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  1. I'll be online until about 19:00 tonight and then from about 22:30.
  2. Turnips are 529b in Bywater today. Gates are open, fill your boots! Feel free to grab any item left outside the station, please leave any gifts, commission etc outside my house.
  3. 200,000b commission left by your house, grab it before it vanishes. Thanks!
  4. Sorry Jiro, I got booted on my first visit. You were off shaving when I returned, so I left Majora's mask, the Master Sword, Link's cap and the MK bananas outside your house, along with 200k bells commission. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Jiro, you're a star! I'll bring a few bits and pieces along.
  6. Any chance of a late add Jiro? Missed out on Fuzzbuzz's price due to Resetti
  7. I'd appreciate an add too if possible! 3652 0523 0817
  8. I'd be grateful for an add too BubbleFish. Edit: Checked my friend list and there you are, yay! Ignore the add request, heading over now!
  9. Bywater is open to visitors, help yourself to what's lying around or on the trees.
  10. Yeah, I got kicked out during a visit, annoying. Nice town though, and I didn't tread on a single flower!
  11. b110 in Bywater sadly. Still dropped 200,000 on them, currently on the island catching bugs to fund more. Greed is good.
  12. Added a bunch of new people from the last few pages. Come to Bywater, the weather's lovely.
  13. I was there! All I could bring to the party was a straw boater. Fail.
  14. Apologies to any visitors to Bywater that were smacked on the back of the head with a butterfly net, my niece was playing. Honest.
  15. Cheers! Really hyped for this now, I was tempted to boot up the GC version (the first one I played) but I don't think I can face the heartbreak of a Crysis 3 village.
  16. Added everyone from the first post and will add any additions. Please add back!
  17. Season seven was amazing and features my favourite of all Pertwee's stories, the mighty Inferno. A nice turn from Caroline John as evil Liz too. I agree it was a shame that she didn't get the chance to do more but at least we got the sex kitten that was Jo Grant as a replacement. Didn't they write Liz out with one line, about her going back to university? RIP
  18. You can still get this achievement. Just reload the autosave that was done immediately after finishing the tutorial dungeon, chat with beardie to get your fateshift ability etc, then head to the prison. There's a prisoner in there who's four levels higher than you. Job done.
  19. Filth


    Just played it to completion in one sitting and I'd definitely recommend doing it that way. What an amazing experience. The sense of freedom and joy as you soar through the final section after all your trials is breathtaking.
  20. Filth


    Just bought this even though I can't really afford to. I haven't got time to commit to it tonight so I'm going to wait until it gets dark tomorrow based on the recomendations of a few people on here. It's very tempting to have a peep though...
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