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  1. But you still get your DS before me you bastard.
  2. From a poster over at NTSC-UK: "I ordered mine from VG+ in September (around the 21st) and just got this from the man who can, Sidney... Hi there, I can't tell you for sure [whether I'll get a launch one] but considering your order number is 56xx and the first DS orders we started receiving we in the low 2000 invoice range it's not the greatest. We hope to fill all in first two weeks though Thanks." Order Number: 6075
  3. It certainly looks like that so far. Pulling a couple of characters out of a successful show and giving them their own series rarely works. Still, at least we have the Boycie and Marlon show to look forward to. Christ.
  4. Even though the gag was painfully obvious, actually seeing the 'chocolate factory' was funny. Apart from that and a few one liners my chuckle gland was dormant. Maybe Spikey and Fitzmaurice should have been hauled in as co-writers.
  5. Apart from a couple of gags (mentioned above) that was really poor.
  6. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be, but it wasn't great. A few good gags though. "Thatcher's Britain."
  7. I've got a lot of Blue Jam radio series MP3s, any idea which series/episode it was in? I can't remember, don't want to have to listen to them all just to find it.
  8. Poshley Sanctum is where you'll find it. Use the bars to get to the chests.
  9. Damn you for reminding me about Pikmin 2. Add that to this weekend's gaming. And the Master System night me and a few stalwart chums are having on Sunday.
  10. I'm going to finish Paper Mario 2 if it kills me. I think I've got the same problem that JP had (at the last boss but getting bitch slapped). Back tracking is my best friend. Apart from that, I've got a big pot of glee in which I'm rubbing my hands waiting for the expected delivery of Wario Ware Inc: Mega Party Games - GC. Multiplayer? Pissed up? With friends that won't pick up a GBA? Isn't it? Mmmmm.
  11. Twice. Especially if, when I have two opponents on-screen infront of me, I get to choose (via the Nintendo Magic Stick) which one to twat with a coin.
  12. I converted my trusty non yellow SNES to play NTSC games and PAL games at 60hz. Super Metroid (PAL game) full screen...
  13. Nothing but praise from me. I've ordered quite a few games from VGP and found the service and delivery to be excellent. As Ian said, I hope you're all mentioning RLLMUK when ordering!
  14. I can't be arsed to read it. What did it say?
  15. "Look! There's that Doom 3 news report again. It's definitely a time loop."
  16. Buy Gradius V even if you need to chip your PS2 to play it. Read this then look at this and then go and buy it.
  17. Have a look here, you'll find shitloads of stuff that brings back happy memories.
  18. Amen. And the Zelda chest opening jingle (all versions). Not really a sound effect as such, but the sound of a Speccy game loading... ah, memories.
  19. How long until Stuart Maconie and the usual talking heads turn up?
  20. I don't have a problem with the way the 9th Doctor is dressed in the piccy earlier in this thread. As Davros and cassidy said, the alien characteristics come from the performance not the clothes. I'm with cassidy in that I'm very, very excited about new Who. Look at the talent involved, Russell T Davies, Mark Gatiss, Rob Shearman etc. I'm not bothered about some of the more obscure continuity being ignored, but I'd love some in jokes and the reappearance of a few old enemies. I really hope it works, cos if it dies again, it ain't ever coming back. And none of us wants that to happen.
  21. I like it. I was worried that if the costume designers went a bit OTT the Doctor would get laughed off the screen. Anyway, we may not get the frilly shirts, the long scarf or (shudder) that costume... but we do get the return of the sonic screwdriver! Wahey!
  22. Body Harvest and Shadowrun.
  23. It was worth watching just to see him run across the studio floor to take questions from the audience. "I feel like Kilroy now... cut off your hand."
  24. Spot on. I'll be turning the TV down and listening to Five Live. Alan Green's commentarys are tip top entertainment.
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