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  1. 15 minutes, come on Imran!
  2. I think 'safe' is a good description. I'd love to see a handheld Zelda title done in the (original) Yoshi's Island crayon style.
  3. Can I be added to the name list please? Danireth Elessar. Does anyone know who to contact to join the linkshell and free company?
  4. You've got to admire the hard work they've put in to giving us a range of errors to enjoy while trying to play. My current favourite is the log in screen not loading.
  5. Thanks for the add, 200,000b commission left outside your house.
  6. I've added you and Bywater's gates are open. I'll be afk but I'll check for crashes.
  7. Sorry Carly, my game froze. Gates open again for a while.
  8. Gates open, you'll have to add me though.
  9. I'd be grateful for an add if possible DAB.Edit: Already friends, yay!
  10. Added. I'll be away from the keyboard, but help yourself to fruit and anything outside the station.
  11. Does anyone know Nici (AC name)? I've got some bells that she needs to collect.
  12. It's a pleasure! One of the best things about AC has always been its community.
  13. No problem! Thank you for the tunes, much appreciated.Edit. Open for a little longer if anyone has a last minute need for bells.
  14. Thank you! I'll add you as soon as possible, still have visitors.
  15. Broken Thumbs and lewismistreated, I'll add you both as soon as I can (got visitors at the moment) just incase you've not been able to sell today.
  16. Added you fatbob. I'm away until 22:30 now, I'll leave the gates open but I won't be able to deal with any resets until I get back. Fingers crossed!
  17. Thanks ryodi, sorry I had to rush off. Added you Fieldini
  18. Thanks for the tips everyone. Nici, you didn't pick up and sell the turnips that Letsbook left for you! I'll sell them on your behalf, come and collect the bells or let me know when your town is open and I'll drop them off.
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