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  1. Guy was running a subscription service charging for pirate Nintendo products. Not exactly an average Joe sharing a torrent
  2. Hi, I pretty much only play games on emulators on my pc under the telly. Only problem is Xbox 360 and PS4 controllers are not great for old games. I've got controllers for all my old consoles in the attic. Does anyone know of a good usb adapter solution? Or just buy individual adapters for each controller? I've seen this: https://bliss-box.net/ But the site is so awful I don't know what you actually get if you buy it.
  3. Christ what year is that? I got my brother to get it for me in town as I was too young to go on my own
  4. Spoke too soon, got it working smoothly. Works really well! Some odd things with opponent cars that seen jump around the track a little
  5. Thanks that's pretty much my set up too. I've tried it on another pc, gtx 1660 super, i7 skylake 4gz. It's exactly the same. It's totally playable but very weird sort of judder effect. It's the same in every game.
  6. How much did the boxed console set you back?
  7. I'm running on gtx 1050ti and a Ryzen 5 3600 and performance is a bit iffy! Did you get the analogue stick and shoulder triggers working? So far I only got the d pad working about the accelerator on sega rally seems stuck. Edit, searching for the emu only brings finds web archive links, is there s homepage for it anywhere?
  8. Interesting wonder if the emu is doing something to help with pad Vs wheel?
  9. What emu are you playing model 2 sega rally on? Does it work well with a pad? I don't have a steering wheel!
  10. Surely the published was just paid a pile of cash to stick it on the cover and give it a good review? What score did Goldeneye get Vs spice girls?
  11. Where's that thread? I can't find it !
  12. Thanks. I was looking at Saturns on eBay. The grey jap version looks really nice but are pricer. Is there anything i should avoid or look for? NTSC or 60hz mod I'm guessing is the only must?
  13. I keep thinking I want to buy a Saturn as I missed out on it first time round. But I keep thinking there's nothing on it that I can't play better versions of else where. Even sega rally has the PS2 port. Basically I'm asking for an excuse to buy myself a Saturn! How does it fair through an ossc? My PS1 looks dreaful through it and I prefer emulating that. What's the current state emulation for the Saturn? Crap?
  14. Thanks. I ended up getting the best picture by passthru with ossc and vga, I'm probably doing something wrong!
  15. Is the hdmi mod really much better than a VGA cable?
  16. It looks great but is it not more of a survival horror type thing?
  17. I still haven't found a single player shooter that is better than Goldeneye. I've been playing the Xbox 360 version and its outstanding. Timespillters two comes close as does perfect dark. Some told me to try modern warfare games if I liked Goldeneye: honestly didn't enjoy them, they are practically on rails shooters with scripted events, nothing emergent feeling at all. The worst thing about Goldeneye is it marks a high water mark in games for me. Every fps I've played since is disappointing.
  18. Is there anything else that comes close to wave race 64 water? Ok blue storm did but for some reason the game isn't as good. Wave race 64 is probably one of my fav games of all time. Recompleted it recently on retro arch at 1080p. Wish there was some sort hack expansion , because after expert mode there's nothing left to do. Maybe time trials
  19. I was just about to say I read a lot of Dreamcast mags back then but never ever heard of this. Goes to show how many games I probably missed out on due to either not appearing in magazines or getting bad scores (fuck edge in particular, looking back they preferred art house wank compared to what I actually enjoy!)
  20. Had to Google that! Odd name for a game. Yes it looks really similar and looks good too.
  21. I tried it a while ago, but just didn't have the time. It looked quite good.
  22. https://www.gog.com/game/divine_divinity Just remembered I bought divine divinity in a fog sale ages ago. It's an action RPG, anyone tried it?
  23. Unfortunately I was trying to play this on the dolphin emulator. Bit glitchy. Think I'll ditch it for now. Any other action RPGs with sorta baldurs gate setting worth playing?
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