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  1. After but of googling I found run about is a Dreamcast game too, looks good!
  2. License tests are my favourite part of GT games! Though since three they removed the music in license bits no idea why.
  3. Has anyone tried any of the mods for gran turismo 4? Needs an emulator. I think I'll try this at the weekend. I think it ends up looking more colourful like GT3: https://www.dsogaming.com/mods/gran-turismo-4-gets-remastered-on-pc-thanks-to-these-mods/
  4. Spent an hour playing it tonight on an emulator, it does seem very good so far.
  5. I remember thinking I should buy this at the time! Does it handle like sega rally? Edit also does it have annoying EA presentation?
  6. Speaking of racers, anyone recommend some arcade type ones?
  7. Is it cbz only format? Does that require a special reader? I'm on Android and Windows.
  8. Ha! I see you mention wave race in your YouTube comment! Do the waves get any less flat? Water doesn't seem to do much compared to wave race! Edit: had a quick play gonna stick with this, looks promising!
  9. Has anyone played any of these wave race clones? I'm looking for something a bit like wave race and these games look okish?
  10. That looks and sounds like Star fox! But a lot smoother!
  11. I owned a nes Spectrum , Gameboy then nes. Another mate owned one too. It was fairly late on in its life. Mean machines existed at that point
  12. Thanks for this but is it just me that can't see any links to down load on that site?
  13. I bought a black unit near launch and now I regret it!
  14. Yeah it's horrific and a shite game ! But then look at the dam on Goldeneye for draw distances!
  15. GameCube, they ruined my favourite games. Wave race blue storm is decent but just not as good as 64. 1080 avalanche was a completely different game to 1080. Deep controls replaced by I don't know what. F zero was good though. Selling Rare to ms probably totally killed the GameCube for me, their games were a perfect fit for Nintendo consoles. Actually it was this period roughly I started to not really like games as much.
  16. Does anyone know of a full scan set of Nintendo magazine system uk? Or at least the first 24 issues? Archive.org seems to have a few but not complete set
  17. Even off a hardrive a get odd graphic glitches, the intro to ridge Racer five is terrifying as the girl's face is removed but the eye balls are still there! Or maybe I just need a better hard drive?
  18. Ha! That reads like a game Bart wanted to play in the Simpsons "disemboweler 4x or something like that.
  19. Wonder why anyone thought porting a dreadful game was a good idea?
  20. Had to look that up! Very violent for a 90s 16 bit console game! Any good?
  21. I guess paying real money for games brings back to motivation to play them? I've everdrives for nes, snes, megadrive and N64, I don't really play them much, drowning in choice! You planning on selling Indiana Jones cart on eBay now you've completed it?
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