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  1. There's always a nagging feeling with emulation that the game is broken rather than I'm shit at it. Mario 64 on what of the popular emulators on retro arch still has issues with double jump or what ever it's called not working due to emulation timing issue. (Yes I know this stuff is free so it's not a complaint).


    On the other hand my RGB modded N64 via an ossc looks awful on my telly. But I'm convinced 1080 just feels a bit off via emulation once you compare it to real hw.


    I think NES SNES megadrive etc via retro arch with run ahead enabled seems to feel same as orginal hardware. No lag I can notice.

  2. 14 hours ago, Qazimod said:

    Unreal Tournament 2004UT99 is still ace, and I know there was an Xbox port of 2003, but for me 2004 was the peak of the series. It introduced Onslaught and the vehicle stuff, and I personally found that the action was more enjoyable as a result. Even the bot matches could be entertaining.

    I still love ut99. Mainly for instagib matches. Just checked my gog library, I have it 2004! Really as good as 99?

  3. On 10/10/2022 at 12:04, Zio said:

    I've got a few Xbox games on my Steam Deck (Jet Set Radio Future, Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb and Panzer Dragoon Orta) - all three are ".xiso.iso" format. I'm sure you should be able to find these in a certain online Archive maintained by some kind of Org.


    I will warn you - xemu is a bit slow on the deck, although performance has improved a fair bit lately. All 3 games I have are certainly playable, but there's some fair old slowdown in places.

    Off topic, but does xemu work on Windows PCs? Last time I tried of Xbox emulation it was a nightmare and I gave up!

  4. 19 hours ago, Nick R said:


    Frame pacing is essentially consistency of framerate.


    So you can have a game that boasts that it runs 30fps, and it might genuinely do so on average. But even though it's true that it displays 30 frames within a second, if some of those frames are displayed for longer/shorter than others, it can make the game feel sluggish or janky. The average works out as 30fps, but it feels inconsistent.


    Digital Foundry go on about it so the time!

    Well this is a rabbit hole! https://www.neogaf.com/threads/fighting-framerates-help-with-sega-rally-revo.1167878/


    Someone saying setting compatibility mod to win xp sp3 pretty much resolved it for them.


    Edit: one of the developers responds in that thread : https://www.neogaf.com/threads/fighting-framerates-help-with-sega-rally-revo.1167878/post-215465446

  5. 8 hours ago, Gorf said:

    Did we used to have a best Saturn sega rally lap times thread years ago?


    I remember me and someone else getting progressively insanely fast times on desert and forest tracks with the starting cars


    Got my Saturn out for the weekend with a proper CRT and I’d love to know how fast I used to be since the battery has long since died

    If be up for something like this, but I lack a saturn. I could emulate the Saturn version maybe


    Also is anyone here emulating sega rally 1 using PS2 emulator (dumpster you posted in another thread about how to get it to actually work). The only option that works is software rendering, this works fine on my Ryzen 3600 but I was surprised to find it runs at about 40 to 50 FPS on my intel 7600k. Plus in software mode I can't lower the resolution to help. Looks like clock speed on cpus really doesn't matter as much anymore, more the other improvements made in in newer designs. Anyway I'm boring myself now!

  6. 36 minutes ago, dumpster said:

    I don't really see it in Sega Rally Revo myself, but it's where the game is, say, running at 60fps (so the screen updates 60 times per second, silky smooth), then every 1 second it drops a frame so it's not silky smooth after all.  When I was raving about it on this forum a number of people posted saying the PC version was the worst because of it.  But for me, the console versions are a nice locked 30fps, where the PC is 60fps.  It's faster, smoother and more responsive, and the dropped frames were not noticable to me because it's a bumpy rough and ready game anyway. 


    But the emulated TeknoParrot game has way less content.  I think you do 3 races and it's game over, where the home version has loads more to unlock. 

    Thanks, didn't know the pc version ran at 60fps! Can you remember if it requires disk in drive to play? My pc under telly lacks a DVD drive. But I can rip the disk onto usb if I buy it.

