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  1. I put Dragon Quest 8 3DS down years ago and not sure how to go back to it. Could be wrong but it doesn't tell me what to do next (quest log) like more modern RPGS? Feel free to tell me I'm wrong and what to check. I've put Persona 5 Royal down for a while but not too concerned about resuming it after God of War.
  2. Ta. Streaming via the XBox One works reasonably well for me now so will do that. I'm still not in a rush to buy a new console, plenty to play as it is.
  3. Is this also for Xbox One? Or just the new consoles? Kids enjoyed the first.
  4. This thread is now over 5 years old and we've seen... nothing. Sorry for the bump.
  5. Capcom showcase starting in 25 mins. Not sure what we just watched.
  6. Watching through the 4k video and they really didn't help it by showing drab planet at the beginning. Better locations are shown later on. Oh, and fix that frame rate. They revealed Fallout 4 in a much better away.
  7. I'm at the end of Persona 5 Royal and played played P4G earlier in the year. Nice to see them coming to other consoles. Hurrah!
  8. My favourite class right now is the boxer. Really enjoying the game but only 2 bosses down so far. Have explored several areas though, and glad they added the house rules thing which I may use if it becomes too much of a struggle.
  9. There's a joke about the rewind feature somewhere.
  10. Thank you for your patience, we're starting development again with a new developer. Looked shite.
  11. Nice interview. Contains details on where the game will start, returning characters, some locations etc.
  12. Wife and kids were excited to play this this morning. This is easily getting bought. I think I have a leg strap thing from ring fitness so may end up doing a digital purchase.
  13. I didn't realise I had to register for the play test so only had about 15 mins. Managed to have a quick go at tennis, bowling Royale, and that sword thing. It worked quite well apart from the dreadful joycon drift at the menus! Need to get them sorted.
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