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  1. From his son. Thank fuck for that.
  2. It will come with a 32" screen. Still compatible with existing joycons.
  3. Will download that trial to play with monsties. Looked nice.
  4. Oh dear. Cutscene. Walk. Cutscene. Attack for 5 seconds. Cutscene. More menu choices. Cutscene. This looks really rough.
  5. I really enjoyed the first. Screenshots for this look nice too. 2022 release date a bit disappointing.
  6. IGN not showing the Koch thing then? Tuned in to see a Rocky/Creed boxing game and Doki Doki Literature Club Plus.
  7. Elden Ring looked nice. Still waiting for that Tunic game. Wasn't fussed about the rest. The indie event shown afterwards has some cool looking games though.
  8. This has been happening to mine over the last few weeks or so. It's pissing me off. If I turn the switch fully off and on again it works fine. Also fine if I pop out the card and reinsert it. It's not the game card, issue has come up with Age of Calamity and Mario 3D World. We're not alone with this issue. e.g. https://www.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/l4g4hc/getting_a_game_card_removed_error_message_after/ If anybody has a solution let me know.
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