  7. 49 minutes ago, dumpster said:

    There's something different in the PC verison. I never really understood what it was but the PC version seems a tad easier, and more enjoyable than the console ones.  It feels more controllable on PC somehow.  People complain that the PC frame pacing is flawed but I never noticed.

    Interesting. What is frame pacing though?

  8. 2 hours ago, dumpster said:

    Sega Rally 3 on Teknoparrot is the simplified arcade version - you can get the actual PC version on ebay for a couple of quid and it's fantastic.

    Yeah I have it on the 360, it's one of my favourite driving games. But it's a pain to dig out the console to play it. Running in pc under my telly makes sense. Thing is I really like short quick blasts on games these days, arcade games are perfect if you have no time due to kids etc.


    I've noticed the pc version is on some so called abandonware sites. But afraid to run it due to viruses etc!

  9. On 09/10/2022 at 23:01, Lyrical Donut said:


    Sega Model 3 UI is your friend here - you'll need to go through a whole process of setting up test/service buttons and controls for all the different genres it supports but you can skip the ones you don't care for.

    Eventually got it all working thanks , this guy had a config setup for 360 pads: https://trackertd.wordpress.com/2017/05/19/sega-model-3-emulation-for-dummies-a-quick-guide/


    Anyway, I spent a bit of time in both the dc and arcade versions of sega rally 2. The arcade version is definitely better. But not by a huge amount. It's mainly because it's brighter and the textures are higher res. I've read the pc version has same problem of dark picture.


    I could be wrong but I actually think sega rally 1 is better than 2. It's just more fun to drive.


    I've now decided I want to play sega rally 2006, it looks like one of those games that got a bad rep at the time but is actually pretty good.

  10. 11 hours ago, Ketchup said:

    Psone and n64 on emulation sounds fine, but with Dreamcast you’ll be missing the *Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppppppp* on every start up and the disc drive scratching its way around the disc. Especially handy during skies of Arcadia as you know a random battle is about to appear.

    Ha! Good point, they need to add that to the emulators

  11. On 05/08/2022 at 07:43, Hodge said:

    Had a Dreamcast on and of through the years and was deciding whether to pick one up again modded with gdmenu.


    thought I would check out how much emulation has come along first. 


    Tried Redream lite version, Demul and flycast.


    Redream was the most impressive as a all-in-one package, but failed due to the highly aggressive bilinear filtering that blurred everything out at near distance. Running Daytona 3 7 speedway is prime example.


    Demul, was not impressed, pain to set up, tons of performance issues. Skip!


    Flycast, very customisable, internal upscaling, well optimized. Best of the bunch imo.


    But the main problem I had through all the testing, even though the emulators were reporting 60fps, nothing felt smooth when playing. V sync on or of, did not matter.  All the tinkering in the world do not alter this fact. What I put it down to in the end, is these emulators do not play well with freesync/Gsync monitors.


    Thought I would throw a last roll of the dice and try Retroarch with flycast plugin as I read Retroarch supports freesync/Gsync and syncs monitor at exact output of emulator.


    OMG, everything is buttery smooth now and with all the video config settings, can get all games looking far better on modern day TVs than my original Dreamcast could over VGA. Even upscaling to 2k internal resolution and 16x anisotropic filtering, runs flawlessly. 


    Then the ace in the hole was going back online with PSO V2 last night after 20 years with minimal amount of effort. Might not of been anyone on the servers, but still Ace playing PSO online once again.


    Then had a look how you go about going online with Dreamcast hardware. Broadband adapter is silly money or dreampi, way to much hassle, outlay and effort.


    After being a huge Dreamcast fan over the years and original hardware is king pov. Emulation is at a point where it plays a high percentage of games flawlessly and looks so much better on modern day displays than Dreamcast ever can. 












    For N64, PS1 and the Dreamcast, I'm finding emulation is the easier option. Higher resolutions etc plus fewer cables lying around! Though there's always the nagging suspicion the game isn't running quite right.

