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  1. Not sure where else to share this but I think it looks cool.
  2. This thread bump got me excited for nothing! I haven't heard anything more about the DQ3 remake. Maybe they are waiting until after the launch of Dragon Quest Treasures? Not excited about that one atm. I still want DQX Offline to come to the West.
  3. One more chapter left and one more class left to find. I'm just not ready for this game to end. I've done a lot of side quests but will probably need to find a guide to help me with some. I've seen many areas which have been barely used yet, including one which just screams "max out first or die". I do wonder how many of these heroes are missable? I found a couple from just exploring, another one which appears as part of an optional side quest etc. For me this is easily the most addictive of the series (I've played them all apart from X). I do have some issues with the characters (and delivery of the voice acting) but the world and gameplay rises above that. Looking forward to seeing what MonolithSoft will pull off on better hardware. Amazing that at the end of the day this is running on what for many is an old handheld system.
  4. I enjoyed it but it was long. I'm not sure where I am in Chapter 6 as decided to do more side quests and hero quests (some are pretty good). I'm now level 72.
  5. I'm level 63 and have 662k in gold. I'm rich! All thanks to not feeling the need to spend any. This game is enormous, really opens up more after Chapter 4...then gets bigger still after Chapter 5. Don't skimp on the hero quests, some are really worthwhile and will take you to some of the nicest areas in the game. What to use my ether on though? Some is used on devices and upgrading gems but is there something I'm missing?
  6. Decent start for Xenoblade 3. It's a great game. Would be nice if we had an idea concerning digital sales.
  7. Just keep on doing that hero quest, listen to some conversations which you can discuss at canteens and camp sites and more things will open up. The best is yet to come. Enjoy!
  8. I haven't been hooked like this for years. I've played a silly amount of this game already. Was up late last night completing Chapter 5. Long (and I really do mean long) cut scenes and battles towards the end. Loved it. Nothing can beat Xenoblade 2 music though, still some great pieces though.
  9. Not going to spoil them story wise but a good way to get some of the best classes in the game. Some good story events too. Out of curiosity where are you up to?
  10. Remember that area you first found Mio and the rest of them in the Aetia Region? Place with the red grassy bit. Kill some of those Quadwings (look like owls) and you should get some after a while.
  11. I'm level 46 and really enjoying this. Still on Chapter 4 (it's a long one) but from what I've read there are not many in this one. Some tough bosses but going away for a while and doing side quests usually sorts that out. Some great classes arrive a while later into the game - plenty more to come too. The best in the series for combat systems etc. Oh MonolithSoft I love you. Xenoblade 2 music is better though.
  12. Ok, started the actual last episode. Why are they all selling their homes? The mind boggles.
  13. Oops, I was watching the wrong episode!
  14. I've put this on a bit ago. A little confusion where there is a Karl Kennedy with hair trying to get you to call in to win £5k. However, in the show he is bald and i didn't recognise him for a while. Guy Pearce has just arrived on the show. Oh, Harold Bishop is in it now...thought he was dead in the show. It's been a while.
  15. My copy has arrived from ShopTo! Finished Future Connected last night, just in time. My son insists on having a first go. Looking nice so far.
  16. MidWalian


    Not long ago, here's a clip:
  17. Matchpoint seems to be a bit jerky on my One S. Stutters a bit, frame rate seems low.
  18. Well done internet. Shame, I've been enjoying the grumpygamer blog for a very long time.
  19. Will give Crash 4 a go, looks good. Man of Medan is short enough for me to give it a shot. Good month.
  20. Persona will be at the end of the direct. I've already checked the bookmark thingy for the video.
  21. DIRECT..ish. Dragon Quest X Offline please.
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