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  1. Thanks for this tip, it's a really good product. I was made extremely happy when I realised that the handy storage compartment for the 2.4ghz dongle was actually a usb passthrough from the charging connection.
  2. A bit later Vigo calls Wick directly and the tone proceeds from jocular to businesslike to angry to pleading in face of stony silence from Wick. Wick hangs up and Vigo is asked "What did he say?" "Enough" It would have taken some careful writing for the character to remain mute throughout, but that's how the adjudicator should have been handled in the third film. The whiny pedant we got was not scary, seeing characters that we know are dangerous, serious people break and babble out their culpability with no prompting when she turns up on their doorstep would have been much better.
  3. Forget the rope! Driver's society has solved the non-trivial problems of routine interstellar travel but hasn't figured out universal healthcare?
  4. Has anyone had any difficulty with Untitled Goose Game? It should run fine per protonDB, but for me it just locks up during the intro sequence. It's a really obvious failure: you get prompted to press the honk button, you do, and the goose pops out of the bush. Press the honk button again and the game freezes. Verifying the files, reinstalling, trying beta proton, and moving it back and forth from HD to SD has had no effect.
  5. I was not expecting much from this, but Jesus Christ it's some dark shit. The headline is that you're a weapons researcher putting your celebrated war-hero mother's brain-state through iteration after iteration of debilitating trauma in the search for a useful combat AI, but then... This is an grim exploration of an area that was, in retrospect, implicit in Blade Runner. You can't just build a body with a blonde buzzcut and get Roy Batty, where did he come from? It's on Netflix, it's really worthwhile.
  6. Completely agree. The background stuff was intriguing when hinted at, but it's revealed as a complete fucking cringe-fest when dragged onto center stage.
  7. They make a point of only giving him one clip, so seven rounds.
  8. Still reeling at being answered with "yes of course it is" rather than something like "I complete accept that it is very sad for you and offer all possible sympathy, but catch yourself the fuck on. Eternal fucking war, for one person? Here, have sit down with this collection of Siegfreid Sasson and Wilfred Owen and have a wee think about what that means".
  9. Well this film successfully describes the stupidest possible response to aggression from the US government, and doubles down on the first film's premise that it's absolutely intolerable to have world-ending national armouries controlled on a who-punches-hardest basis. Amazingly it's somehow really earnest and boring about it too!
  10. I've had Titanfall 2 lurking in my steam library since the last time it was criminally cheap, waiting for me to get a pc capable of it. It runs really well on the deck with no fiddling. I'm playing docked on keyboard+mouse, so the only issue I had with the EA sign-up was it finding my name objectionable. The sign-up is a one-time thing though.
  11. The final few moments of this are another continuity nightmare. There's a big build-up of Jack getting spruced up and putting on a tie, but it doesn't really work because for some reason wardrobe has given Krasinski a weird shirt where the wings of the collar are pretty much parallel to the floor so you can see a great big slash of tie across his neck and it really obviously looks like absolute dogshit. When next we see Jack he's walking in a corridor with Bunk, who straightens his own completely normal tie - just reminding us of the embarrassing shit-show that's still happening under Krasinski's face. Jack gets a medal (spoiler alert!), his tie looks like shit, and then he leaves the CIA building. Somewhere between his boss's office and the foyer he changes into a normal shirt that doesn't make his tie look like absolute dogshit. Maybe it's standard procedure for bookish CIA analysts (who are somehow completely on a badass-par with dedicated special forces operators) to change their shirt before leaving the office, but if you don't explain that with a quick scene then we're left with the assumption that no-one cares about the production of this absolute fucking pap.
  12. There's a bunch of good stuff from the book that hasn't been included yet so I do hope there's another season.
  13. You also should get You Must Build Boat, which is the sequel to 1000000 and which improves upon it in many obvious and subtle ways.
  14. It is. It makes all other match-3 games look pretty pointless.
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