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  1. 2 hours ago, dvdx2 said:

    I remember playing xmen vs street fighter in the Apollo; I  think it was around 1996/7. I used to go to the tech near Smithfield, so those arcades where frequented at lunchtime, athough my college buddies were more into the fruit machines.


    the 147 club was abit of a dive and I can remember going to it right in the middle of the troubles. I remember feeling fairly safe though, as there was a police station next door to it in Queen St.


    Not sure if you remember the Model shop just across the road? I used to get some nice Jpn MD imports in there!

    The model shop! Loved that place! And leisure world, fond memories going with my dad. And a and f corner for spectrum games, I remember seeing switch blade on an st in there and wanting something better than our spectrum.


    Leisure world always seemed to be having smoke damage sales due to various bombings I think.


    147 was probably more dangerous due to police station in a way: badly aimed mortar attack could be an issue :) thing is I grew up in fairly central Belfast in the 80s and 90s, the weirdness of the troubles is only apparent to me in hindsight (and because I don't live there anymore).


    Centre of Belfast could be well dodgey at times. Back then it was no man's land in the evenings.


    I really miss Belfast and want to move back, unfortunately my wife thinks n ireland is too bonkers, sees the recent rioting and thinks no thanks. I prefer life there.

  2. 4 hours ago, dvdx2 said:

    Yes I used to go there for a few credits! Do you remember the Apollo arcade on Royal Ave? That was decent.  Also there used to be a few arcades in Smithfield around 1990 ish.

    Yes I remember appollo. It's was a bit fancier as far as I can remember! (I was ten / eleven)


    Edit now I think about it I remember playing operation wolf or at least looking at it in an arcade beside Smithfield

  3. On 15/11/2022 at 22:07, bplus said:

    Would anyone here be interested in buying my koryuu? It's a device that converts composite to RGB. Specifically designed for the ossc


    It's this:



    I dont need anymore as I've got all my composite only consoles RGB modded.


    I'll stick it on trading in next few days, thought I'd check here first.


    55 quid delivered.

    Darwock decided not to proceed, so if anyone else is interested let me know :)

  4. What's everyone's favourite version of resident evil and in what system?


    Me, I've only really played re 2 on the Dreamcast, really like it but never finished it. Also played a bit of re 1 PS4 remake of the remake it was ok ish. Didn't get along with code Veronica at all.


    So for me re 2 on the dc.


    I think I'm looking for a recommendation!

  5. I'm finding my NTSC NES drops out a lot even at 3x on the ossc + samsung. Similar on super Famicom. I'm using packapunch cables.


    I've got an old model ossc, the one that can't do sound via HDMI, needs 3.5 jack.


    I've been reading about dejitter mods.  Though it seems that ossc pro has built in help for this. Are the latest osscs all pro models?

  6. 6 hours ago, Escape said:

    For anyone happy with 32" I'd go for a high-Hz monitor with strobing, since they're a lot cheaper than TVs and potentially have superior input lag and motion at higher framerates. That said, OLED's great tech for strobing (black-frame insertion) because of its response times, likewise DLP projectors in frame-sequential 3D mode, with the caveat they currently need 120fps content. BFI at 60Hz is really flickery, and 60fps at 120Hz returns double images that look as bad or worse than non-strobed motion blur.


    So for 60fps games with current 1:0 hardware implementations of BFI, the choice between flicker and double images is understandably unpopular. (See Adjustable Motion Blur in the link for a better implementation.)


    You need a powerful PC to take advantage of it in its best light at 120fps+. BFI60 also increases input lag about twice as much as it needs to on the CX. Equal parts boon and curse for retro games. The CX has better BFI than the C1, though, and I think the C2 might be worse again. I guess because few people used it they removed 60Hz support and prioritised brightness at 120. Anyway, the CX is still the best OLED for motion if you can tolerate 60Hz flicker.


    Some of us have been crying out for driver-level adjustable BFI for years (flicker's a lot less noticeable at 90Hz and 90fps a more reasonable target), but if you're running RetroArch you might be in luck at some point: https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/issues/10754

    Part of the reason I cancelled a lg c2 was input lag issues. That and I'd ordered a 48 inch one which turns out to be way darker than a 55. Seems to be a different build.


    Is bfi an option in retro arch?

