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  1. Bought. Not sure if "Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You" is part of the bundle though, doesn't appear in my library.
  2. MidWalian


    Fuck the organisers who tried to help by... giving her a $15,000 fine and more threats.
  3. I haven't listened to the show for years but this is a bit sad.
  4. All the best suff will be in the last 10 minutes. Please.
  5. Bastards. Was hoping it was a new Xenoblade game.
  6. Excite Truck. After the Zelda montage. Maybe.
  7. I'm feeling so sad this morning. I'm not a great Tetris player, but do love it. I only got into it after watching Jonas play. His twitch streams were enjoyable too.
  8. Looking forward to Tetris Effect connected and planet coaster. Anybody know what time of day new games appear on gamepass?
  9. Demo downloaded and watching my son play it. Then placed a pre-order.
  10. I guess I may play this at Christmas after all... on my Ps4.
  11. "PC emulating the PS5 experience". Uh huh.
  12. That was bad. Mini though.
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