK N64 for a Hong Kong one in there. Few video rental places round Belfast were stuffed with jap imports of snes and megadrive imports too.
  21. That's a great article did a double take on skara brae in bard's tale "wtf I was supposed to go there this summer but one of the ferries to Orkney broke and there was no tickets left for the other one." Had to Google skara brae bard's tale and discover that yes it's named after the one in Orkney! The stuff about turrican I didn't know either, specifically the developer ripped of another game .
  22. Found this on Jaz Rignals twitter: https://www.timeextension.com/features/full-of-eastern-promise-the-rise-and-fall-of-grey-importing Input from him and other mean machines and cvg staff. Really interesting well it was to me
  23. Sold ! Well maybe after I play quite a bit of gt4. Seems a shame enthusia sunk without a trace. I read else where that one of their physic engine guys moved to polyphony after
  24. Just spend two hours getting the high Res textures and reshade mod working in gt4. Not exactlyworth the effort :). Reshade does brighten the game up makes it look more like GT3 though, which is nice.
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