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  1. Great idea, good game. Somebody remake it with the hardware it deserved. Now.
  2. The smell of chips frying, schoolmates calling each other 'Joey', the ominous ten to zero countdown when your pockets are empty. I could've been a contender.
  3. Nintendo killed you. And any children you might have. Killed by teh kiddy company. I blame Playstation.
  4. Oops, forgot one: Yoshi's Story Ignore the naysayers. This is brilliant. Constantly inventive, beautiful to look at... pure fun, without the intimidating challenge of the other, more "epic" Mario/Yoshi games. I enjoyed playing it, not Nintendo's finest hour by a long shot, but still fun. Loved the 'patchwork' look.
  5. You might be right on Mario Golf, but Shadowman sucks the big one. Nice atmosphere, nice storyline but a lousy game. Yup. Samey Deadside locations killed this for me. I've been here before. No I haven't, oh, hang on, I think I have. No, no this doesn't look familiar. I've got enough dooberrys to get through the thingy gate, where the fuck is it? Happy landing Shadowman cart.
  6. Yes yes yes yes yes. Pure multiplayer goodness. Damn that parachute.
  7. You're not fooling anyone, it's the big throbbing joystick. Seriously, this is cool. Get a few fag burns on it, a pocket full of ten pences and a couple of mates standing next to you with a bag of chips and a chicken and mushroom pie and away you go.
  8. Filth

    Gaming Movies

    Go for it. I've replayed many a game just to see a certain cutscene. Eternal Darkness would be a good one to go for. A lot of linking work to do though.
  9. Shades, a couple of cans of whupass and a pool cue. What a top game. The 2 player fisticuffs were as tough as a concrete elephant though. I can remember eagerly awaiting the sequel... how can they top this? They can't. Dinosaurs... shudder. I think the Speccy emulator might be seeing some bar room brawling tonight.
  10. Sim City on the SNES. Godzilla style Bowser attacks and wonderfully relaxing music.
  11. Just looking at that screenshot reminds me why I love 2D... beautiful. I'd love to see Nintendo release a Zelda title with a Yoshi's Island 'coloured by kids with crayons' look.
  12. Ayami Kojima. She's produced some breathtakingly beautiful art.
  13. Filth

    Serious Sam

    I love this game (got it on PC). When you want a quick blast of mindless uber violence without having to bugger about with stealth or worry that you're missing the story by skipping the cutscenes, Sam's the Man. I'm a sucker for anything Egyptian as well, I loved Exhumed.
  14. I found the control of the cars etc to be much easier on the Xbox pad. Much more reponsive than the PS2 analogue stick and targetting and shooting on the triggers...
  15. Fuckety-fuck-fuck! Been there, done that, worn the Saturn t-shirt from MIK. The only plus point was replaying the games from the begining.
  16. Make sure you pick one up with a 50/60 Hz switch. Or buy one and get it modded. I my SNES. I dread to think how much I've spent buying back the games I sold (including a mint SNES) for £60. Emulation just isn't the same, I need to plug and play.
  17. I can see what you've done there. Everyone knows Eggman takes the knocks and comes back for more.
  18. The difficulty spikes that come out of nowhere are a bastard aren't they? God was telling me to kill women during the 'elevator' section towards the end. Still a fabulous game overall though.
  19. Sadly true. I recently re-played Sonic 1, 2 and 3 then Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 and sweet buggering Jesus it's just not as good in 3D. IMO Sonic needs to stay in 2D, it just doesn't work in 3D. I don't want to be arsing around with a camera or finding myself suddenly stopping against a wall I should be running around with ease. I want to jump on 2D crabs. So there.
  20. The beach scene... sniff. Link's Awakening is still a great game.
  21. I can remember sitting on the bus home from college after buying Superplay and seeing the very first screenshot of a 3D Link in all his super angular, pointy nosed glory. Fast forward a few years, after poring over every screenshot and magazine preview, the game is released. It exceeded my expectations. Completing the first dungeon, watching the Deku Tree die, Milo's accusations, Saria's goodbye, talking to the owl, thinking... this is fucking brilliant. And then... and then... the game really starts. I really identify with what Phelan said about his memories of playing OoT. It's like the memories that come flooding back about a favourite album you haven't listened to for years. Talking to my friends in the pub about the game 'where have you got to?', 'you need to fire an arrow at the yellow eye thing on the wall', 'wait till you get to the water temple, it's a bastard'. After reading this thread I needed a Zelda fix, Hyrule Symphony is playing as I type.
  22. It's just as good second time around isn't it? One of my favourite games of the year.
  23. Fail to win a medal/score enough kudos/chain the cone challenge. Launch the controller across the room and turn the Xbox off before it hits the ground. Stomp around the house complaining about how unfair the game is. Go back and have another go. I love PGR2 And then there's Live...
  24. Capcom VS SNK: MotM on Neogeo pocket is fantastic. Gotta love those super deformed scamps.
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