  7. On 07/11/2022 at 03:49, New York Mikey said:

    If you have some budget it's worth investing in a TV with good built in upscaling - I was all in on OSSC and Mclassic type stuff but then upgraded to a FY2021 Sony Oled - the TV means the mclassic is in the sell pile (and the OSSC got replaced with the Retrotink 5x which is awesome), and I now let the TV do most of the work when it comes to feeding it a signal.  PS3 looks amazing at 720p upscaled by the TV, same with the Wii at 480p (I'd previously been using the Mclassic in that chain - but wasn't particularly happy with it). Older consoles have super crisp pixels and the low latency and lack of any kind of blur is far better than on my previous 2017 sony lcd. So, if you're keeping it for 10 years check out the new 42" oleds perhaps.

    Oddly it won't display anything with ossc at 5x, have to use 3x so 720p. It looks good, at first I thought it looked terrible due to me setting it to 2x.


    Not sure how much lag scaling adds. Seems to be fine.


    Is the retro tink 5x better than an ossc?

  8. On 06/11/2022 at 15:06, spatular said:

    ^ what tv did you go for?


    just wanted to say, although i can't disagree if you spend more you can probably get better, i think "lower end models in the £300-£600 range" can be perfectly good for gaming. like you guys say, mainly need to check the input lag, annoying they never have it in the specs.

    Went for a 55inch Samsung quantum dot oled. Totally ridiculous purchase!

    Supposedly has very low input lag.

  9. I'm thinking of buying a new 4k. Half of me is thinking f##k it and buying a nice oled TV, but that will cost a grand.


    Couple of things, has anyone here tried an ossc with a 4k ? I'm not even sure if my early model ossc can go up to 4k.


    Also, input lag. As far as I can tell the best I'll get is about 10ms.


    My other option is sumsungs much cheaper crystal uhd displays or one of their qleds (not same as oled!) (350 to bout 600 quid ish). Anyone had experience of these?


    I'd there anything else I should be considering here? I don't feel great about spending so much on a TV but i rarely upgrade hardware round my house like this and I'll use it for ten years or so at least.

    I'm also thinking maybe my 2012 32 inch LCD is fine.

  10. 8 hours ago, K said:


    I’m using Xemu on an M1 iMac. There’s obviously a long way to go – the emulator is quite flakey and sometimes needs a couple of goes to load up. Almost everything I’ve tried works to some extent, but not everything is playable and only a few are really satisfactory. But it’s still pretty impressive. Off the top of my head, Amped 1&2, Top Spin, Jet Set Radio Future, Otogi, Rallisport Challenge 2, Halo and Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone work really well. There are probably a few more. Outrun 2 looks great, but runs at 30fps rather than 60.


    It does feel like they’ve broken the back of Xbox emulation to a certain extent. It’ll be interesting if they can wring more performance out of it as they develop it – I suspect the PC version probably runs better. Generally speaking, you’re probably better off playing multiformat games on PS2 or Gamecube, but for the Xbox exclusives, it’s already pretty worthwhile. Project Gotham 1 & 2 run in slow motion unfortunately, and Metal Arms: Glitch in the System has hugely corrupted visuals and a very low frame rate, but I’ve found Amped an absolute joy to re-visit.


    I don’t think the emulator supports custom soundtracks yet. Obviously, I could just have Spotify playing in the background, but it’s not quite the same.

    What I don't get is why 360 emulation is pretty great, but of Xbox isnt. It's one of the systems I'd like to play more as I broke my modded Xbox. Plus it's video out put is pretty crap. Emulation would help with that.

  11. There's always a nagging feeling with emulation that the game is broken rather than I'm shit at it. Mario 64 on what of the popular emulators on retro arch still has issues with double jump or what ever it's called not working due to emulation timing issue. (Yes I know this stuff is free so it's not a complaint).


    On the other hand my RGB modded N64 via an ossc looks awful on my telly. But I'm convinced 1080 just feels a bit off via emulation once you compare it to real hw.


    I think NES SNES megadrive etc via retro arch with run ahead enabled seems to feel same as orginal hardware. No lag I can notice.

  12. 14 hours ago, Qazimod said:

    Unreal Tournament 2004UT99 is still ace, and I know there was an Xbox port of 2003, but for me 2004 was the peak of the series. It introduced Onslaught and the vehicle stuff, and I personally found that the action was more enjoyable as a result. Even the bot matches could be entertaining.

    I still love ut99. Mainly for instagib matches. Just checked my gog library, I have it 2004! Really as good as 99?

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