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  1. Haha. He should change his name to: "Wayne Da Midget".
  2. Yes. Lil Wayne is the worst rapper ever. And why the fuck does he call himself little when he's like 25?
  3. I'm broadcasting on blogtv right now, and the last two viewers I had I had to kick due to them slagging NWA. One even had the cheek to say I was listening to it to make myself look like a big man. The cheek! I'll check out some Wu Tang though.
  4. Gimme some time, goddamnit! I've got 20 years of hip-hop greats to get through.
  5. Sums it up perfectly. And in other news, The Infamous is fucking good.
  6. That's actually an awesome joke. I lol'd outloud.
  7. Me, because his dad didn't die.
  8. I'm not only just getting into hip-hop btw. Listened to Ready To Die again today, I like it a lot better now. Also listened to The Chronic and Straight Outta Compton. Both were awesome.
  9. My parents saw Lewis Hamilton in the first class lounge in Heathrow earlier. My mum said he had a right dour look on his face and he wouldn't talk to anyone.
  10. It all started to click after I posted that, so I listened again and discovered it's greatness. The 'Fuck Me Interlude' is still shit though.
  11. EDIT: Ignore that bullshit, what the fuck was I thinking when I wrote it? This album is the shit.
  12. I think the fact that my brother likes 2Pac should tell me all I need to know, lol.
  13. I used to think that, but after listening to a couple of his tracks I found that I quite liked them. The Infamous has finished downloading, so will listen after Reasonable Doubt has finished.
  14. It's downloading now. I've also got the following downloaded: Notorious BIG - Ready To Die Notorious BIG - Life After Death NWA - Straight Outta Compton Dr Dre - The Chronic Which of 2Pac's albums would you say is his best?
  15. Classic hip-hop is the best. You don't get shit like that anymore. Listened to Reasonable Doubt again last night and it's just fucking incredible. Jay-Z is just awesome in it. His delivery is probably the best I've ever heard. And it also helps that the beats are great as well.
  16. mmcg

    Skate 2 by EA

    I hope it's not as hard as the last one.
  17. Is it specifically PAL games that it doesn't play?
  18. It definately didn't get as low as 40%.
  19. I thought it would be that, but it's still above the 70% and I remember reading that once you get a person's special power you always have it. EDIT: Just checked and it's below 70%, but I'm sure when it first went away it was still above 70%.
  20. Does Little Jacob's weapon thing just disappear at a certain point? It's no longer available for me and I definately had it before.
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