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  1. Nah, has some remakes. Suggest you skip it. Plenty in it for me and my son to enjoy though.
  2. The blog entry is quite lengthy. And explains how they will not force developers to use their payment system for, for example, in-app purchases. Sony makes a lot of their money that way, too lazy to find the pie chart.
  3. I'm expecting it to focus mostly on Kirby and possibly Splatoon 3. Would like to see a new Monolith Soft game announced - Xenoblade or a new IP. Oh, and Dragon Quest X: Offline coming to the west please.
  4. Deal has been in the works for about 6 months, more acquisitions to come.
  5. Ordered but looks like it won't arrive until the middle of next week. £34.99 from Currys at the moment. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nintendo-switch-pokemon-legends-arceus-ps3499-with-code-at-currys-3879925 I've only played through one Pokemon game to date and that was Shield (or Sword?) as the kids wanted it. Dare I say this looks fun?
  6. I wonder how long these contractual agreements last.
  7. $70bn?! Can I have Diablo on gamepass please.
  8. I'm enjoying this direct. Just give me a new Xenoblade.
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