    As an aside, I paid for an RGB mid for my NTSC N64 so I could play through an ossc. I shouldn't have bothered. It looks dreadful. Though playing 1080 I'm convinced is quite a bit more responsive on real hardware.


  12. 1 hour ago, dumpster said:

    I remember the incremental benefits of the latest console over whatever you already had and I'd wait for something to show off the need for a new console before I'd buy it (I'd stopped working at Game just before the 360 launch so was not getting free consoles any more).  The 360 was connected to a SDTV playing Dead or Alive and I just didn't see the difference at all.  Some months later I went to a friend's house and Dead Rising instantly got me.  Bought one a few days later.  


    There was something so... accessible about the 360.  The dashboard was great (the blades) and the hit of HD graphics just blew me away.  Of course Ridge Racer 6 is still an all time favourite and yet I can't see how you'd improve on that to make a new one.  This may be rose tinted, but the 360 felt like an essential purchase and it's one of the reasons I chose Xbox Series for this generation. I want that backward compatiblity. There are so many 360 games that are as good as they could be and, apart from a shift from 30 to 60fps I think those titles would be much the same if released today.  I was bowled over by the 360, then when I got a PS3 it felt like I was just buying it because I've always owned them all - PS3 gnever had the anticipation or excitement of the 360 somehow.


    The red ring of death was beautifully handled as well.  Can't see Xbox as a brand would have survived without the actions they took.  Looking at my Series X over half the games installed are actually 360 titles.  EDF as mentioned earlier, is so smooth on the series consoles.



    I only got in to ridge Racer in the last few years. The thing about rr6 is the grey subdued sort of graphics, I only tried it briefly, is it really worth sticking with?


    The reason I bought a 360 was sega rally and skate. I hear that version if sega rally sold really poorly, it one of the best driving games I've played. Skate was amazing too.

    I've been playing Daytona on a 360 emulator, Xenia. It's pretty much a perfect port as far as I can tell.

  13. On 16/04/2022 at 13:13, beakbeak said:

    it’s totally screwed. I thought I’d backed up the original image but I can’t seem to locate it so yeah. I’ve really shafted myself.


    To make matters worse, I really cannot seem to locate a dump of the European mega drive anywhere. 

    i know it’s not ok to ask for stuff like this but does anyone know what the correct search term might be to locate it??






    Did you ever get help with this? I've been messing about with lunar and I've got a dump saved to my Dropbox that might work if you want me to share it with you?

  14. 40 minutes ago, Goemon said:

    I personally think this is warming.


    This is the original reason for the 2nd hand gaming market. You had a love/desire for the stuff when you were younger, you’re not breaking the bank and it makes you smile to see them sitting there.


    That's true, they do make me smile :)

  15. On 29/09/2022 at 13:30, ScouserInExile said:

    I'm not sure you can just say "comparisons". RE has an awful lot of elements from AitD. Prerendered backgrounds with 3D characters and items. Tank controls. Item management. The way the story is told to the player using books and other documents they pick up along the way. An emphasis on problem solving and avoiding the enemy over straight combat - including strictly limited weapons and ammo. The claustrophobic mansion setting. The old-school horror atmosphere.


    And so on.


    There's a lot of similarities, is what I'm saying.

    I've heard that sweet home on the nes by capcom has a lot of similarities too. I tried playing it. Turned off after about 30 seconds!




    Edit sweet home has probably already been mentioned.

  16. On 29/09/2022 at 16:40, Gorf said:

    I’ve been watching Facebook marketplace for many months for a 21” Sony Trinitron to come up in my local area, no luck yet 


    Might put up a wanted ad actually 


    In the meantime I bought an RGB modded NTSC N64, RGB lead from retro gaming cables, an OSSC from here, an everdrive 64 before the war started and a new LG G1 65” OLED telly for the living room


    Looks alright but a Trinitron is high on the priorities list

    N64 on my ossc looks absolutely awful! :)

    Maybe I have it configured badly. Nes snes megadrive look amazing though.

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