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  1. I've just got to the Lone Lands with my new character. I've always loved this area, bleak and desolate but still beautiful and every Tolkien fan gets a little thrill seeing (and climbing) Weathertop. What class did you pick Cokezero?
  2. I actually went back to it yesterday after a break of a few months. I've been playing Kingdoms of Amalur since Friday and running around the fields of western Dalentarth doing MMOish stuff made me yearn for Middle-earth. I actually started up a new character (a burglar, even though my main is a high level burg) just so I could replay all the cool early game stuff. What server are you on?
  3. John Levene gives a candid 'interview'.
  4. Filth

    The Boxing Thread

    Fair play to the big lumbering git. He's certainly a lot more connected to reality than his manager is.
  5. You've got three viable options now Karzee. Personally I'd avoid the more public method of the tornado given the recent harsh sentences for rioters.
  6. You're not doing it right. You turn into the next street and look for a vent.
  7. I think I fell into the same trap because I was too busy talking to everyone and investigating every nook and cranny. I just can't help it in games like this, I have an overwhelming OCD to talk to everyone and read every ebook and newspaper and access every email. I can't just sneak through an area without engaging either, I have to take down every bad guy (non lethally of course) and then disappear. I like to think that later on an employee or policeman will wander onto the scene and think 'what the fuck happened here?' Awesome game so far.
  8. You're going to have an amazing time!
  9. Went to see Maiden at the NIA in B'ham yesterday, fucking awesome show. Airbourne were pretty good, very much AC/DC (no bad thing), they've got some catchy songs and lots of energy. The sound was fucking atrocious at the start of their set, no vocals and stuttering guitars but it was fixed pretty quickly and I didn't notice any more problems for the rest of the show. I've read a couple of things today where people have said they noticed problems with Maiden's sound but it sounded fine to me from the standing area. Maiden were just amazing. Nice mix of old and new tracks, cool stage set (the Eddie that rose from behind Nicko was awesome, that got huge cheers) and tons of energy from the band as always. Difficult to pick a highlight from the setlist to be honest, all the classics went down a storm and I was glad I got to hear When the Wild Wind Blows live. The only criticism I could offer is when Bruce tried to start a singalong at the end of Number of the Beast, it just didn't work. The crowd didn't know what he wanted us to do, sing the song ourselves or be prompted by him, it was a bit messy, shame. Great gig though, they proved again that they're one of the best live acts in the world. It always make me smile to see the age range of fans at the gig, from ten year old kids to men and women in their fifties. Bruce announced during the show that they're not retiring yet, but if there's anyone who hasn't seen them live, do yourself a favour... up the Irons!
  10. Mindless interview with the managing director of Destructoid on the Gamespot feed. It's crying out for Alan Partridge to ask him 'have you got any pubes?'
  11. Snap! Looking forward to hearing some of the new stuff live, I'm going to shred my lungs if they play When the Wild Wind Blows.
  12. Evernighter here too. For any newcomers to Middle Earth a captain is highly recommended as a fun class to play solo or in groups. And a hunter. And warden. Oh hell, they're all good!
  13. Thanks for the advice, looks like low signal strength is the culprit. I can live with the hassle though, having a series link is very handy.
  14. Rescanning doesn't fix it, it stills picks up BBC 1 and 2 at 001, 002, 802 and 803. To series link, press X to record, then select record, then select record this series.
  15. Trying to set it to record a series on a channel that appears more than once in the channel list is fiddly. BBC1 for example appears twice in the channel list (at 001 and 802), so when trying to series link The Apprentice on BBC1 channel 001, Play TV sets it to record on channel 802. Not the end of the world but it's annoying to have to scroll all the way down to 802 to get an 'at a glance view' of your series link. The only way I've found around it is to set it to record a series then go into the series schedule and cancel the series link. Then it reschedules the recording to channel 001.
  16. The current list: 1-Mr. Gerbik (Shogun) 2-mr_woo (Al Benicio) 3-radlord 4-Vimster 5-snowbind (snowbind) 6-therealjohnpeat (johnpeat) 7-Plums? 8-Morrius? 9-Fragmaster? 10-bastion? 11-Filth 12- 13- 14- 15- 16- I'm up for some co-op. Been having a blast playing this today, still a great balls out, dumb ass shooter.
  17. Oh man that sounds good. Might be a bit tricky juggling three classes though! I'm Danadir on Evernight btw, everyone feel free to say hi!
  18. I will now that I understand the game a bit better and can appreciate what the Captain class can do. I'm loving the Hunter skills though, so it will be a bugger to tear myself away from that class. There's just someting satisfying about dropping a mob without taking a scratch!
  19. It really is a stunningly beautiful game at times. I got back into this a couple of weeks ago. I started it with a Captain but after an enjoyable start I couldn't really get on with it... a combination of being an MMO noob and not really knowing what I was doing with buffs etc. It was quite frustrating. I gave it another try as a Hunter and did a bit of research before I started and I absolutely love it! Got a really cool and friendly kin, got my tactics and skill use sorted out so I can drop most mobs before they get near me and loving the crafting. On the whole the community is really friendly and helpful and some of the quests and instances are awesome. Tempted to bring my Captain out of retirement and see how I get on now that I've got more of a handle on things.
  20. Brian Cox would have been perfect as Coker. Looking forward to watching this but it has a lot to live up to, the 1981 version is still a great piece of drama.
  21. A quick question for the guys that picked up the PS3 version on Friday... what are your views on the much reported frame rate dips? Are they often and bad enough to really annoy? Oh man, I want this game so bad. I can't afford it until I get paid on Wednesday.
  22. Filth

    God of War 3

    Same here if there's a free slot
  23. There isn't enough folk metal love going on. I saw them at JB's in Dudley in about 1991/92 (that was at the proper shithole JB's before it moved next door to the zoo) and they were pretty damn awesome.
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