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  1. This was absolutely turgid. It must set a record for the greatest distance from the source material for a "based on" derivative work. The only recognisable bits are: * The man's name * That the man becomes sad when he fails to protect a woman * The sad man pretends to be drunk in the street one time * The sad man doesn't drown at the end One wonders how much the film rights to these unbelievable gems of creative genius cost.
  2. Ah, that makes sense. I wonder if the ethical and moral issues around the use of poorly-regulated private military contractors will be explored.
  3. I'm a little puzzled at Sam's line about the new Captain America being hamstrung by restrictive ROE and admin because he's working for the government. Aren't they both working for the government? Whose plane is Sam jumping out of all the time? Where did his military liaison guy come from? Has the military just ceded their ownership of his wings?
  4. You know what, I bet you're right! Zack must be kicking himself at missing the opportunity for a half-hour slow-motion scene charting the manufacture, sourcing, logistics and integration of the bomb components. It's high time that I, Pencil received a full cinematic exploration!
  5. It's fun to learn that alien doom-tech emplaced weapons, grown out of nothing but the inscrutable evil of the whotsit-rhomboids, have obviously-human-made seven-segment LED displays to show when they're about to explosively overload.
  6. Some really insightful criticism of the toxicity of American Police Culture in this: an angry man superhero is lasering a sad man superhero to death, then a human woman trots onto the scene. In the background you hear a policeman say "Hold your fire, hold your fire!" The obvious criticism is that the up-to-now-already-holding-their-fire police would have -if not for the warning- shot the woman to death, triggered by a heady mix of fear and arousal at the sight of a vulnerable target. Snyder is Woke. As. Fuck.
  7. I would dearly love to understand the chain of decision-making that led to the pregnancy test in Lois Lane's bedside cabinet being branded "Force Majeure".
  8. This is on itv4 right now. It's the pizza hut cut.
  9. ryanm

    Oculus Quest

    I've been quite impressed with this - it's nice and compact, comes with a lens protector and a wee bag for cables/batteries/etc, but it does mandate that you tighten the straps all the way down before the headset will fit in the case.
  10. I'm getting strong Chekhov's Gun urges about the floating repair droids that are in almost every scene now. Season 1 : "Droids? That's a funny noise, is that a word? What does it mean? Season 2, set about 5 subjective seconds after season 1 : "Careful you don't trip over the floating droid that's busily humming around the place, why don't we step over here to have a conversation, and maybe a bit of a cry, in front of the glass-fronted droid locker that now exists in every corridor intersection?" It's just going to turn out to be visual noise isn't it?
  11. Ah, it all makes sense now. Star fleet is the end stage of the liberal democrats.
  12. Space Hitler: "Where I'm from, we were prime and you were the mirror". Saru, whose species was preyed upon for meat in space Hitler's universe: "As it should be" Wat.
  13. "The sphere data clearly wants us to foobar the whatsits!" "Well, I guess that's all there is to it. The sphere data is an entity of pure knowledge accreted over millennia of exper... Hey wait a minute! That sphere is just two incompetent writers standing on each others' shoulders in an overcoat!"
  14. "OK, off you pop to vulcan on the first diplomatic mission in a thousand years. You'd best tread lightly though, as they firmly believe we forced them to destroy all civilisation in the galaxy." "How about I immediately rules-lawyer them into tearing their own society apart?" "Yeah sure, that'll be fine"
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