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  1. Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story The God of War games on the PSP are great too.
  2. Damn. Now feel the need to get a Vita. I still have the PS2 version on shelf ready to be played, may leave it for Vita instead. Loved P3.
  3. Will probably give Far Cry 2 a shot. Really fancy playing the original, but failed several times to get my retail copy to work with my laptop which is running Windows 7 64-bit. Shame. (Still, some money saved!)
  4. Fallout 3. Loving it so far after a bumpy start (getting lost, my first WRPG). Have xenoblade, tempted to start soon after reading the thread on here. Not sure if playing 2 RPGs simultaneously is a good idea though!
  5. Yayee! If they are releasing this, surely they will release The Last Story as well? (crosses fingers)
  6. Yes. Thought my DS was knackered, something to do with the dual layer screens etc. Tried wiping the lines and felt quite relieved when they disappeared.
  7. This is awesome. My first go wasn't great, soon after my first 3D experience I has a bit of a headache and nausea. After a walk outside (suns out!), came back and tried again and the 3D effect doesn't bother me anymore. Had a quick go at Pilotwings, but really enjoying Ridge Racer. Looks lovely, depth just works really well... mostly forget about some of the shoddy geometry. Did a system update, and am I right in thinking the main thing it does is add a 3D movie to your system? Looks nice, but can't imagine watching a feature length film on it though due to small screens. On, set up my wifi stuff so feel free to add me, my 3DS Friend Code is: 1633-4166-4014. Condolences to all you peeps who haven't received it yet, it is worth the wait. 'Tis a nice toy
  8. Mine has arrived. Only had a quick play so far, 3D works well, but it takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to it all.
  9. Anybody know if Tesco is sending the 3DS from the UK or Jersey?
  10. My post was going to be Screw you Charles also, however... Tesco has just sent me an email mentioning that my Blue 3DS and Pilotwings are on their way. I'm excited, I'm excited, I'm excited! Edit: "should be with you in a few days"... I thought it was 24-48hr delivery. I'm an impatient sod.
  11. Joined up with the Official Nintendo Magazine offer the other day and my copy of Ridge Racer 3DS arrived this morning! Nice box, just need my 3DS to arrive from Tesco now. Officially excited
  12. I liked the look of the JVC Wondermega. The dreamcast still looks good too.
  13. Lovely game. I would like Nintendo to do a Play on Wii version of this. Widescreen and pointer controls please.
  14. Beat me to it. Can't belive people edited that shot into the end.
  15. Prince of Persia. But I may play a bit of Wario Land: The Shake Dimension late as well. Colorful platformers.
  16. Prime 3. Really enjoy it and one of the few games I regret selling.
  17. I think that this and Guitar Hero World Tour will allow you to download music tracks to the SD card.
  18. Started playing the XBox version of Project Zero earlier on. Just under an hour in so far, and I'm surprised how scary I've been finding it. Feeling afraid to walk through a door in a video game...priceless.
  19. Since the TGS announcement, they've given the game a proper name. It will be published as "Little King's Story". Looking very promising, and some more nice images can ve found at IGN (http://uk.media.wii.ign.com/media/892/892457/imgs_1.html). I haven't heard anything about a European release yet though.
  20. Kingdom Hearts (PS2). 20 hours in now. I have the PAL version, wish it had a better frame rate and proper widescreen but have got use to that now. I don't tend to like RPGs that much, but do like this one. Mario Kart Wii. Lovely stuff. I actually like the Wii Wheel a fair bit. Feel like a kid again. Professor Layton (DS) - hmmm, better get back to this at some point.
  21. Nope. Made entirely of fruit, no added sugar. Much tastier. An example: http://www.stdalfour.com/home.aspx?id=1&am...=0&langid=1 The Black Cherry one is wonderful, many of them are. Meridian foods do some nice (but not as nice as St Dalfour) ones too. See http://www.meridianfoods.co.uk/index.asp?D...%20Sugar%20Free
  22. Lovely stuff. I like both smooth and crunchie, but mostly go for smooth as I prefer it for sarnies. Fruit spread and peanut butter sandwiches are yum. Some sliced apple with peanut butter is also yum, and was a great snack when I was losing weight. Dark chocolate + peanut butter = win.
  23. Final Fantasy VII (PS1) - Playing this on the PS2 I got for Christmas. Have been enjoying most of it, but struggling to play it lately. I'm 20 hours in, close to the end of the first disc. Getting a bit bored (seems like work this RPG lark) and wondering if I should continue playing. Black (PS2) - You can't jump! But I got use to that quickly. Good game. Very impressed with it in the audio visual sense. Nearing the end of the game now (just a few missions lef) and although I've enjoyed it, glad I didn't pay full price as I don't think there is that much content for the money. Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS) - well, I haven't touched this since just before Christmas. Must pick it up again as I'm very close to the end... overall I have enjoyed it apart from the the bits. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) - I've done the 60 star bit, and now trying for 120 stars. Best game ever? Probably.
  24. I'll give this one a go. Just ordered a copy via Amazon marketplace and there were some more copies left if you are still interested.
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